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Part 38

Just found it in the script. By posting this, I'm announcing that I'm going with the "don't rape" option (which will be up soon). If you rape her, then later on when she gives you a hug you get this:

Music: play track 4

---I hear a creaking noise.

Her cool hand on my shoulder and her low body temperature are so cold that I hear a creaking, freezing noise.

The sound didn't come from anywhere around me.
It's just that my body is freezing as the cold penetrates deep inside from where she touches me.
In other words, the sound is coming from inside me.
My heart, my guts, my brain, they are creaking.

Just like a cancerous cell.
Rapidly, limitlessly, unordered, and lacking intelligence.
Violating me from inside out.

...... I can't feel her breath.
Like a ravenous beast, she just bites into my neck.
At the same time----

I descend into a limitless hell of pain, as if my nerves were being torn apart one by one.

My frying mind manages to utter this last word.

It, hurts.
i, t,h, u, r, t, s,s, o,m, u, c, h
i, t,c, a, u, s, e, s
m, e,
t, o,f, a, d, e,a, w, a, y.

Music: stop

Music: play track 9

"----What----have I..."
I can't believe it.
But the memory is all too clear.
How I pushed her down.
How I choked her and held my knife over her.
...... and the disgraceful things I did afterwards.

"...... Exactly. I wasn't sane earlier. I was so thirsty, I couldn't control myself.
That's why----I found some of The Dead, and tried to replace that urge with the urge to destroy to stave it off.
Back then, I was unable to hold myself back----so that's why you saw my Mystic Eyes when you came."
"...... Certainly I felt odd from the time I saw your golden eyes----but that's just that. I, with my own will--"

"No, that's wrong.
Shiki, my Mystic Eyes of Enchantment completely captivate whoever looks upon them. ...... I think that's why you started to feel all those sexual desires."
"--That----can't be right."
Because even if she wasn't controlling me.
I, I might, still like her.

"Anyway, this was all because of my carelessness. ...... I'm sorry, Shiki. I manipulated your body without any regards to your feelings."
Her gaze shift away as she says this.
...... Being apologized to like this hurts my heart.
Because I didn't feel like I was manipulated at all.
Rather----it seems like I used it to obey my own lust.

"Arcueid, I----"
"Don't apologize. ...... Shiki, this was all an accident. I'll forget about it, so please forget about it too. I think it's better for the both of us that way."

Saying that, she starts to walk quietly.

Without turning around, she disappears from the alley with weak steps.
I can't stop her now.
I still feel the sensation of Arcueid on both my hands.

"----Idiot. What a stupid idiot I am."
I groan to myself.
In the alley which became a stage of tragedy, I look up at the moon in remorse.

Music: stop

Music: play track 9

"...... She said we should just forget it----but I can't forget such a thing."
I look at both my hands.
Those fingers still remember how Arcueid felt.
Even now I remember the texture of her skin and her cool, gliding body temperature.
I wasn't thinking at all back then, but I understand it all now.

After doing such a thing.
Arcueid said to forget and pretend like it never happened. But while I regret it totally, I can't even forget one little bit of it.
What I regret is not being able to control myself back then.

If I didn't touch her like some animal, if I touched her more like a human, how would things have----

----I knew it.

I didn't lose myself by looking into her golden eyes.
I didn't realize it, but I was caught up in her a long time ago.

To realize such a simple thing just now----

Leave it to Shiki to not realize he might have feelings for the poor girl until he tries to rape her.

"...... She was smiling, I think."
Come to think of it, she was smiling.
Even though she was waiting for the one who killed her, she was waiting for the killer Tohno Shiki with excitement in her eyes.

"...... I wonder why? If she comes tonight, maybe I'll ask her."
After thinking aloud, my spirits sink further.
She probably won't come to the park.
The feeling that last night was our final meeting turns over in my mind.

My heart is heavy and everything else simply feels empty.
I may not ever see her again. The regret hangs around me like a leaden chain----

Christ, could this be any more ? The answer is... yes.

"Raping my girlf... nothin'."

"...... What's with you? You don't look happy at all. You didn't come to school yesterday and now you come back an empty shell. If you're like that, school's no fun."
Arihiko slumps his shoulders exaggeratedly.

"-----Arihiko. Sorry, but can you leave me alone today? If I'm not here, you can always talk with Senpai. Actually, isn't that better for you?"
"Huh----? Senpai? I don't know any third year students."

"...... What are you saying? Ciel-senpai's in third year, not second. ...... Well, sometimes you think she's younger, but Senpai is a senpai after all."
"Shiel-Senpai? ...... Who's that? Are there any foreign students at our school?"
He seriously tilts his head in thought.

"What are you saying, Senpai is Japanese......"

No, wait.
No one ever said she was Japanese.

"...... Well, no one said she was, but everyone called her Ciel-senpai."

"That's what I'm saying, who is this senpai? What's wrong Tohno, are you sick or something?"
I can't hear his banter.

That's right. Why didn't I realize such an obvious inconsistency.
Ciel isn't a Japanese name at all.
Even though I know her, I don't even know her full name. I don't even know what class she's in.

To begin with,
when I first met her, why did I feel like I knew her for a long time......?

I investigate the third year roster for the name Ciel, but as expected, it isn't anywhere to be seen.
To be sure, I ask the teachers in the office, but none of them remember Ciel-senpai.

And just like that, everybody's gone... This part would be ten times worse if we'd picked the "rape" option, to say nothing of the part before it.


The end of classes.
Being a Saturday, right after homeroom all my classmates scatter and run out the room.

Saturday is finally here, but I don't feel like doing anything.
Feeling like The Dead, I walk home by myself.

Music: stop

If you've played this before and know what's coming, feel free to vote for the next couple choices at this venture. For those that haven't played, here's a hint: the options are the same.