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Part 46

I'm pretty sure that translates to 'Moon Princess'

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"Shiki-sama, it is morning. Please wake up."

...... I hear a familiar voice.

"Shiki-sama...... Please wake up. If you are late like yesterday, you will break your promise with Akiha-sama."

...... A voice partly tense, partly relaxed.

"Shiki-sama. Is it okay? Akiha-sama will end up scolding you again."

...... No, it's not okay at all.

"...... I'm up. I'm up, so hold on."
Still under the sheets, I respond as I slowly open my eyes.

I give a big yawn.
After a nice stretch, I get up from bed.
I change into my school uniform and cast a glance at my desk.
...... On top is the knife I will not ever use again.

The curtains sway in the wind.
Hisui must have opened the window; the sky is refreshingly clear.
It's just a little cold, though.

I approach the window to close it.

It seems Senpai carried me here. Fortunately, Akiha and the others didn't know I left.
It's been one week since that night.
Tohno Shiki's life hasn't changed a bit from what it was before.

My relationship with Akiha is a bit uneasy at times, but of course we're brother and sister.
Except for that passageway being repaired, the school has not changed at all.

...... No, it did change.
At school, there's no senpai called Ciel anywhere, nor does anyone remember her.

The instances of serial murders haven't occurred once since then. Since there's been no official arrest, the city streets are still relatively empty at night, but it'll probably return to normal in a month.

As for me,
I carry an unfillable void in my heart, but I continue on as I did before.
...... Or rather, I can bear it all.
At times, I get overwhelmed when I am assailed by memories, but I don't think I'll go insane or anything for now.

Some day.
Will I go crazy after not being able to bear these memories, or will I just return to living normally after getting used to them?

Perhaps it's about a fifty-fifty chance.
---But until then,
even if it is a little girlish, I keep the final promise I made with her everyday.

"----Autumn is drawing to a close, isn't it?"

The blue sky outside is enough to take my breath away.
Taking a large, deep breath, I shut the window.

Music: stop

"So----I really was wondering, what would happen if we were to meet again without any responsibilities... if we just met for no particular reason."

...... When I said those words,
I was only thinking about her.

"----If you're too busy, then it's okay. I only thought of it just now, anyway."

...... Just...
Not as two people cooperating,
but as two friends who got along, not doing anything in particular.
If we could create some normal memories like that,

I knew she would be happy.

There isn't a big enough.

---I remember that promise.
---I remember that smile.

---I remember everything.

I can't forget.
I won't forget.
I'll always, always remember the promise we made in the room ablaze with the sunset to meet here again----


The sound of something touching a desk.
I look.
A window is open.
I realize that,
painted in red sunlight, she is standing by the window.

Music: play track 7

"...... Geez. I really was planning on disappearing, Shiki, but you'd just wait forever. I couldn't just leave you alone like that, so I came here."
She smiles bashfully.
"...... Well, you know. I did say I was never going to break a promise with you again."
"That's true. Thanks for keeping that promise."

"But, I'm sorry. It seems this time that I'm the one who won't be able to keep it."
"...... Why?"
...... I'm surprised myself.
I ask her this in a truly gentle voice, without any anger at all.

"Yes. Until that time, I never knew about the vampiric impulse. The other True Ancestors also believed I did not have it.
But, it was too late. Until then----I didn't even know I was a vampire.
So----I didn't even know it was something I shouldn't do."
...... I see.
Never having been taught anything extra, she wasn't even taught she was the same as those she killed.

"Because of just one mistake, I destroyed everyone. ...... So I won't drink human blood again.
But, a True Ancestor that has drank blood once cannot remain sane without doing it again."
"...... I can only be here because you completely "killed" Roa.
Even though I annihilated him so many times, it was only his flesh and not his soul.
But you killed his existence completely, Shiki. So----the power he stole returned to me and I somehow managed to revive."


"But, that's all I can do. I can no longer resist the vampiric impulse inside of me. So----"

"---That---doesn't, matter."

"...... Shiki, I can't see you again. Sorry for breaking our promise."

...... That doesn't matter to me.
I just---want you to be by my side, that's all.

Time passes by.
Neither of us says anything.
And after a truly maddening silence...

"----I see. But, I can't. I don't need your blood, Shiki."
"Why? Is my blood not good? Do you have a reason for not drinking it?"
She nods.

"I like you, so I won't."
She smiles like a flower blooming triumphantly.

"--Goodbye. I really am grateful for everything, Shiki."
My throat trembles, and no sound comes out.

But still----I have to say goodbye.

"...... I'm, a liar."
"Why? You kept your promise, Shiki."
"----Just a worthless liar.
I...... said I would make you happy."
Yes, I vowed to.

"...... No, not at all.
I will sleep from now on, but I will always be dreaming of you. I enjoyed our time together so much, I will always be dreaming about it."
"It won't have any meaning, but I'm sure it will be really, really fun.
So Shiki, I really am happy. You really did make me happy."

"...... You really are kind, Shiki. Yeah, I knew coming here to say goodbye was a good thing.
I love you, Shiki. Your honesty, how you are always spaced out, how I'm the only one you yell at, how you always look forward to the future... I love all of you.
So please, keep living like that, okay?"
For just an instant,
she smiles sadly.

She waves her hand, and as if fading into the sunset itself, she disappears before my very eyes.

...... There are some things I lost, but it is now over.
The curtain has fallen cleanly over the time I knew her, the time I ran through with her.

Come to think of it, a farewell is always there.
In our case, our farewell was only early.
Thinking of it that way, this was a really satisfying farewell.
She was still alive, and she told... me... she's... still... happy...

"...... No......! Not like this, this isn't----what I wanted......!"


I wanted to be with her more.
I wanted to talk with her more.
I wanted to feel the warmth of her body more.
More----I wanted to see her smile more.

Not like this, but always----I wanted to make her happy.
But, she...
Smiling to the end, she left me behind, telling me to live.

Still, so that she can see a happy dream,
I have to at least grant her wish.


I exhale slowly, as if praying.
She may no longer be here,
but I have to say what I forgot to say earlier.

"Goodbye. ...... I had a lot of fun too."

Those extremely late words of farewell echo through the classroom.

Music: stop