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Part 47

Ciel gives lessons after ALL endings, not just dead ends (though those are the most informative ones). Let's receive our hearty pat on the back.

Music: play track 9

You have reached Arcueid's True Ending. Well done.

Each heroine (with one exception) has two different kinds of endings,
a True Ending and a Good Ending.
After reaching one of the endings, please go back a little and readvance through the story.
A different event should await you.

Music: stop

Yeah, not much to see there. Still, I'll do what she says and go get the "good" ending (ugh).

Music: play track 2

"Shiki-sama, it is morning. Please wake up."

...... I hear a familiar voice.

"Shiki-sama...... Please wake up. If you are late like yesterday, you will break your promise with Akiha-sama."

...... A voice partly tense, partly relaxed.

"Shiki-sama. Is it okay? Akiha-sama will end up scolding you again."

...... No, it's not okay at all.

"...... I'm up. I'm up, so hold on."
Still under the sheets, I respond as I slowly open my eyes.

I swear, this is different. It's a good example of how same-y a lot of the text is between different paths, though.

I give a big yawn.
After a nice stretch, I get up from bed.
I change into my school uniform and cast a glance at my desk.
...... On top is the knife I will not ever use again.

The curtains sway in the wind.
Hisui must have opened the window; the sky is refreshingly clear.
It's just a little cold though.

I approach the window to close it.

Alright already, we know, get on with it...

It seems Senpai carried me here. Fortunately, Akiha and the others didn't know I left.
It's been one week since that night.
Tohno Shiki's life hasn't changed a bit from what it was before.

My relationship with Akiha is a bit uneasy at times, but of course we're brother and sister.
Except for that passageway being repaired, the school has not changed at all.

...... No, it did change.
At school, there's no senpai called Ciel anywhere, nor does anyone remember her.
The instances of serial murders haven't occurred once since then. Since there's been no official arrest, the city streets are still relatively empty at night, but it'll probably return to normal in a month.

As for me,
I carry an unfillable void in my heart, but I continue on as I did before.
...... Or rather, I can bear it all.
At times, I get overwhelmed when I am assailed by memories, but I don't think I'll go insane or anything for now.

Some day.
Will I go crazy after not being able to bear these memories or will I just return to living normally after getting used to them?

Except that you WON'T keep that promise, because we already saw that ending.

Music: stop

As I just implied, option 2 is the "good" ending, option 1 is the True ending.

Yaaay! New stuff! Wait, that means we're on the "good" ending now. Booo! New stuff!

That one time.
At this intersection, Arcueid was waiting for Tohno Shiki back then as she sat on the guardrail, just like she is doing now.


I say without even thinking.
Between the cars rushing by, a scene unfolds just like before.

Dressed in white, with golden hair down to her shoulders.
Long, slender eyebrows over crimson eyes.
---Her figure I could never mistake for anyone else no matter what. This figure that has already vanished long ago.

The light turns green.
The students around me start moving.
In the midst of it.
I am the only one who stands still and she is the only one who notices I am here.

Music: play track 3

She has her typical smile as she crosses the intersection.
I can't speak.
I'm so overwhelmed with emotion I don't even know what to do.

---Even if, this is just some sort of bad illusion,
I'm so happy just to see her again I could cry.

There's that cat comparison again.

"...... Ar...... cueid......?"

"Yes it's me. ------Thank goodness. I thought you became a vegetable after fighting Roa. I really was worried you know."

--Wait a minute.

Um----I'm so confused, what do I say? What should I be happy about? Is there something I need to do?
I----really am just so overwhelmed I don't know.

Too... happy... going to... explode...

----Yeah, there's no mistake.
There's only one person who could say such ridiculous things.

If he weren't as rude as humanly possible, he just wouldn't be Shiki.

"I----thought you were gone, that I would never see you, that I would always------"
regret it. But why?
This cheerfully, as if we only said goodbye yesterday, how can she greet me so simply......!?

"Oh, I see. I never did tell you, Shiki."
Arcueid drops a fist to her other hand in realization.
"...... Yeah, I never did tell you my reason for pursuing Roa. He stole some of my power.
In order to take it back,I pursued him but you completely destroyed him, right? And the power that was freed from Roa returned to me and I managed to come back to life."
"Y----you never told me about that!"
"No, I didn't. It didn't really concern you."
You, why did----

Make it end.

I'm speechless.
Not in a bad way----I'm just... so happy.

Yes, that's part of the problem.

Being able to see her smile again, all the things we can do from now on,
how I told Senpai that my wish was never to leave Arcueid alone again...
Not one----not one of them was lost.

There's so many things I want to say and tell her right now.
But, right now I'll just speak honestly from the heart.

"----Welcome back. I've... been waiting for a long time."
I squeeze her hand in return, and briefly tell her just that.
She looks a little bewildered at first.

"...... Yeah."
Saying that, she looks away in embarrassment.

"...... Arcueid?"
I call out to her.
After a brief pause, she faces me with a full smile.

"Yes, I'm back. I'm glad you were still yourself, Shiki."
My chest tightens.
If this wasn't right on the way to school, I would embrace and kiss her. Her smile is just so adorable.

It's not that I can't appreciate how sweet this ending is, it's just WAY too far.

"Alright, let's go Shiki. You're going to take me to many places, right?"

Arcueid releases my hand and jumps like a rabbit.
...... She's so radiant I can barely look at her directly.

"...... Uh."
...... Evidently, I'm extremely weak against that face of hers.
...... Well, even if I went to school like this, I wouldn't be able to concentrate there, and more than anything else----I want to be with Arcueid.

"...... Hm, you're right. Who cares about boring reputation.
Okay, Arcueid. I will indulge your selfishness for the day, my princess."

She suddenly presses her body up against mine.

"...... Oh, I forgot. You shouldn't eavesdrop, Arcueid."
"I can't help it if I overheard. Anyway, c'mon, answer me. Your words that night, they haven't changed?"

I don't even need to say that.

"...... Yeah, they haven't changed. I can't make any guarantees, but they'll probably never change."
I'm so embarrassed I look up at the sky and answer.

"Because you promised to be with me forever.
Didn't I say so when we first met?
I'll have you take responsibility for me."

Then she starts to walk, still holding onto my arm.
She's as energetic as a little child urging me to hurry up to get to a playground.

"Oh---I see. Certainly I would have to prepare."
Speaking to no one in particular, I start to walk with her.

I head towards some random place, going against the flow of students going to school.
Where to?
Well, there's no place we can't go.
The sunlight really suits this princess of the moon accompanying me.

Awww... wait, what am I saying? NO! BAD!

Music: stop

You see that? END! It's not FIN, it's END! That's proof that this is a bad ending.

Sure, why not?

Music: play track 3

You have reached Arcueid's Good Ending. Well done.

Each heroine (with one exception) has two different kinds of endings,
a True Ending and a Good Ending.
After reaching one of the endings, please go back a little and readvance through the story.
A different event should await you.

Music: stop

You heard her... looks like it's time to restart from the first day! (Probably tomorrow sometime, but I'd like to get as many opinions as possible before doing so)