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by Seorin

Part 52

"Hey, hurry up and answer. I don't think I'm being unreasonable here."
She doesn't understand. It's evident she can't see that she's recklessness incarnate.
...... If I get involved further with her, she'll drag me past the point of no return.
I've got to find a chance to escape.

Music: stop

"...... Alright. I'll listen to what you've got to say."
Putting my hand on the wall, I somehow manage to stand up on my own.
...... I've got to pass through that small road if I'm to get to the main street from here.
Fortunately, it's further away for her than it is for me.
If I set off while pretending to talk, I can probably make it to the main street.

I'm glad she agrees with herself?

"Isn't it? If you tell me more details, I might agree to help."
"Really? Then what should I talk about first? ---How about the vampire incident that's got this town in an uproar? Or maybe I should explain what we'll be doing from now on?"
She makes a serious face while she thinks.

----This is my only chance.

That's strange.
As I take a few steps forward, I fall down hard on the ground.

Music: play track 3

"Hey. What are you doing?"
She comes over, giving me a look more filled with amazement than concern.
"...... Nothing. I just wanted to run for a bit."

"Yes, I, uh... just felt like running. For no reason. Please, continue. "

...... It seems she hasn't realized I was trying to escape.
I get up.

Ow...! I feel an incredible pain in the joints of my foot, I can't get up---!

"...... It's okay. I'm grateful."
"Thank you. But, why did you want to start running? Weren't we having a conversation?"
"No, um, that's---"
I can't exactly say it was a matter of convenience.

"............ Hmmmn?"
She stares at me.
...... This is bad. You'd have to be a real idiot not to understand what I was doing.

Well you're in luck.

"Hey, that was an indication you wanted to cooperate with me back then, right?"
I can't answer.
I said I would listen to her, but not cooperate.

---I don't want to lie.

Then what the fuck was "I just wanted to run for a bit"?

Answering her question requires a definite "no".

She's got me.
If that were to happen, it wouldn't just be my problem. Akiha, Hisui, and Kohaku-san might be attacked by this crazy person too.

What a mess.
It's like I never had a choice in the first place----

Funny you should say it like that...

"Well, I don't mind either way. The vampire's familiar has already seen you, so you'll be surely attacked. If you go around by yourself, you might act as a decoy, too."
"Wh... hey, don't tell me that..."
"Yes, that familiar recognized you as being on my side."
Then that means I'll be attacked by things like that even if I don't help her.

"So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to keep watch while I sleep, or are you going to drive off those familiars by yourself?"
...... If the results are going to be the same, I can't do anything but nod.

Shiki LIKES to watch.

"----You swindler."
Sighing, I nod to indicate that I will help her.

"I guess I can finally introduce myself now.
I'm Arcueid---hmm... my last name is really long, so just Arcueid is fine for now. I'm a True Ancestor type vampire. How about you?"

It's not any longer now than it was on our last play, dammit.

I heave a heavy sigh at her unprecedented introduction.
...... It's a sigh of resignation, evidence I've decided to accept this nonsensical situation.
"I'm Tohno Shiki. Sadly, I'm just your everyday student. ...... I've said it before, but I'm really not going to be much use."
Grasping her---Arcueid's hand, I stand up.
She takes a long hard look at me, and then offers me her hand again.

"Nice to meet you, Shiki.
I'll have you take responsibility for killing me."
Arcueid grins as she extends her left hand.

Close... but it's the second time... and both times you've been the lucky winner!

"...... Damn it! Do whatever you want."
But there's nothing else I can do.
I grudgingly extend my left hand and shake hands with the woman in white claiming to be a vampire.

Music: stop

"I see. Then I must have misunderstood."
After seeming to have made a decision, she turns towards the office district.
"Okay, let's go. We've got to find a safe place for now."
Arcueid begins walking.

There's no way I can back out now.
Sighing, I follow after her.

Chapter 14

Arcueid takes Shiki to a hotel room and asks him to wake her up when the sun sets. She falls fast asleep in mere moments.

She's trusting me, someone who's killed her once already, and sleeping peacefully.
"......... Damn it.........!"
But even so... I can't do it.
I quietly start to walk.
...... Turning my back to Arcueid, sleeping with complete faith in me, I leave the hotel room.

I love the guilt-trip.

I still feel a tinge of indecisiveness.
But, I shake it off and press the elevator button.

guilt guilt guilt guilt...

Music: play track 1

guilt guilt guilt...

Last night.
After I killed Arcueid, I swore to myself that I would atone for it no matter what.
Was that an oath I could break when my life is in danger? Was that all it was?
"......... Kuh!"
But I do want to live.
That is a problem that I can't ignore as long as I'm alive. And it's not something I can easily dismiss as a moment of passion and forget about it.

---That power is yours.
But that is the very reason why you must never forget.

I recall those precious words from long, long ago.
She... Sensei... what did she say to me?
There's still time.
The sun hasn't set yet.
If I can return to the hotel before the sun sets, I'll probably still make it in time.

Music: stop

This was not a choice... though it is if you don't try to escape in the alleyway.

I recall the scene yesterday when I killed Arcueid.
The stench of death and blood. ---I never want to experience something like that again.
If I were to remain with Arcueid, there'd be no question that I would be subjected to that scene again. If I don't want that, I'll have to go back to the mansion.

...... I get the feeling that there's some major flaw in my decision.

I get that feeling, too.

But right now, everything is a mess in my head and my sense of logic refuses to function properly.
Anyhow, for now, I'll return to my own room for some rest. I'm sure I'll calm down and think clearer then.

That was awful fast.

"Come to think of it, this place is..."
Where I've gone to check out that noisy stray dog the night I first returned to the mansion.
I'm beset by a terrible premonition of misfortune.

At no point does the idea of running ever cross Shiki's mind.

I hear a dripping sound.
...... Where's that sound coming from?
It's coming from nearby.
My body is starting to cool.
It's coming from nearby.
Alarms are going off somewhere in my head.

Drip, drip. Drip, drip.

The sound...
I think it's coming from right behind my neck.

I collapse onto the asphalt.
My limbs won't move, and my consciousness dims.

Music: play track 3

This corner is for the bad Tohno-kun, who rather easily ended up at a Dead End.
It is time for "Teach me, Ciel-sensei!"
We'll be seeing a lot of each other from now on, so please give me your best regards.

By the way, my students are the thousands of Tohno-kuns out there all over the country, and...

"What-nya? What's with this difference in our treatment?"

Tsukihime's main heroine, Arcueid-san.
Now, we will start first period!

I would like to hear more about this Japanese quality you speak of.

That title sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it?