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Part 57

This should be hilariously awesome. Shiki is such a terrible liar.

In the sitting room, Akiha is on the sofa and Hisui is standing by the wall.

"--Good morning, Nii-san."
Her gaze is telling me "I am angry."
"Um, uh...... Morning, Akiha."
"Let's dispense with greetings. Please sit there. I wish to speak with you, Nii-san."
Her words are so forceful, I can't say no.
I solemnly and calmly sit down on the sofa across from Akiha.

Don't... please don't refer to yourself like that

"About that, Akiha."

"Yes, what is it?"
"The truth is, I ran into a minor acquaintance of mine and I showed that person around the city."

"Oh? A minor acquaintance?"
"Yeah, I got to know the person just recently, and we met just outside of school. I was asked to keep this acquaintance company until Sunday, so--"

I remain quiet as Akiha stares at me wordlessly.

"And, who was it?"

"I asked who this acquaintance of yours is."
She looks at me directly in the eye.
I can feel her thinking "I will not be deceived".

"--Well, I--"
"If you can't tell me, that means you feel guilty about it, Nii-san."
Her gaze shoots right through me.
I get the feeling she'll attack me more if I look away, so I stare back at her.


"You know, Akiha."

"Your eyebrows are pretty thick."

That... is the worst compliment I've ever heard.

Bam! Akiha's leg smacks the table as she jumps up.
"............ Ah."
How do I say this--she's surprisingly surprised?

You bet she's 'surprisingly surprised', do you know how fucking retarded you sound?

"...... I don't get you at all. That wasn't something to be surprised about."
With a deep breath, Akiha slumps her shoulders.

"Nii-san, it seems like you do not wish to answer me seriously."
"...... That's not right. Honestly, I won't lie to you. It's just that I have a lot of things I can't say to you."

"Geez. Really, ever since we were small I was never able to tell if you were an honest or dishonest person, Nii-san."

"...... Really? I don't really remember how I was when I was small."

"You don't have to remember. But, I haven't changed either. Pressing you like this even when I know how it will turn out... maybe I haven't grown up at all."

"I understand. Then I will no longer ask about this. But, please refrain from doing anything like this ever again. Nii-san, you are the eldest son of the Tohno family; if you do not understand your position better, it will be very troubling."
"--Hey, that has nothing to do with this. Besides, you are now the successor to the Tohno family, so it doesn't really matter what I do. If you're so worried about the future of the Tohno family, you should go find a husband appropriate for the Tohno household."

If the game is reusing text, I can reuse jokes.

For some reason, Akiha descends into silence.

"Anyway, please do not leave the mansion by yourself often. Even without that, the city is dangerous recently.
Someone like you, who meanders about in a daze is just asking to be attacked by that serial killer."
"Serial killer?--Oh, those serial killings."

"Whee... the moon sure is prett-HURK"

Those serial killings where nine victims have been found.
Their bodies were all drained of blood, so they call it the modern day vampire, but--
"Oh, that's okay. Those incidents, they won't ever happen again."

"It means the vampire isn't around anymore. That killer--is caught already."
"Is that so......? Nii-san, how do you know about that?"
"Well, I just happened to see it, but for sure, such things will not happen again."

...... Yeah, at least there won't be any more people killed by Nrvnqsr.
These past two days spent with Arcueid... so many things happened I really can't say just what is right and what is wrong.
But, the simple truth remains--I can say it was all for the best.

Hahaha... haha... oh, that's a good one, Shiki. "over".

It's half past seven.
"Shiki-san, breakfast is ready!"
Kohaku-san's cheerful voice rings out from the dining room.
"Well, I'll go eat breakfast. Isn't it almost time, Akiha? Don't mind me and go ahead."

"Yes, I know, Nii-san."
Maybe it's because of our conversation, but Akiha is in a good mood.

Rising from my seat, I head to the dining room.

Music: stop

Maybe Hisui cooked it.

Music: play track 3

Akiha looks at me questioningly as I came out of the dining room right away.
"Nii-san, did you forget something?"
"No, it's nothing. It's just something really trivial."

"Shiki-san doesn't seem to have an appetite this morning. He just throws anything he eats back up, so I got him to take some medicine."

"She said medicine, but it's really just some vitamins... I had a bad dream last night. I should settle down in a bit so I'll eat at school."

You think that was bad, you're really gonna be in for a surprise tonight!

I didn't say this to Kohaku-san, but to Akiha's eyes telling me she wants to say something.

"Shiki-sama, around what time will you be returning?"
"You don't trust me either? It's okay. I'll definitely be back in the afternoon."

There you go again, arrogantly assuming you can decide what to do. You're lucky we let you wear matching socks.

"--I understand. Then please be careful on your way."
Hisui bows deeply.
Feeling a bit embarrassed about it, I leave the mansion's gate.

"--Well, of course."
I probably won't ever see her again.
First of all, her goal was to execute the vampire, and with Nrvnqsr gone, there's no reason for her to stay around here any longer.

--Just a little bit, in my chest.
Things like regret... and lingering affection.
It is true she only brought trouble, but even still...... it was fun being with her.

"Watching her breasts as she bounces up and down excitedly... dropping my knife every thirty seconds and asking her to pick it up for me. Man, she never caught on..."

I think there must be something wrong with me.
Even though I was in such danger the whole time, there's still a part of me that unconsciously tries to remember her.
...... It's almost like I'm in love with her.
Even though I would never want to be exposed to that kind of danger again.

You're in love with everything that has breasts.

Is there really even a choice?