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by Seorin

Part 60

Never mind that and just eat.
I believe kindness should always be accepted.

"---I'll take it. I'm hungry, so if you don't mind, I'll eat it."
Yeah, even if it's a bit past the expiration date, I wouldn't mind.

"Then let's go to the tea ceremony room. If we go there, I can get you some tea."

Senpai trots off down the hallway.

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

It'll be your fault if her breasts don't get any bigger

Munch munch.
Munch. Munch. Munch.
Munch. Munch. Munch. Munch.

I gulp some tea.
Senpai keeps watching me.

"Does it taste good?"
"Mm, it's cold and not very good."
...... I think that comment was a little too honest myself, but it's my personality, so I can't change it.
Senpai gives a small laugh as she looks directly into my eyes.
"Tohno-kun, you have quite a philosophic outlook."
She says this kindly.

"...... Huh? I don't get you, Senpai. Saying something like that all of a sudden."
"But it's true. Normally, people wouldn't eat another person's half-eaten lunch like that. But you don't seem to mind what others think of you, do you?"
"---? Really? I'm not that self-conscious."

I just live honestly.

If by honestly you mean by lying about almost everything.

"In my opinion, I think you're more philosophical than I am, Senpai.
You're always living at your own pace. It feels so good just to watch."

Shiki LIKES to watch.

I speak openly.
Of course it was a compliment, but Senpai says "Oh, I see," and slumps in disappointment.

"Um...... Senpai? Did I say something bad?"
Because normally, that's what they call an old spinster. I'm a girl, so hearing that is a shock."
...... Hmmm. For Senpai, that must mean she's acting old rather than being philosophical.

"Oh yeah? So does that mean I'm acting like an old man now? Well excuse me, I'm just a high school student bravely facing the dangers of life."

Dangers like vampires, land sharks, and sudden chest wounds.

"Ah, but you can't deny it. Because a sitting cushion and a cup of tea really suit you. Always calm, you seem like a retired man."
Senpai giggles.
...... I wanted to hear I was more a guy that looks good in Japanese clothing, but if Senpai says a retired man, then maybe that isn't a bad thing.

I honestly don't know what the fuck they're talking about anymore.

"Oh. Well then, fellow old-timer, how about we have a long chat over a cup of tea?"
"I'd love to keep you company, Shiki-san."
With a beaming smile, Senpai pours some tea into my tea cup.

Music: stop

"Welcome back, Shiki-sama."
"---Ah, yeah---thanks, Hisui."
I can barely reply since I'm bewildered by the respectfulness of it all.
"Um---were you waiting for me to come home?"
"Yes. Greeting the master is a servant's duty."
Answering very matter-of-factly, she doesn't even bat an eyelash.

She was... jerk

"--Hisui, um--"

"I understand. Starting from tomorrow, I will await your return in the lobby."
Hisui gives a quick bow and opens the mansion gate.
Hisui turns around as she does so.

............ *sigh*
For some reason, the atmosphere isn't exactly conducive to conversation.
Hisui closes the gate after I pass through, then she silently walks to the entrance to open the door and leads me into the lobby.

Time to take care of those blueballs!

Suddenly, Arcueid's face flashes in my mind.

Oh god, I'm right.

Whether good or bad, it's probably just a reaction to the crazy two days I just had.
Perhaps spacing out here in my room will be good, giving my mind and heart a break.

Music: stop