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Part 62

I'll have you all know you missed a perfectly good 'Shiki LIKES to watch' joke.

"What am I doing? That is not any of your business, Tohno-kun."
"No--Well... maybe it isn't."
"--No, I was lying. It is, a little."

I thought she was looking away, but she starts sniffing me.

"Have you been... baking bread?"

"...... Um--Senpai......?"

Having her stare right at me like this--makes me remember my dream.
"Tohno-kun? What's wrong? Your face is turning red."
"I, it's nothing. Just, I had a bad dream. I don't feel very well."
I think I'm honest as I don't say I don't feel bad at all.

"......... Tohno-kun?"
She looks at me with a very serious expression.
"...... Senpai......?"
I'm perplexed. I feel as if Senpai is reading my mind, and I remember more and more of last night's dream.

"Tohno-kun, you said you had a bad dream. What does that mean?"
"It doesn't mean anything, and it's none of your business. Don't worry about it, and I'm asking you what you're doing."

"It is my business! Tohno-kun, you didn't sleep well last night, did you?"
Well--she is right but.
"...... Senpai, how do you know about that?"

"Because your face is all red. I don't know if you are sick, but you don't look well, Tohno-kun."
"Oh--I see."
I was surprised for a moment there.
She guessed right about last night, so I thought--

Shiki's really got a way with the ladies... a way to repel them.

I tilt my head in confusion.
Then, the homeroom bell echoes through the hallway.

Music: play track 3

"Of course, food. But you seem to be in a great mood. Did something happen, Arihiko?"
"Yup. I just asked Senpai if she wanted to eat lunch together, and she refused."
That's odd.
"Senpai" must be referring to Ciel-senpai, but this guy seems to get happy when his offer is refused.

"Now we're free to love each other without that hussy interfering!"

"Hey, Arihiko, you have that sort of taste?"
"No, no, I'm not finished. So I asked Senpai why not, and she said 'If Tohno-kun is there, then I don't want to come'!! Uwahahahahahahahaha! Isn't that great, Tohno!?"
That's odd.
Why have I been friends with this guy since middle school?

"Oh man, she really hates you Tohno! A rival's loss is my gain, so I'll treat you to lunch today!"
Arihiko happily slaps my back.
"...... Well, I'm happy you're treating me, but Senpai was angry at me?"

"Oh, I guess that's okay as long as I can be with you, Arihiko."

"N? ...... well, after she asked 'will Tohno-kun be with us?' and I nodded, her face turned all red. As soon as she heard your name, her face probably burned with anger."
"...... Probably? Isn't that a little different, Arihiko?"
"Maybe. Maybe not."

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