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Part 63

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Of course, I bought some food for myself before I came.


I tap on the door.
I hear some scuffling inside and sense a person on the other side.

"Yes, who is it?"
I can hear Senpai's voice through the door.
"It's me. Senpai, would you like to eat lunch with me?"
...... There's no answer.
"Senpai, I said lunch."
"...... I'm not eating with you, Tohno-kun."

She finally wised up.

That voice doesn't sound happy at all.
I'm not sure what to do,

"I have some curry bread."

I pull out my secret weapon.

I hope he means the bread. Wait... goddammit, it's dirty either way now, isn't it?

"Tohno-kun, do you think I can just be bought with food!?"
Senpai shouts from the other side.
...... Maybe this less than one hundred yen bread didn't work.
Geez. I think trying to barge in would make her more angry, so I guess I should just go back.

---And then,

"Senpai, does that mean, we can eat lunch together?"

"...... Ummm, I don't mind if you take it that way. If you like this room that much, then please come in."

Senpai goes into the tea ceremony room.
Following behind her, I walk inside.

Music: play track 3

"...... Senpai. I heard this from Arihiko, but you're angry at me? How come?"

"Eh--no, I'm not really angry at you. It's more of an indirect thing...... Maybe, it's more your insensitivity?"
"...... Wait a sec Senpai. You're normally a hard person to understand, but today you're even more so. If you're angry at my insensitivity, that's fine, but what do you mean by 'maybe'?
Senpai, you don't understand how you feel?"

She sighs.
"I'm a little unsure. I'm not usually concerned with myself."

"What does that vampire hussy have that I don't, huh?!"

Senpai almost sounds apologetic.
"---Probably, I don't like myself."
"...... Senpai?"
Senpai sits in silence without looking at me.
After a short moment of silence, she suddenly glares at me.

"Could I have that curry bread?"

"Wh, what's with that all of a sudden!? Didn't you just say you won't be bought out by food!?"

"That's a different matter. Tohno-kun, are you trying to take back what you said earlier!?"

...... Senpai is really angry.
It was just a joke for me, but I guess she took it very seriously.

How appropriate that Shiki wound up with the 'sausage bread'

"Then I will give you some of this hamburger.
Here you go," Senpai says as she gives me half of it from her lunch.
I think the difference in the barter exchange rate was a little high...

Might as well be the same gender.

"Hey, Tohno-kun."
"Yes? What is it, Senpai?"

"I've been thinking about this for a while, but your glasses aren't used to correct your vision, right?"
"...... Wow, you're amazing Senpai, bullseye. They're just for show."

"I knew it," Senpai nods.

"Hey, Tohno-kun, could I ask a favor?"
Senpai looks expectantly at my eyes. ...... Not so much my eyes, but my glasses.
"Just once, could you take off those glasses?"
That would be troubling.
Taking these glasses off means I would see those "lines" and more importantly---I don't want to see the "death" of this person close to me.

"I can't do that. Unfortunately, I've never taken these off in front of others. It's kind of like a vow, so I'll reject your request."
I answer clearly.
Senpai slumps disappointedly.

"Huh, if you say so, then I guess it's not possible."
"Yes, because these past eight years, I never---"

...... never took them off in front of other people, but.

Music: stop

That's right. That ended.
With these eyes.
I saw the death of many, many things.

"Ah---yeah, what is it Senpai?"

"What do you mean, 'what is it?' Suddenly spacing out like that, lunch break is almost over you know."
"...... Oh, that's true. I thought we had about ten more minutes."

"Yes, we did have ten minutes. But you were just spaced out for that long."

Senpai gathers up the cups.
"Huh...... Was it really ten minutes......?"
While I'm still tilting my head in curiosity, I help Senpai tidy up the tea ceremony room and then leave.

Music: stop