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by Seorin

Part 68

Phh. You're just going there because we told you to.

The chime sounds once, telling me that the gate closes.
...... Senpai didn't come.
I should go back before homeroom starts.

"Hey, mornin'. You're looking pretty bad today."
"...... Sheesh. Everyone looks at me and says the same thing. Do I look that sick?"
"Eh---? ...... Yeah, come to think of it, you look normal. I don't know, but you look really down, Tohno."
"............ Down, huh? ..."

Certainly my spirits are low.
Ever since Senpai said farewell, my body has been heavy and both my mind and body are knocked out.

"---Arihiko. Did you see Senpai today?"
"Huh? Senpai? Which Senpai?"
"Which? ...... the only Senpai we both know is Ciel-senpai."
"Shiel-Senpai? ...... Who's that? Are there any foreign students at our school?"

----My mouth hangs open in amazement.

"...... Arihiko, you......"
I manage to stammer this out in my confusion.
But, nothing else comes out.

"You okay Tohno? Just spit it out. As long as it's not asking for money, I'll help you out."

Arihiko is acting like he always does.
Just like always, he completely does not remember about Senpai.

"...... Nah, it's nothing. Sit down, class'll start."
"Oh, it's that time. Well, later."
Arihiko goes back to his own seat and the teacher arrives.

The movie in front of me continues playing, showing a teacher using white chalk on a blackboard.
Nothing seems real anymore.

Once classes are over and break time begins, that person will never come again, ever.
During lunch, we will never sit in the tea ceremony room and spend the time aimlessly over lunch.

...... Somewhere. I had a thread of hope, but that is gone as well.

I've lost Ciel completely.
I still haven't---haven't done anything. Haven't told her anything.
We spent time eating lunch together on a nice day such as today.

That was, a distant, precious dream----

The choices this time amount to or