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by Seorin

Part 74

I'm dying of thirst.
My body is burning up.
I just have to...
do something about this urge... or I'll go insane.

...... *pant*...... *pant*...... *pant*......

I breathe hard.
I have to take it out.

I already don't like where this is going.

...... *pant*...... *pant*...... *pant*......

Her cute face devoid of fear.
Her completely unguarded, defenseless figure. Her red hair----and her delicious looking skin.


"Shiki-san......? This is strange, how did all of this happen?"

Uhhh... you see, it all just kind of fell apart. Funny, isn't it? Why does Akiha buy such cheap things, anyway?

Still smiling, she draws closer to where I lie curled on the bed.
Her white fingers lightly touch my shoulder.
I can feel her blood singing through this brief, tiny contact.
And her warmth.
Small fireworks explode in the back of my head.

This... maid?

I hear a scream.
My hand wraps around her throat.
"Hwa---ha, a, h---"
My breathing is out of control.
But... there's no more pain.
Fine. Right now, I feel fine.

"Shiki-sa... n---"
Her voice cuts off.
Amazing. She can still breathe.
I squeeze harder.
"S... to---!"
I hear a small tearing sound.
Her fingers dig into my arm.

"Ha----ha, haha."
I was wrong.
I was so wrong.

"Kohaku...... san."
That's right.
I can't be doing THIS,
to... Kohaku... san.

---*pant*, *pant*, *pant*.........!

Shut up. That's not what you want, is it, Shiki?
Treating her like this is definitely wrong. You can't break a great woman like this so simply.
She still has her arms and legs. There are plenty of ways for a man to get pleasure from a woman.

I let go.
Kohaku's limp body crumples to the floor.
She raggedly gasps for air.

"Ha---haha, ha."
Face-down on the floor, her ass stares up at me invitingly.
"Haha, ha."
I press down on her back.
She tries to escape, but I hold her fast.

"P... please---please stop, Shiki-san!"
With one hand I press on her back, and with the other, I pull up on her hips.

Lifting her kimono, I bare the lower half of her body.

Needless to say, this is a significant oversimplification.

Ha, haha, ahahahaha.

She seems to be enjoying it after all.
There's something wrong with her body.
It's the first time I met a woman I would regret killing.

Haha, hahaha.
There's something wrong.
There's something wrong.
There's something wrong.

*pant*, *pant*, haha, ha.

I don't care.
Suddenly, I let go of everything that I've been holding in for so long.

Releasing it all.
I feel it shooting deep inside of her.

*pant*, *pant*, *pant*

It's releasing.

*pant*, *pant*, *pant*

I breathe harder.

*pant*, *pant*, *pant*

Something is... funny.

*pant*, *pant*, *pant*

And I start to laugh.

"Haha, hahahaha, ha."

A voice.

"Ha, haha...... ahahaha, ha."

I wake to the sound of my own laughing voice.

Kohaku-san lies crumpled on the floor.
Is she unconscious? She isn't moving.
Only... sticky white semen is leaking out of her.

That---is without a doubt... mine.
I don't know how many times I did it to her.
But releasing the urge inside me stopped me from having to see those "lines" of death.

"Haha, ha."
There's no need to ask what I was doing.
I was still conscious, but I couldn't even stop myself from what I did... what I did to Kohaku-san---

I'm insane.
Too insane to be fixed...
Just now, I ejaculated so many times and released all the black urges in me, but it still does not stop.
I'm still fully erect, and more than that, I am not satisfied myself.

I'm so thirsty.
I've---done such a terrible thing to Kohaku-san, but it never seems to end.
The truth is... my regret is already fading as I look at Kohaku-san's neck.
Her white neck.
Put my teeth at her throat and.

"Ahaha, ahahahaha."
I have to go outside.
If I stay here, I'll kill Kohaku-san.
If I stay in the mansion. I'll kill even Akiha and Hisui.
So before those urges come again, I have to disappear.

A place where no one is.
I have to go to a place where no one is or I'll go crazy again----


With all these people here, I won't be able to hold back again.
Somewhere---I have to go somewhere without any people around or I'll never be able to calm down.
Where no one is.
Where there's no residences nearby.

...... Somewhere, where even if I go crazy again, I won't cause anyone any trouble.

"It doesn't, exist."
Yeah, it doesn't exist.
There's no place in a city where you can't sense any presence of humans.
There's really no place where I can truly be alone in this civilized city.

All around me.
So many people all around me. If I walk just a little, I can catch all the prey I want.

My head hurts.
Even though I finally don't see the "lines" anymore, I'll start to see them again like this.

"----They're... here."
I bring my fingers to my face and find out my glasses were there all along.
In other words,
Even if I wear the glasses Sensei gave me, I cannot control my eyes anymore.

I am hit with the truth.
Just like Roa said, I just didn't realize that I was already insane.
That night.
Ever since that time when I wanted from the bottom of my heart to kill that bastard who was disgracing Ciel.

"...... Oh...... then, the headache from that time was......"
The headache from when I was fighting Roa.
When I saw those "lines" of death even when I don't remember taking off my glasses, and when I got Ciel-senpai to go find them for me.

Since that time, I---even when I wore my glasses, regardless of what my intentions, I've been able to see those "lines".

"...... Senpai...... knew."
No, she probably just didn't tell me.
So as not to worry me, she lied to protect my mistaken perceptions.
"...... I see...... Sen...... pai."
She told me to talk to her if anything happened.
I've already memorized her phone number.