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Part 80

"...... Shiki. Or, do you hate me?"
Her eyes look straight at me.
I look at her face while being pinned down.

"Nah. I only kill people I like."

Sincerely. ---So strongly it might burn my brain.

"...... I don't hate you Arcueid."
She sounds very happy.

...... My forehead is burning.
As my brain throbs horribly, I definitely---

See just one "line" of death.

"But, I have to refuse. The one I love is Ciel, and not you, Arcueid......!"
Her eyes brim over with anger.
But before then,
I slice through the "line" on her neck.

"Neck wounds are the best kind of wounds. That means I like you a LOT."

Music: stop

I am out of breath.
I'm not hurt, but I can't run in this state.
It's Arcueid, she should be able to heal such a wound and will come to attack me again---

"Ar...... cueid?"
She doesn't even move.
Blood flowing over the ground, her white body is covered in vermillion.

-----No way. Did I, kill her?

"Wha---Arcueid, are---"
Stopping my legs that tried to flee, I try to rush towards her body, but gasp.

One arm.
One of her arms on her collapsed figure...... like a spider's leg, stands up on the ground.

In that instant,
the whole world freezes over.

Music: play track 6

*pant*. *pant*. *pant*.

...... From her neck spills her blood, and her breath.
Her arm tenses.

"Kill,Yo u,"

*pant*. *pant*. *pant* *pant*. *pant*. *pant*

...... The vermillion blood continues to flow.
Her body lifts slowly from the ground.

"I Wi ll"

Heavy, rapid breathing turns into laughter.

...... Her white body stained in blood.
She raises her face.
I can see her eyes gleaming between her golden hair.
Her eyes are pitch-black.
And in them,
glows a fierce, fiery red.

"Jeez, it was just a love stab. Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

Her eyes are looking at nothing.
She tries to lift herself up with one hand, but every time, she collapses back down to the ground.

She slips on her own pool of blood, and each time, her body gets redder.
Over, and over.
She tries to stand up, slips, and falls.
...... It seems as if she's enjoying that cycle of failure.

"Ju st, wait."

I can't move.
Her voice, her figure, her will---flows compulsorily into my head.

My will is flowing, fusing, merging.
The whole world spins around me.

In the middle of it all, her image dominates.

That's right.

Destroy. Destroy. Destroy.
Slowly, completely, gently beyond comparison, cruelly to the point of numbness, I'll violate your life.

That's right.

The instant I tear off your limbs, rip open your chest and pull out your intestines, biting into your neck as you ask for mercy, chewing through your eyes and spreading your brains on the ground like butter------!

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"Just wait, I'll kill you soon......!"
Smiling, laughing insanely, Arcueid wallows in a sea of her own blood.

I can't move.
This isn't good.
Even Roa can't move.
If I stay here, I really will be killed.
I have to escape.
It doesn't matter where, if I don't get away from here quickly, I will get killed.

Bitch, you gonna die anyway.

See? I'm right.

Music: stop

"Tohno-kun! What are you doing? This way!"
----That voice.
That voice frees me from fear's grip.

"Just hurry up......! Before she recovers, hurry!"
Ignoring my bewilderment, she grabs my arm and starts to run.

"I saw you standing over her bloody body, your knife dripping with a crimson fluid, her threatening to kill you in the most horrifically violent way possible. YOU SLEPT TOGETHER, DIDN'T YOU?!"

"Senpai, that's not it. Um, I'm sorry for leaving the room. But I couldn't resist it, so I went outside and Arcueid was there---"
"--Geez, I'll hear your excuses later. Now, we have to hurry!"

Ciel keeps running.
...... This direction.
It seems like she's heading for the school.

"...... I don't think that'll happen. Certainly, she was pretty screwed up that time, but...... um, please listen without getting angry.
She really is a good person. I overdid it earlier and she got pissed, but if she recovers and calms down, she should----"

"----It's useless. In the first place, Roa, who is her enemy, is inside of you.
And in addition, you wounded her that much. ...... Right now, she's turned into a bloodthirsty vampire. She probably won't turn back to the Arcueid you know until she kills you."

"...... She'll be done healing soon, I imagine."
She mutters, and grabs my arm.
"----We might have a bit of a chance inside the school building. In any case, to protect you, I have to settle it with her once and for all."

"Ci...... el?"
"When she is active, her subordinate Roa also gets active. To suppress Roa, we must let her sleep or fend her off.
So, defeating her here is killing two birds with one stone."

But... if she sleeps until Roa wakes up, but Roa doesn't become active until she wakes up, then... then...?

"Let's go," she says as she pulls me into the school building.

Let's see... watched the love of your life die, then parted with her permanently... then watched the next love of your life get repeatedly, brutally killed, then got personally taken over by a vampire, only later to mutually kill your love... now this, and believe me it doesn't end here. I wouldn't have any good memories either.

"Please go up to the second floor, Tohno-kun. Fighting her is my duty."
"No. This is my responsibility, so you go up to the second floor, Senpai. I'll--settle this."
"...... Tohno-kun. I'll get mad."
Ciel glares at me.
But she seems to be getting more timid than angry.

"Um...... Senpai?"
"Tohno-kun, you know about my body, right? No matter what happens, I won't die. But a trivial wound could be fatal for you.
Certainly you might be able to defeat Arcueid using your eyes, but before that, she would just shred you apart."
"Tohno-kun, didn't you even say it yourself that you'll make me happy? So I beg of you, please don't die here."
"But----Senpai, by yourself, you can't----"

"Don't belittle me please. I've already exterminated scores of vampires before. When it comes to defeating vampires, there's no one better than me."
She strikes a confident, gutsy pose.

...... But.
I see the tips of her fingers shaking.

"...... No, Senpai. Even still, I---"
I don't want to leave Ciel by herself and run away.
Before I can voice that thought, she presses a finger to my lips and stops me.

"Tohno-kun, you shouldn't say that. Please, listen to my selfishness.
For once----For once, I want to protect you out of my own will. If I don't do that, I'll never be able to face you with a smile from my heart."
...... She says that with tears brimming in her eyes.

Music: play track 8

"...... Tohno-kun. I came back this early because it was no good."
"There isn't a way to help you at the church. The only thing there was were ways to try to use Roa to their advantage, and there wasn't anything that could help you as his host."
"----I, see. Oh well, it can't be helped. It's not something for you to cry about, Ciel-senpai."

"No......! If only I, I was better, I could have found something more, but I couldn't......!
That's why----the only thing I can do now is to slow Roa's advance.
...... It hurts.
Even though I know the pain you're going through, I'm only selfishly thinking that I want you to be by my side as long as possible---!"

"It's okay. I want to be with you as much as I can too. No matter how much it hurts, I'll fight Roa until the very end.
...... You weren't being selfish. I'm the one being selfish."
"But----But, that......!"

"Don't get me wrong. I don't intend to lose to Roa.
Before, Arcueid said something weird."
So, maybe---there just might be a way left.

"...... Ciel. I won't lose. But, my chances of stopping Arcueid are slim.
That's why, I leave it to you. You're unbeatable against vampires, right?"
"------Yes. Thank you, very much."
Ciel's arm around my back tightens. As we hold each other, I try to put my lips onto hers.

Then, Ciel hops back like a rabbit.

"Please wait."
"......? Did you forget something?"

"Yes. ...... Um, tomorrow, let's go play. The three of us with Inui-kun, we will make up for that one time."
She says so with a fleeting smile.

"Oh, yes, I would very much like to 'play' with Arihiko"

----I'm glad.
I'm glad that our promise meant so much to her.

"----Yeah. Then it's a promise."
I stick out my hand.
"Yes, please keep it this time."
Ciel's hand touches mine.
After a vigorous shake, she pulls back.

"----Now please stay away. Her recovery seems to have completed just now."
Nodding, I really turn my back to Ciel this time.

Ciel's not a bad woman. Fights off vampires for Shiki, lets him fulfill his gay love without embarrassing him... what more could Shiki want?

Music: stop

"...... Idiot."
But, I feel the same way too.
Just like she told me that she'll protect me, I want to protect her too.
That's why, I'm going to go back there right away.

Even Arcueid should have an opening when she's fighting Ciel.
In that instance,
I'll give everything I have.

"...... I'll deal with you later. Okay, Roa?"

I speak to myself as I look up at the moon.
----After I fend off Arcueid.
I have to walk a tightrope with a very low chance of succeeding.

There's no guarantee I'll survive. And in the first place, I don't even know if "this method" will work.
But, there's nothing else to do.

----If you have that power.

Some one told me before that there is a meaning behind having such a power, and a time will come when I will need that power.

The building shakes.
A large crash.
An impact like a dump truck slamming into the building at full speed.

"----No, way."
The building is still shaking.
It hasn't even been a minute since Ciel said Arcueid was done healing.
From the park to here, such a distance.
She came in just that amount of time----!?

Vampire girls are a lot easier to please.

...... That's, different.
That severity is entirely different from the Arcueid I know.

Who cares about taking her opening right now.
Without thinking, I run with all my might.

Music: play track 6

In the middle of it all, the fight between Ciel and Arcueid ended really easily, so one-sided.

"----Sen, pai."
It's far. Across a seemingly infinite span, Ciel is almost killed by Arcueid.
...... Ciel is almost dead, and she doesn't seem to see anything but Arcueid.

Even if she says she won't die----pulling out her heart while she's still alive is too much.

Arcueid turns around.
She looks like she's staring at an insect.

Just that causes me to forget that I'm alive.

"Oh, you're here too? Wait there, I'll be finished soon."
Saying that, Arcueid destroys Ciel. She snaps Ciel's neck as she repeatedly tears her body apart with her other arm.

"Pretty stubborn, huh. I guess you won't die unless Roa is killed, Ciel."
Slash. Splat.
A cycle like she said she experienced at the Church, a cycle of reviving and dying.

Ciel's body convulses.
Arcueid rips out Ciel's heart.
Even still, Ciel revives and coughs up blood.

Something snaps.
My headache rages.

I feel sick.
"You shut the hell up----!"
I slam my head into the wall.

This isn't the time to pay attention to him.
I can't let her lay even one more finger on Ciel.

...... Before, someone told me that True Ancestors are a perfect life just by being in this natural world.
They are an extension of nature, so they can draw as much power from the source called Earth.
That's why they won't die. They have no limits.

So that means...
They are only perfect in this natural world.

Music: stop

----Look for it.
It has to exist.
If I can see the death of everything, the "point", has to exist somewhere.

I was mistaken.
There are no causes of death on Arcueid.
In that case----first, I have to take that which makes it so----

I found it.
It's far away, but I can't allow any more of this.

I reach the middle of the school ground.
Arcueid comes straight at me.

Before that,
I take my knife and stab the large "point" at my feet, the "death" of the very world around me.

A distortion.

With this, it's over.
Everything around here... I "killed" the nature that Arcueid draws all of her power from.

"----You've thought well, Shiki!"
Arcueid comes towards me.
Her body is filled with death now.

I can do it.
I can kill Arcueid like this----But before I confirm my victory.

Music: play track 9

I feel faint.
Everything starts to fade away quickly.
Her arm has thrust through my chest, impaling me.

That is a fatal wound for a normal human being.

But, I won't die just yet.
With the way I am now, I'll still be able to live for a bit longer.
...... From my ankles, the pitch-black shadow of death starts to creep upwards.

"Ah.................. ah."
I don't care.
I forcefully swallow the blood pouring from my mouth, and I slice the "line" on her chest with one hand.

Arcueid's, voice.
I can, barely hear it.
My head, my head is fading.
Is it the pain from Arcueid piercing my chest? Or is my brain about to burn out from being strained to the limit?

...... Well, whichever it is, it doesn't change the fact that my death is coming.

"...... Disappear, you vampire----!"
"Don't fool around, I won't die with such a thing!"
Her hands grab my head.
But faster than Arcueid's hands trying to squeeze my head, I slice my knife down to her thigh.

"Just go away......! I'll take Roa with me. Without your help, I'll kill him.
So disappear. I don't want to fight you......!"
"What are you saying----You're the one who refused me!"

Her grip increases.
The sound of my skull fracturing.

"I'll kill Roa right here. I told you I won't go back unless I do so!"
"You---you, stupid woman----!"
My knife swings again.
With a slice, I cut off her arm.
Her white arm falls to the ground.

Arcueid staggers back.
As soon as I see that, I crumble to the ground.

Like a puppet with it's strings cut, I collapse on my rear end.

"Shi, ki----"
...... I, hear Arcueid's, somewhat hesitating voice.

I can't, speak well.
If I move my throat, the only thing that pours forth is red blood.

"-----Thank, God."
I don't know what's so good.
But, I.

"Hang in there, Shiki......! If you become mine, that wound will be nothing......!"
She reaches out to me.
With a hazy mind,
I lift my hand and stop her.

"Why......? Shiki, you'll die like this, you know? Look----I'll forgive you for earlier, and I won't worry about Ciel either.
I, I don't want you to die Shiki......! So----please, please become mine, Shiki......!"
Back and forth.
Even though I can barely breathe, I shake my head no.

But, if I just follow Arcueid, I think the same thing will happen.
Even if Arcueid sucks my blood, like what happened to Roa, and I gain the willpower so I won't lose to Roa...

...... In the end, Roa will not disappear by his own will unless Arcueid turns to acknowledge him.

"...... No. I can't do what you say."
"Why? Do you really----really hate me that much, Shiki?"

"Bitch, please. I just cut off your arm! How much more obvious can my love get?!"

...... Don't be crazy. Even as a lie, I can't say----

"...... Please. I know how you feel, but please forgive him. Roa simply wanted for you to like him. For that, he reincarnated over and over, and was looking forward to your arrival each time.
...... But, he's a human. He's not an existence that can live for a long, long time like you do."

...... Yes, for humans, immortality is too far away.
Roa believed his method of reincarnation would let him exist forever.

But, even that had its limit.
Because that method was the same as making "descendents" which shared his same past and goals, but not creating another "self" for him.

"...... Roa is as good as gone now. He is just an existence which does the same thing over and over because of his past.
----So, I have to end it for him."

"Shiki---you're already..."
...... Sanity returns to Arcueid's eyes.
The deep crimson of her eyes thins to red.
Her golden hair flutters underneath the moon.

Oh, for fuck's sake...

That's why it's so unfortunate.
The vestiges of my chest tighten at the thought that it has to end like this.

...... Damn it. If only Arcueid had returned to sanity just a bit faster, none of this would have had to happen.

"I see, Shiki. You're...... already one with Roa?"
I don't know.
Just----all of this was too much.
Right now as I speak, my memories are disappearing.
Ciel said something like that.
That if I tried too hard to see something that should not be seen, my blood vessels will burst and that I would lose my mind.

"...... Shiki, you idiot. Are you saying you'll let Ciel kill you?"
"----Of course not. But I'm already like this thanks to you. I probably can't hold on for long."
Arcueid looks down at herself.
Her chest, and the large slash wrought by my knife.

"...... It really is too bad. But, it looks like I'm at my limit as well. I need to return to my castle quickly to heal this wound."
"----Right. So, you should just hurry and get out of here."

She doesn't answer.
It probably wasn't even a brief pause.
Just, for that instant,
It's probably that I wanted to treasure the last moment before we parted.

"It always made me so mad, but I liked the way you stabbed me. It was nice."

Saying that,
with a smile to the very end, her body disappears like fading mist.

I, really liked her.
It had nothing to do with the Roa inside of me.
Just, she attracted me.
That's why, parting like this after we were fighting only moments ago, is too painful.

I think you might be forgetting the woman that HAD HER FUCKING HEART RIPPED OUT just to save your pathetic ass.

Why did it turn out like this?
Our relationship----I don't think we made that many big mistakes.

"I killed her when we first met, and stabbed her countless other times... she tried to kill me in a blind rage. It really was an ideal relationship.

The blood doesn't stop.
I try to breathe, but blood just flows forth from my mouth like a pump.

...... I'm, almost gone.
Arcueid should have taken it easy on me.
If I get such a big hole in my chest, even a half-vampire like me can't be saved.

It's not my heart. The beating of my heart has long since stopped.
The only pulse remains in my head.

...... My body, is almost completely dead.
After I die, Roa will take over.
Even though I can't, Roa would probably find a way to heal himself.

If that happens----I would make the same mistake Ciel did.

That's all I can say.
Thu, mp.
I, really, can't, keep, conscious.
Before that----I look at myself.
The "point" is on my scar.
The "point" of my death, of Roa's death.

----Tohno-kun, you said it yourself. That you'd make me happy.
So please, don't die here.

That's why, all I can do is apologize.
I can't ask for forgiveness.

Even though I wanted to do so much, it turns out that I won't be able to do anything for her.
Then at least, in the very end.
I should release her, from her terrible fate.


...... I can hear a voice.
It has to be a hallucination.

............ Tohno-kun............!

A crying voice calls out from the school building.
Looking up, I see a fully healed Ciel running towards me.

---------Stop it.

...... If I see her face, I will lose my resolve.
Probably, I'll feel sorry and be unable to finish this.
That's why, before she comes.

I strengthen the power in my hand.
The knife slides silently into my body.
With just that.


With that.
I was able to fall into the deep darkness I fell into years ago.

Tohno-kun, Tohno-kun......!

----I hear, a voice.

Tohno-kun...... why......!?

----See? Just as I thought.

...... No. I don't want this......!

----If I heard this crying voice,

Why......!? You said you wouldn't die......!

Music: stop

That ending is so much better than I remember.

You're not buying it, are you? Fine....

".................. Ah."
I let out a breath.
"............ I'm, alive."
My chest moves up and down as I breathe.
A comfortable breeze blows in through the open window.
The yellow curtains sway playfully in the wind.
The fresh blue sky is enough to take my breath away.
The air is warm, like a spring day.

"I'm...... alive."
I look around as I speak to myself in amazement.
There's no one else in the spacious room.
I'm lying in bed with an IV in my right arm.
There's a large bandage on my chest----

"............ What's this?"

I take out the IV and remove my bandage.
There's nothing under the bandage.
All there is is just my chest.
Having a bandage there means there's a wound there, but there's not a trace whatsoever of anything.

...... I tilt my head to the side questioningly.
Did I do something to get a wound on my chest?

I look over to the open door.

From the empty hallway, some unknown child peers into the room.
Before I can call out, the child walks away somewhere.

------What was that just now?

I feel like, I forgot something.

"Tohno, I'm coming in."
The door gets knocked and Arihiko walks into the room.

Ahahahaha, Shiki is in the hospital and Arihiko is the one visiting him.

Music: play track 3

"Yo, you're up? Good, good. We really couldn't talk much yesterday, but you seem a lot better now."
He cheerfully walks over to the side of the bed.

"...... Arihiko. What are you doing?"
"Huh? What am I doing? I'm here to check up on you. You asked me that yesterday too. You must still be out of it."
"Check up?----on who?"
"I'm sure your head would space out after sleeping for two months, but don't keep asking me the same things you asked me yesterday. It's about your body, so didn't the doctor tell you about it?"
Saying that, Arihiko takes a seat in a nearby chair.

".................. Eh?"
I get even more confused, and I hold my head.

"It was two months ago. You were found collapsed on the ground at school."
"......... Ground........."

----Why is it?
Now that he mentions it, I feel like I know something.

"It seems the track and field club found you during morning practice. They come at around five o'clock in the morning, so they say you must have collapsed there during the night, but what's the truth?"

"Um----Even if you ask, I don't know. First of all, you say I was collapsed on the school grounds, but I never even go near there."
"Right. Well, anyway, you were found there collapsed. You weren't hurt or bleeding so you were taken to the clinic because they thought it was your anemia. But you never woke up.
So we called your house and then you were brought to this hospital.
You've been in a coma for about two months since then."

"A coma for two months----that's usually..."
"Yeah, even the doctor seemed to have thrown in the towel. To be in a coma for even a week means you're a vegetable. Then, yesterday, you just woke up and said "Yo, Arihiko". I thought my heart would stop. Ahahaha!"
He laughs heartily.

"Well, you were always the kind who could have died any moment anyway. So since I was thinking you'd be like that forever, it surprised me even more."
"...... Arihiko. I'm in that kind of situation, and you're saying pretty mean things."

The kind of mean things that could only be said by a man possessed of love

"It's fine, 'cause you healed. But it was quite the amazing time while you were a vegetable.
Even though they said you had no hope of recovery, Akiha-chan came and visited you every day. Senpai would come there at that time too, so it was really hard to be here."
Arihiko gives a meaningful laugh.
...... Wait, wait a minute.

"Wait Arihiko. What's with that 'Akiha-chan'?"
"Akiha-chan is Akiha-chan. It's your younger sister and every time we see each other here, our relationship gets closer and farther."
"...... Akiha...... so, she came to visit me."
...... hearing that, I remember about Akiha.

Like Arihiko said, I must still be out of it. It's like I forgot about everything outside of this hospital room.
...... Well, I remember whenever he tells me about it, so it doesn't really matter. But I feel really light and feel like something's strange.

"...... You met Akiha? ...... Sorry Arihiko. She's pretty up-tight, right? She says some harsh things sometimes, but please overlook it."

Arihiko is like he usually is.
To be honest, I don't know what happened to me, but his infinite supply of cheerfulness does calm me down.
Leaning back on the bed, I take a deep breath.

"It's time to ask about that threesome..."

"Oh, it's about time for your examination. Then I'll see ya' later. I was going to bring Senpai along, but she said she wouldn't come because she knew she was going to see you at school."
"Eh...... Sen, pai?"

"Yeah. We've been taking turns seeing you. Well, yesterday you woke up and hugged her right away, so she kind of got angry and said she wouldn't come here anymore. She was angry, so you should think up an excuse or something."
Saying that, Arihiko leaves the room.

"............ Senpai?"
I can't, quite remember.
To me, there's only one person who I call Senpai.
The person's name, face, and personality, I know them all.

So why?
Why do I feel like I shouldn't think deeply about this Senpai?

----Come to think of it, there's one other thing that's strange.
I remember seeing this hospital room before.
But, if my memory serves me correctly,
that hospital room from eight years ago has to have been long gone by now-------

Music: play track 2

...... Did he get lost?
He seems quite detached, almost like a ghost or something.
It's just, on his chest.
That scar on his chest showing through his kimono is terribly----

"...... Well, I was just walking around. Kohaku-san do you know who that kid is?"
"Huh? A kid? What do you mean?"
It seems like Kohaku-san didn't see that kid.
"No, if you didn't see him, that's fine. Shall we go back? Akiha's probably waiting."

"Yes, Akiha-sama didn't say anything, but she was pacing back and forth in the lobby all morning. I'm sure she is anxiously waiting for you, Shiki-san."
"-----Oh. Then I should hurry up or who knows how mad at me she'll get."
"Yes, let's hurry, Shiki-san."
Kohaku-san takes my hand and we run to the mansion.

----As we leave,
I felt like someone called me, and I look back at the Japanese style building.

Music: play track 3

"Yo, morning. You can come back to school now?"
Arihiko greets me cheerfully.
"I heard you had to rehabilitate for a while. I see, for you to come to school like this must be because of that."
Arihiko gives a meaningful laugh.

"I understand. It's only a month until graduation. That means you can be together for only a bit longer."

"...... What do you mean? Together, with who?"
"With who!? Of course you and----"
Arihiko cuts off.
I hear quick footsteps.

"Tohno-kun? Um... I said good morning..."
"Ah----yeah, good morning, Senpai."
I reply awkwardly.
She seems a bit puzzled and tilts her head.

Why can't I remember?
Did something happen?
I feel like something very important happened between the two of us, but I can't remember.

I wish I couldn't

All I can remember is that she's a third year upperclassman who took a liking to me and Arihiko for some reason, and that we would spend lunchtime together.

...... I can't remember.
I can't remember anything else. It's like I forgot about everything else because it was so sad or difficult that I cut the unneeded memories away.

"Hey, you said that the three of us would hang out in town. But, you collapsed the day before that and had to go to the hospital."

She looks like she really was looking forward to that little thing.
So I didn't care about anything else.

"...... That's right. Yeah, that's right."

"Yes. Please don't forget it this time, Tohno-kun."

"No, you can go ahead and forget, Tohno. Then Senpai and I can have fun by ourselves."
...... Arihiko repeats what I heard sometime before.

"Oh, Arihiko, you tease"

"Yes, certainly you and Tohno-kun will have lots of free time, but I will be very busy starting in spring. The university I plan on attending is a little far, so it will not be easy to come back here."
"Ah. That's right. Senpai, you----"
Arihiko stops mid-sentence.
I don't understand what she's talking about though.

"Yes, I'll stay here. My house is here, so I don't plan on going to live over there. I can't exactly leave my father alone either.
But the person I will be studying under is very strict, so I won't be able to come back for at least three years......"


"But, it's always been my childhood dream. The place I'm going to work as a live-in employee is a craftsman for the king.
Normally non-relatives are not allowed to work there, but he told me I had great talent, so I am able to go there."
Senpai happily speaks of another world I didn't even know existed.
"Oh----that's, great but."

----She'll be gone for three years... why?

"Oh I'll be faithful... to my true feelings"

"Eh----Um, Senpai?"

"But, that just can't be. You're still a student, and it would be impossible to convince Akiha-san in a year or two. So this time I will just trust you and leave for three years."
...... Senpai declares this fiercely.
Arihiko takes this all in with his mouth hanging wide open.

"So. This may be the last time the three of us get to play together. So this time, please let me make a good memory out of it."

"I know how we could make it a REALLY special memory... one we'll NEVER forget."

She sounds truly happy as she says this.

"Tohno-kun? What's wrong? Grabbing your chest like that, are you still hurt?"
"Ah--no, not really. My chest was never injured, so it's just your imagination."
As I answer, it feels strange.
It's like, something is inconsistent.

The first bell rings.
Morning homeroom is about to start.
"Then I'll come again at lunch break, okay?"
Senpai disappears towards the school building.

Before she can do that, I ask her a question.

"----Senpai. Your father, what kind of person is he?"

...... Now that she mentions it, I think it did happen.

----But, that's wrong.
Senpai. There is no way your father can be alive.

Music: stop

"You realized it, Tohno-kun?"

She asks me, somewhat sadly.

"------Yeah, I did."
I say that as tears fill my eyes.

----I wish I never realized it.
Then----I could have continued to live happily in this world where no one gets hurt.

"Amazing. Normally, people never realize it. Usually, they ignore all the inconvenient inconsistencies."
"----Yeah. Even if it was a little strange, if I was happy, I should have ignored it."

"That's right. To be not able to lie about such things, you really are honest."
...... Senpai.
The girl who looks like Senpai, says this with incredible sadness.

I really feel sorry, and regret tightens in my chest.
But, it really couldn't be helped.
My school life from before.
The Ciel-senpai that seems like she's lived in this town.
The Tohno Shiki who survived that wound without a single scar on his chest.
...... These days similar to the original days without a single moment of unhappiness.

------And, everything disappears.
The world returns to the way it should be.
I died.