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Part 82

Music: play track 8

You get the "good" ending by lusting after Arcueid right after banging Ciel. Way to go, Japan.

Music: stop

Music: play track 5

"...... Shiki. Or, do you really hate me that much?"
"...... Don't be ridiculous. If I could hate you so simply, things wouldn't have turned out this way."
I apologize to Ciel in my head as I say that.

Arcueid tilts her head.
"Wait Shiki. What, what does that mean?"
...... This idiot. Damn it, she just won't understand unless you say it directly.
"----Arcueid, I"
...... Sorry Ciel. I'm about to say something I shouldn't.
"I, can't hate you.
I'm probably---attracted to you."

Arcueid's eyes narrow.
After a tense pause,


She asks in a drained voice.
"...... Hey now. It's useless to lie in this kind of situation. I don't want to admit, but I'm attracted to you. Ever since I met you, I've always been attracted to you."
Arcueid's face brightens.
Her hands which were pinning me down let go and she happily tries to get up.

"But, I still can't do as you say."
She freezes instantly.
She takes her hands which were letting go and puts them on my arms again.
"Shiki, what do you mean? If you like me, why can't you listen to what I say? Or are you saying you can't trust what I say?"

"...... Hey, I'm just an average guy. I wouldn't want this power even if you asked me to take it. If I could, I want to throw it in a trash can right now."
"? Then why don't you want this? If you become my servant, you can bring down Roa right away. ...... Shiki, you're being weird."
"You're the weird one. Look, Arcueid, I'm attracted to you, but the one I like the most is someone else.
That's why I'll never---become yours."
"----Oh? I see. Shiki, you're still saying that woman is better."
Arcueid's voice turns cold.
...... This is bad. I think I really got her pissed.

"What does that Christian hussy have that I don't, huh?!"

"That's fine. I don't mind if you like someone else.
Shiki, you're the first person I've ever liked. So if you like me even just a little bit, then nothing else matters.
So even if you don't think about me the most, I don't mind. Because if you're my number one, isn't that enough?"
Cold eyes shine over her smile.
A mixture of chilling coldness and innocence.

"----But that woman is different.
If she's the one to take you from me, it's better if you hate me.
...... Aw man, in the end, I guess I do have to use force. You may hate me for this, but if I do this, you'll never be able to leave me."
Arcueid bites her lip after saying that.
A bead of red blood forms on her lip.

Music: stop

This isn't a kiss.
Arcueid is just, trying to get me to drink her blood.
Something tells me this is really bad and I resist frantically.
But her arms grabbing mine are strong, and, um...... the sensation of her lips feels so good, my struggles grow weaker and weaker------

"You............ filthy thiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!!!!!!!!"

RRRrrrrrnnggggrrrrrrrr.... rrrrrrreeearrrooooowwwww

----And then,
my whole world suddenly jolts.

Music: play track 1

When I open my eyes, I see Arcueid's body flying through the air.
Arcueid was hit directly by countless swords that came flying through the air, and she flew right along the brick pathway and disappeared into the trees.

She smiles and stretches out her hand out to me.
I grab her hand and manage to stand back up.
"...... Um, Ciel...... Senpai? You're, back already."
"Yes, I was worried about you, Tohno-kun, so I hurried back. But when I came back to my room, I was surprised. I told you not to leave the room, but you weren't there."
"Uh, there's a big reason for that, and it's a long story------"
"Then please, go ahead. I don't know what you were doing with Arcueid, but I'll at least listen to your excuse."

"...... Senpai. I'll say this now, but it isn't what you think. I didn't do anything with Arcueid.
What you're thinking is, just a false accusation."

"I see. So you're saying that there's nothing going on, and it's all just a misunderstanding on my part?"
"Yeah! Alright, way to go Ciel-senpai! I knew you'd understand right away!"
I raise my hands in the air and cheer.

"..................... Erk."
Being glared at, I lower my hands.

"...... Oh well. Unfortunately, taking care of her takes priority right now. But Tohno-kun, I'll definitely ask you about this later on."
She looks away from me and towards the thick trees.

Music: stop

Even I can feel something straining forth from that direction.
An uneasiness like an unseen poison is starting to fill the air.

Hsssst.... grrrrrrreeeeeaaaaooowwwww

Music: play track 6

"Wait, Senpai......! Arcueid didn't do anything. She's not a bad vampire, so----"
"...... Tohno-kun. When it comes to vampires, good and evil do not matter. They are an existence that must be eliminated once they mix into human society.
And, it's already too late. She intends to kill us already."
Before I can say, "That's not true,"
Arcueid's figure appears, swaying like she's sowing the seeds of death.

"---Another surprise attack? Not so much you being unoriginal but just having a sick personality instead."

"You talk too much. Against an opponent who emerges unscratched where normal vampires would have been killed six times over by these Black Keys, any method should be fair. It's sickening to have a monster like you comment on my personality."

Grrrraarrrrroooowwwww.... FFFssssstttTTT

Sparks are flying between the two of them.
...... That isn't a metaphor, but the air really is charged.
Arcueid's hostility invades the air so much that the simple act of breathing burns my lungs.
Ciel-senpai is similar, and it seems her robe is more bulky than usual.
...... It seems she's prepared for total war this time, and it looks like she's hiding all sorts of freaky weapons under there.

Music: stop

I, can't let that happen.
I couldn't stop it before.
But now, this time, I have to stop it.
I am the one who brought this situation on.
Ciel-senpai and Arcueid. If I think they are both very important to me, then...

".................. You, stupid idiots."

I have to stop them even if it costs me my life.

...... The air vibrates.
Arcueid is looking directly at Ciel's neck.
Before, then,


I throw myself between the two of them.

Music: play track 8

Grrrrrnnnngggrrr... rrrrnnnn..... rrnrnnnrnnrnrnnnnnrrrrrr (the accurate phonetic reproduction of these sounds is thanks to a childhood filled with cats)

"Stop it you two. There's no need for you to fight."
"Don't be ridiculous. There never was a reason in the first place. Just get back Shiki. Even if it is you, I won't let you go if you get in my way."
"Just like she says. This does not concern you, Tohno-kun...... Even if you stay there, we're going to fight anyway."
They're not listening to a word I say.
...... Well. I was prepared for that, anyway.

My brain throbs as if it turned into another heart.

Bathed in an agony where sucking in my breath seems to break every bone in my body, I stare at the "death" all around me.

"To, Tohno-kun.........! You shouldn't. If you use your eyes like that, the blood vessels in your brain will explode......!"
"---I can't help it. If I don't do this---I can't stop Arcueid."

In contrast to the panicking Ciel, Arcueid just stares at me with cold eyes.
...... Damn it, Arcueid standing like that, it seems like she knows I, can't, see, any, of, her, lines.

"---Of course. You just risking your life won't let you see any points of "death" on me. ...... Well, you may be able to find some lines, but that's meaningless as well."

Goddamn mind reading again!

"............... Why you... You're not cute at all."

...... Crap. I'm, going to, pass out.

"Tohno-kun---you can see lines on Arcueid!?"
Ciel-senpai's voice calls out.
Arcueid clicks her tongue disappointedly.
Ciel-senpai rushes towards me ignoring Arcueid who just stands there.

"Tell me. Tohno-kun, you can see lines on Arcueid!?"
I nod to Ciel's frantic question.
"Good--------then you can be helped, Tohno-kun......! I gave up hope, but with this, we can really separate Roa from you......!"

The hostility I sensed from Senpai disappears.

...... Thank God. I don't know why, but it seems like Ciel stopped fighting Arcueid.

"...... I see. Senpai, you found a way to eliminate Roa from inside me at the church."
Her enthusiastic voice cuts off.
Ciel looks down, then raises her head.

"...... No, there was no way to help you at the church. I came back this early because it was a dead end."
I gasp automatically.
Because, that means the only thing left for me is to be consumed by Roa.

"But, Tohno-kun. If you can see that which can cause Arcueid's death, then it is a different story.
Roa is Arcueid's Dead Apostle. Even if he is separated right now, his connection to Arcueid as the source of his power does not change.
So----if you are able to destroy Arcueid, then Roa will have to get weaker."
I can't quite grasp what she says right away.

"It'll work! Honest! Just kill my worst enemy, pleeeeease?"

Arcueid just stands there, listening to the conversation between Ciel and me.

"----No. I can't do that."

Their voices overlap once more.

"Wha---What are you saying, Tohno-kun......!? If you don't do that, Roa will take over! And, weren't you looking for her lines to kill her......!?"
...... No, you got it wrong, Senpai.
"...... Ciel. I don't want to kill Arcueid at all. I just wanted you two to stop fighting, and this was the only way I thought I could stop it."
"That, that...... may be true, but......!
If you do not kill Arcueid, you will disappear, Tohno-kun! I, I don't want that......! Why......? Are you saying Arcueid's life is more important than your own!?"
Senpai is right, but,

I think Ciel needs to retake her ethics course.

"...... I don't know, but I can't hurt Arcueid.
...... Sorry for being selfish, Ciel.
I can't hate her. That's why...... even to save myself, I can't kill her."
"...... Tohno-kun. You, like her?"
"---Of course not. I love you, Ciel."

Whatever happened to, "I like them both, I can't choose!"

That's no lie.
There's only one person I hold the most dear.

Music: stop

"...... Arcueid. Please, can you give up?
I will definitely take Roa. ...... I don't know how long I'll remain, but at the very end, I'll---...

"Pierce your point of death and 'kill' Roa?"
Arcueid reads my mind.

"I refuse. The very end means Roa will have almost taken you over completely.
Do you think you can kill yourself in that situation, Shiki?"
She makes some cutting remarks.

"Then what're you saying I do? Go tell you once Roa starts to consume me?"

"No, you don't have to go through all that trouble. It'll be all fine if you just kill yourself right here."

Music: play track 3

with her usual expression, Arcueid speaks cruelly.

"Wha, what are you saying!? Such a thing I would not allow even if Tohno-kun accepted it......!"
"H-hey, Ciel......!"

I hold back Senpai who tries to attack Arcueid.

"...... Well, I wanted Shiki to drink more of my blood, but with Ciel here, it's a little difficult.
So I will compromise. Didn't I say so earlier, Shiki? That if you became mine, you could rid yourself of Roa right away. It's already more than half done, anyway."

"Wha...... Tohno-kun, you drank some of Arcueid's blood!?"
Breaking free, Ciel-senpai glares at me.

"Ah---uh, well, when Arcueid was pinning me down earlier, she forced me to...... is there a problem with that, Senpai?"
"Y, yes! It's a huge problem! With that, you're pretty much under her influence! If you have her blood inside you, you'll be just like an extension of her, like an arm or a leg......!"
"Eh-------Then, you mean--"
"Yes, no different than a Dead Apostle who got his blood sucked!"
I look over to Arcueid.

...... Why that little...... Smiling like that, no wonder---
"A, Arcueid......! Is this what you mean by using force!? What part of this is not doing something I won't like!?
You've sucked my blood, you big liar......!"

"Eh-, you got it all wrong. I didn't suck your blood. I just gave you some of my blood, so that's why you didn't turn into a Dead Apostle."

"It's the same thing......! To have your blood inside someone means they cannot disobey you......! And if you go too far, your genetic information as a True Ancestor will invade and destroy his human genetic information.
If it's your blood, only a little would destroy a human body, right!?"

"How rude, I won't make such sloppy mistakes. In the first place, Shiki's body is already invaded by Roa and is almost a vampire's body anyway. In this case, I think my blood helps.

Disobeying Arcueid costs 1 point of temporary willpower, but it can be recovered through... shit, wrong game.

"It's obvious, right? I made it so that Shiki can beat Roa even if Shiki and Roa die at the same time.
Now, Shiki is under my influence, you know. Even if Roa and Shiki are equal, if I give Shiki backup, it's only natural that Shiki will survive.
Ciel-senpai's mouth opens in shock.

"Do you understand? You said you'll help Shiki, but my method is much better than yours. Come on, if you understand, then hurry up and get away from Shiki."
"Uh-----Ah, uh."
Ciel-senpai's mouth opens and closes.
...... It seems things have taken a sudden twist.

"Well, to be honest, I was thinking about not telling you about it...... but, I think it might be alright. Earlier, Shiki said he liked me.

"So, nyah."

Let's see. If Shiki says he likes me more than Ciel, I'll help out this time."
Arcueid smiles. Not at me, but at Ciel-senpai.
Ciel-senpai's shoulders start quivering furiously.

Music: stop

"N-----No, not, not a chance......!
Even without your help, I'll somehow save Tohno-kun! I'll let you go for tonight, so just go back......!"

"Hmm. I suppose I can go back, but then Shiki will disappear. So you're saying it's okay if Roa takes over Shiki as long as Shiki's body remains?"

"That's right! And then the persistent erections will never fade!"

------My, body is.

"D, Don't be stupid! I want Roa to be destroyed more than you do. I can't bear Roa taking away the person I hold the most dear anymore!"
"Then, it's simple. Shiki just has to promise he likes me more, and Roa will be destroyed completely. I think that's fulfilling both our goals."

"Those are two completely different matters!
In the first place, there's no reason for us to trust you. I wont let Tohno-kun walk such a tightrope like killing himself.



"You look like you'd rather kill me. Anyway, with Shiki the way he is now, you can't. Roa's invaded his mind enough already, so it's easy to see that if you stress him any further, his mind will collapse."



"If Shiki didn't strain himself to stop us, he might have lasted for a few more days, but the way he is now, he can't resist Roa for long.
Take a look, he's desperately resisting a headache right now.
Like that, tonight would be-----, huh?"

"Hey Shiki. Don't tell me you're already at your limit!?"
"Eh------To, Tohno-kun!?"

Music: play track 9

Saved as a PNG to make it readable, but text below in case your eyes hate the blue on blue.

Awareness. I still have my awareness.
My body. My body can still move.
So why... don't I feel like I'm alive?
I'm losing my grip on reality.

Tohno Shiki is fading away.

"-----Tohno-kun, hang in there, Tohno-kun......!"

Ciel's voice. Even though she's holding me, I can't feel her at all.

"Shiki, if you can hear me, hurry. There's no time to hesitate or think things over."

Arcueid's voice. Her hand grabs my palm.

What's there, is my knife.

"You said it before. That at the very end, you'll kill Roa with your own hands. If you're ready, you have to kill him now.
You're the only one who can kill him, so it's meaningless unless you kill yourself while you're still there."
"............! You can't, Tohno-kun. If you do that, you will just die......! If you just focus, if you can resist that headache, you can come back, Tohno-kun......!"

-------That's, right.
I was already prepared.

Roa's mouth is already right there.
Before that---I stare at my body.
That "point" exists right on my scar.

...... Come to think of it, SHIKI said something like that.
What kills a will is another will.

----Yeah, I understand why Ciel's worried.
But, what Arcueid says is the truth.
Because she never lied to me even once.

I place the knife on my chest.
If there are two wills in one life,
then with one death, with a simple calculation, only one will die.
...... Well, I think that's too simple, but I'll believe it.
Even if it doesn't turn out like Arcueid says, no matter what, Roa will consume me eventually.
Then---I'll kill you right here.
Your reincarnation is at an end.
What I see is my death, and the death of Roa's soul.

After I sense someone gasping,
Someone grips my hand hard.
I can hear someone speaking softly.
Hot blood courses through my body and I feel someone embracing my back.

...... I see.
This is nothing.
I'll probably, definitely survive no matter what happens.
I believe firmly, and I strengthen my grip around my knife.

Music: stop

You are alone, and there are three of us.
There's no way we can lose-----!

Music: stop

Totoru, I don't think we're in Osaka anymore.

A man with long, golden hair and small, round glasses.
With deep, chiseled features and golden hair, there's no doubting that he's a foreigner.
Despite his very set features, there is an atmosphere of softness to him.
Even though he looks cold-hearted, his eyes seem gentle.
...... It's probably because of that.
So, I talked to this strange person.

After looking up, he asks me what I want.
I inquire what he was doing.
With a smile, he says that just like it appears, he is reading a book.
I then ask if it is interesting.
With a terribly kind smile, he declares that nothing is interesting at all.

He stands up.
He leaves the old book that he was reading on the bench.

I call out to him.
I tell him he forgot his book.
Over his shoulder, he says that he is done reading it.

The pages of the book are flipping.
Even though there is no wind.
The pages unbind, and page by page, they fly far away as if they were disappearing into nothingness.

As if hiding in the paper storm, the man's figure starts to fade away.
I ask where he's going, but he just responds that he never was anywhere to begin with.

There is only an observer which reads the book.
If the book ceases to exist, the observer also ceases to exist.

Taken out of context, that whole scene seems kind of profound. I think it's my favorite part of this ending.

---Well, what happened from there?

A small noise wakes me up.
Creak. Creak. Creak.
A sound like a burglar quietly opening a window.
After that, footsteps come toward me.

"Shiki-. It's morning, get up-"

Someone shakes me.
Resisting my headache, I slowly open my eyes.

Music: play track 3

"Hm? What? If you have something to say, you should just say it. You're always looking so troubled recently."
"...... Hey, whose fault do you think that is? It's because you do things that make my head hurt starting early in the morning and cause me to have stress when I shouldn't have any.
In the first place, if Senpai finds out, she'd kill me before she kills you. Really."
Or to say, if Hisui came in right now, Akiha would kill me before Senpai would.

Harem ending ahoy

"Ahaha. In that case, you'd finally be breaking up with Ciel, right? But that's okay, I'll take responsibility and take you with me."
She laughs like it's funny. Of course, I'm not laughing at all.
"...... You, you're actually serious."

"Of course. I don't joke that often."
"----That's true. Your existence itself is like a joke."

"Hey! That's being discriminatory. You're so nice to everyone else, so why do you only say such things to me?"
She looks me right in the eye.
...... I'm a bit troubled.
As usual, Arcueid is without hesitation, and doesn't take a man's heart into consideration.

"...doesn't understand what it's like when a man loves another man."

"O-of course. You can't be kind to someone who sneaks in no matter how many times you tell them not to. C'mon, get out. I'm going to change."

Looking away from Arcueid who's directly in front of me, I stand up on the other side of the bed as if running away from her.

----And then,

Knock-knock. The sound echoes through the room.

"A, Arcueid......! Please, just get out......!"
She's not listening.
"Shiki-sama? You are awake, are you not?"
"Uwaa! Wait! I'm changing, so just wait......!"
"Changing? I have your school uniform here, however."
"Uh, no, that's not it---anyway, just wait! I'll be done soon, so please wait!"

"Uhh, I meant... I'm masturbating! Wait, no, that's not it either!"

"You're always looking at that orange-haired school friend of yours, but not me..."

"...... Hey now. I told you, students have these things called exams and are busy until they are over. Once I'm done, I'll spend a whole day with you so can you leave for now?"
"Really? You'll do that before Ciel?"
"Uh...... I'll try..."

"Yay! It's a promise, okay? Then, I'll be waiting outside......!"
With a light hop, Arcueid jumps out the window.

"I was just mastur... musing. I meant musing. It was imperative that you not disturb me."

"My, look at the time. I'll hurry up and change and go to the sitting room, so please go ahead of me, Hisui."

"............ I understand. Then please excuse me, Shiki-sama."

With a succinct bow, she exits the room.
...... *sigh*
I guess it's only a matter of time before she finds out.
I have to somehow tell Arcueid to not come to my room at least in the morning----

"...and to bring Arihiko when she comes at night."

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

"Good morning, Nii-san."
As soon as I enter the sitting room, Akiha greets me with a bit of an edge to her voice.
"Morning Akiha. ...... You're really taking your time this morning. I thought you needed to leave soon in order to be on time."
Akiha's ladies' boarding school is in the next prefecture.
I didn't realize it until recently, but Akiha won't make it to school on time unless she leaves thirty minutes before me by car.

"Nii-san, did you forget what I told you last night? Winter break started yesterday for me. Since I go to a private school, it is on a different schedule than yours."
Now that she mentions it, she's in her normal clothes.
Meaning, I'm the only one who's busy.
"If you understand, then please go to the dining room. Your breakfast should be prepared already."
"Okay. Then I'll go right away."
I leave behind Akiha, who's already on break from school, and walk into the dining room.

"What does that glasses-wearing hussy have that I don't, huh?!"

"----I wonder what happened? For Ciel-senpai to suddenly come pick me up today?"
I'm sure I'll find out when I see her.
"Well, I'm off. I have a test today, so I'll be back past noon."

"I'll look forward to it. When you come back, I want to hear your story about this Ciel-senpai."
Giving an empty, scary smile, Akiha watches me leave.

Music: stop

Music: play track 3

Hisui LIKES to watch

"No, I don't have much of a reason. If I had to say, I just had a bad feeling."
"...... I see. I'm happy that you worry about me, but it is a little troubling."
Well, I think about how I should introduce her to Akiha.
I'm not sure why, but I have this premonition that Akiha and Ciel-senpai won't get along at all.
...... No, I'm pretty sure of it. that so?

"Senpai. I'll ask, but did you talk about something with Hisui?"

"Yes, I heard a lot of things about you from Hisui-san. About how you indulge your sister, about how cute and spaced out you are in the morning, this and that."
"...... What do you mean? I don't really indulge Akiha."


"Oh, just like Hisui-san said. She said you would definitely say in response that you don't indulge your sister."
"Uh...... Not just Kohaku-san, but even Hisui thinks that way?"
...... Sheesh. I don't really mean to indulge her, but they both seem to think so.

"Well, whatever. I guess this is some sort of fate, so do you want to come by my house after school? My sister is on break, so I'll introduce you to her."
"----Yes. I would also like to meet your sister, Tohno-kun."
She smiles softly.
But, that smile quickly fills with hostility.

"...... Ciel-senpai......?"
Still keeping her sharp glance, Ciel is looking around us.


"I was waiting, Shiki!"

Arcueid tackles me from behind.

"Oh, you fell down. How shameful. If you leave yourself so open because it's the morning, this is what happens."
That's mistaken. That's terribly mistaken.
Even if you're ready for it or keeping an eye out for it, nobody can survive being hit full-force from behind by a speeding motorcycle.

RRRRRrrrrrrrrr...... hss.

"Oh? You're here too, Ciel?"

"Of course. Don't pretend like you didn't notice. You were sneaking behind us for a while, so there's no way you didn't notice me."

"That's rude, I really didn't notice. Because it doesn't really matter to me and Shiki if you're here or not, right?"

...... In other words, she was just ignoring Ciel-senpai completely.

"...... You really don't learn a thing, do you? Tohno-kun is going to school, so please don't bother us.
In the first place, there's no reason for you to stay in this country, right? Roa is gone and there's no more Dead Apostles here. There's over ten Dead Apostles running around on the loose, so you should go ahead and go after them."

"Yes, I plan on doing that without you telling me. But I have to take Shiki with me then, so I have to reel him in first."

"R, reel him in!? Tohno-kun won't do any more dangerous things! Please stop involving Tohno-kun in your selfish circumstances!"

"Oh? I don't care what you say about me, but Shiki's problem isn't anything you can decide.
It doesn't matter what you think, but he doesn't hate me. If he says he'll help me, then you'll be the one getting in the way."
Ciel freezes in her tracks.

"...... Tohno-kun. Don't tell me, you plan on helping her?"
...... Uh-oh. Being stared at by those emotionless eyes is troubling.

"What does that vampire hussy have that I don't, huh?!"

"No... I never... made that promise."
"Then please refuse her. Actually, you should tell her not to associate with you anymore."
"...... Um, Senpai? Do you really think I should do that?"
I whisper in Ciel's ear.

"B, but I still don't want that! Tohno-kun, we...... w-we're lovers, so please don't let other women seduce you......!"

That is, hands down, the best line Ciel ever says.

Turning red to the tips of her ears, Ciel-senpai states it directly.
Since she is so direct, I'm embarrassed but happy, and turn red as well.

"C-can't I? It's not like there's a rule against me chaining down Tohno-kun with my feelings."

Oh, that relationship is off to a GREAT start. Good luck, Shiki!

"Is that so? I don't really care if Shiki likes someone else.
If Shiki likes me, then the rest is my problem. I don't mind if he likes someone else too."
Ciel shakes her head in response to Arcueid's words.

"Well, I won't speak for you. To say that I don't mind him just liking me comes with the condition he'll be mine in the end.

In that regards, Shiki likes me, so maybe I'm the same as you, Ciel.
Ahaha, I guess just loving him won't be enough soon."
I cough out loud hearing that.
A, Arcueid, saying that with a smile---

I feel a chill run through me.
The instant I have a bad feeling about this, Arcueid grabs my arm, and----

Without saying anything further, presses her lips to mine.

"N, nn, nn--------!"
I try and resist.
Ciel watches it all in shock.

"Nn, n-----n,-----"
Thump. My pulse.
...... This is completely different from that time when she tried to get me to drink her blood.
This really is a kiss to express love.

Arcueid steps back.
I suck in my stopped breath, and I was excited by such an awful thing.

"It was just so terrible. Why couldn't it have been Arihiko's tongue instead?"

"See, it's easy. Ciel, you're pretty stupid to feel like you're insured by doing something anyone can do. What are you thinking, trying to go against me with just one act of love?"

Hahaha, you know, I take everything back. This ending is

With a big grin, Arcueid laughs as Ciel-senpai starts to shake.
...... Even I can understand.
Ciel-senpai is about to explode no matter who's nearby.

"Ahaha, Ciel is seriously angry, Shiki!"
Still holding my arm, Arcueid runs cheerfully.
...... Well, I don't know what'll happen if Ciel catches up to me right now, so I should probably just keep running until she calms down.........

With Arcueid grabbing my arm and having Ciel-senpai chasing us furiously, I can't help but let out a sigh.
Probably, my life from now on would be like this forever.
But, well, I guess I was prepared for this.
Ever since Ciel-senpai became precious to me, but I was still attracted to Arcueid, I think I vaguely knew things might end this way.


"To, Tohno-kun! Why are you running away with Arcueid----!?"
Circling her arms furiously, she chases after us.
...... It's only a matter of time before she catches up.


Music: stop

Once again, the finishing screen proves that this is a 'dead end' and not actually a real ending. So there.

Music: play track 3

Congratulations! It's Ciel-san's Good Ending!

...... Eh?
............ Huh?
............ Huh? Huh???
Wait just a minute!
What is this?
What is this ending!?

...... Oh, geez, okay!
Each heroine has two different kinds of endings.
This is Ciel-san's Good End.
Please return to a previous choice and choose a different story!
That will be the True End!

Oh, and one more thing.
Ciel-san's and Arcueid's routes are the Near Side of the Moon routes. But there is also a completely different story: the Far Side of the Moon route.
It is the "Tohno Family" route, associating with people like Akiha-san.
It seems difficult to know what requirement is needed to be able to choose that route, so I will give you a little hint.

Actually, she only got 2 of the 3 requirements right. Staying in the classroom for lunch doesn't matter, but returning to the mansion after school does.

Music: stop

Yay! This thread is two... fifths? done...?