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by Seorin

Part 83

Earlier on Tsukihime...

Chapter 1

Young Shiki wanders out into a field in the middle of the night and witnesses the brutal murder of his mother and several unnamed others. The only thing he can think about is how pretty the moon is. Next, he wakes up in a hospital having survived a terrible accident. Following the accident he can see mysterious black lines covering everything, and if he runs a knife along those lines he breaks stuff. He meets a mysterious woman by chance and spends several afternoons with her, talking in a nearby field. Before she leaves, she gives him a pair of special glasses that make the strange lines disappear.

Chapter 2

8 years later, Shiki leaves the Arima home for the last time. He's only leaving for school, but afterwards he'll be returning to a different home: the mansion he grew up in. On his way to school he reminisces about the Arimas and also about the sister he left behind when he went to live with them, Akiha. He's eager to see her again upon returning to the mansion, but doubt also plagues his mind. His wandering mind almost causes him to be late for school, but he runs and makes it just in time. Except there's a strange noise coming from somewhere and he isn't sure if he should investigate...

Chapter 3

Shiki ignores the noise, instead hurrying off to class. He chats for a bit with his classmate, Yumizuka Satsuki. He's not too familiar with her because she's very popular and he's a whiny, emo loner, but she seems to have a thing for him. She expresses relief when finding out that, although Shiki is moving, he'll still be attending the same school. Shiki's best friend and secret gay crush, Inui Arihiko, greets him happily before class starts. The three students discuss the recent serial killings until class starts.

After class, Shiki needs to run off to the school office to get some moving details in order. On the way he 'accidentally' runs into a certain 'familiar' senpai by the name of Ciel. There is nothing strange about this at all. They agree to meet at lunchtime, in case Shiki ends up being a vampire or something..