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Part 94

Music: play track 2

"...... Morning?"
The clock says it's just past six-forty.
The weather outside the window is perfectly cloudless.

Pain runs through me once again.
Not my head or chest, but apparently on the side of my neck.
"...... That's odd...... I've never had pain there before."
I put my hand on my neck but there's no blood.
The wound from Yumizuka's bite is already closed.

Oh god, no, SLEEP. You lush you.

"Thank you for your kind words. After you change, please head towards the dining room."

She must still be very embarrassed about last night and leaves somewhat flustered.
"Hisui... maybe..."
Maybe it's possible for her to be easily embarrassed.
I thought she was basically expressionless at first but when you look at her closely, she gets embarrassed and mad a lot.

"...... Next time I should try to make her laugh really hard."
I don't know how I would do that but there's no doubt Hisui's smile would be very cute.
"----Hey, Hisui's smile would look just like Kohaku-san."
...... A boring conclusion.
I quickly change and head to the sitting room.

Now that we're truly on the Akiha path he can begin his improper, heavy lusting.

"Good morning Nii-san."
"----Y, yeah. Good morning Akiha."
Thump. My chest starts to hurt.

"Wow. Is something special going on today? You're up a full twenty minutes earlier than usual, Nii-san."
"No... I just had a bit of a bad dream, that's all. Just a whim, don't worry about it."

...... I don't understand what I'm saying.
Is it because of my dream? Suddenly remembering her young face, I can't look at Akiha directly.

"Nii-san? Your face is red... do you have a fever?"
"No, it's not that----"

For some reason I just can't return her gaze.
She lifts an eyebrow suspiciously and comes near me.

"Excuse me."
She brings her hand to my forehead.
Thump. My heart beats.

----Akiha's palm is not any different from back then.

Cold, soft fingertips.
Thump. Thump.
Her fingers touch me for only a matter of seconds, but my heart strangely begins to pound harder.

They've gone from merely 'thick' to 'thin and strong'. Compliment her shoes, next! They're really cool!

If she doesn't pull back, it'll be troubling.

She might feel his boner and oh god wouldn't that just be awkward.

"...... It seems you don't have a fever."
She pulls her fingers away and backs off slightly.

"Just in case, I'll have Kohaku prepare some cold medicine. Please wait in the sitting room, Nii-san."

With that, Akiha goes up to the second floor.

The hands of the clock reach seven.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I have cold medicine and water, so please drink it after breakfast, okay?"
"Ah......... Kohaku... san."
My shoulders slump.
I'm really glad Kohaku-san brought it, but I was expecting Akiha to bring it so I'm a little disappointed.

Am I the only one that can tell just how extremely it shifted from 'sibling relationship' to 'I want your body'?

"Thanks Kohaku-san. Where's Akiha? I think it's a bit early for her to go to school..."

"No, since there were some formalities to take care of, Akiha-sama left for school earlier. And, you know what, Shiki-san?"
Kohaku-san looks into my face with a smile.
"Wh... what? Did I do something again?"

"Yes. I was wondering what you did to Akiha-sama just now. It's been such a long time since I have seen Akiha-sama this happy. I'm curious, really curious."

"Aw dammit. She felt the boner anyway."

"...... Um, I didn't really do anything to make her happy. ...... In fact, it's more like I'm the happy one----"
...... But, Akiha did seem to be in a good mood, didn't she?
She was smiling when we ran into each other, and for Akiha to take my temperature just isn't like her at all.
It would've been fine just to leave that to Kohaku-san, so that was odd enough.

"Shiki-san? Does anything ring a bell?"
"No, sorry. She definitely did seem in a good mood, but I don't think it was because of me.
In the first place, I don't understand Akiha right now at all. She is different than she was eight years ago."

"Oh really? Well, I personally think you are a bit dense at times but let us leave that there."

Hahahahaha... Kohaku, saying what we've all wanted to say.

"Ah, Shiki-san. What you said earlier was mistaken."
"...... Eh? Mistaken? What was?"
"Akiha-sama has not changed one bit from the past. I think the one who is making Akiha hard to understand is you, Shiki-san."

Leaving me with a phrase loaded with meaning, Kohaku-san disappears towards the lobby.

"Shiki-sama, what time will you be returning today?"
"Hm, in the evening. ...... I don't have anything special to do, so I'll be back by four."
"I understand. ...... I will no longer be able to wait for you here, but please call for me if you need anything when you return."
Unable to wait by the gate... what does she mean?

Music: play track 3

I call out to stop her.

"Ah, good morning Tohno-kun. It's rare to meet you by the entrance here."
"Yeah. I saw you from behind so I ran up to meet you. Do you always come at this time?"

"Yes, I am bad at getting up early so I always just barely make it. Did you oversleep today?"

"Tohno-kun, did something happen over the weekend?"
"No, not really. Why do you ask, Senpai?"

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just playing around. Please forget about it."
I'm a little bewildered.

----And then,

at that moment, I see a familiar face running vigorously from the entrance.

"That's Inui-kun."

Oh, good, now I can fall back on a litany of gay jokes!

Senpai says this calmly.
"Yeah, it's Inui."
I try answering her calmly.
Senpai and I don't even think the actions of the rampaging Arihiko as he dashes towards us are odd at all.

In other words, we're used to it.

"Oh, that Arihiko."

A cloud of dust kicks up behind him.
He does not stop.
Even though we are right in front of him, Arihiko launches a drop kick in my direction without even pausing.

"Silly, we can't roll around on the ground like this at SCHOOL! The other students will catch on!"

After a three second interval, we face off directly.

"What the hell are you doing!?"
"You have a sister!?"

Both of us shout simultaneously.

--------W, what?

"...... Wait a second. How do you know I have a sister?"

"Uwaaa, you do have one after all!"
Arihiko holds his head in his hands, and twists his body.
...... It's so ridiculous looking, I would deny knowing him even if he owed me a million yen.

"Hey, cut it out Arihiko, please. We'll end up being the laughingstock of the school."

"They just won't think of us the same when they find out we're lovers."

"Screw that, I don't care!"
Arihiko looks up with a glare.

"I don't care who knows about my love for you!!!"

"You traitor! I'll call you Onii-san someday!"

"It's always been a fantasy of mine and you NEVER let me fulfill it!"

Leaving such an incomprehensible parting shot, Arihiko runs off.
Not towards the school building, but to the front gate.

But----the classroom seems odd today.

Every break, all the guys leave the room, and come back with happy looks on their faces.
...... I'm a bit curious.

"Hello Tohno-kun. Do you mind?"
"Huh? It's break time, Senpai, is it okay to come to my classroom like this?"

"Yes, being here is much more fun than being in my classroom."
She smiles happily as she says this.
Arihiko sits at his desk unaware of Senpai's arrival.
It is quite the ideal situation.

"What do you mean? Go see what?"

"The new first year transfer student. All the boys in every class are taking turns to go see her.
Apparently the hallway outside her classroom is very crowded. She's awfully popular."
Transfer student......?
Hmm... in other words, that's where all the guys in my classroom went too.

"----Oh? So that means she's really cute, this new transfer student?"

"I don't know, but that's what I've heard. They say a girl in the first year transferred from a famous ladies academy."
"...... I see. For someone to transfer at this time of the year, there must be some strange circumstances."
"You thought so too, huh? But it seems like a waste. Why is she transferring from the distinguished Asagami Women's Academy to go here?"
"Hm? What a coincidence. My sister is also a first year student at----"

-----Wait a minute.

There's something not quite right about this whole conversation.
Senpai sounds like I know this transfer student already.

"------No way."

I'm shocked.
I'm shocked, but that's the only conclusion I can draw.

I can't hear Senpai's voice anymore.
I look over at Arihiko's desk and he has an especially evil grin on his face.

"Don't you see? If I'm dating your sister, nobody will get suspicious that we're together all the time!"

I walk purposefully over to his desk.

"Oh? What could it possibly be, Onii-sama?"
"...... I'll punch you for saying that."

Hahahaha... they really do act like lovers.

"H, hey, can't you take a joke? What is it, is there a reason you would talk to a commoner like me? Hyahahaha!"
Arihiko laughs.
"Reason? Well, I do have a reason this time."

"Arihiko, can you tell me the name of this new transfer student?"

"Man, you should know without me saying anything, right?
Yes, her name is Tohno Akiha. Your younger sister.
Geez, you even kept it a secret from me. I would've found out quickly since she's that hot. I really doubted our friendship this time."
"...... No, there's never been that sort of illusion between us, but I see."

"You know we're more than just friends."

Totally drained, I answer and return to my seat.

Akiha has transferred to my school.
"----What is she thinking?"
Muttering aloud in astonishment, I fall into my chair.

Music: stop

As always, Akiha is Akiha.
If she's going to transfer to my school, couldn't she at least tell me?
No, more importantly, she transferred to my school when there's no advantage for her to do so---

Pain again.
Sharp pain in my neck.

Desire for this chair. That chair. So many chairs. Thirty-seven chairs. These chairs.

"Tohno-kun! Hey, are you alright Tohno-kun!?"
My eyes open wide at the sound of the teacher's voice.
...... Sweat rolls down my forehead.
My body is cold. My breathing is ragged.

"What is it Tohno-kun? If you are not feeling well, you can rest."
"Ah, no, I'm fine. It has passed."
"...... I see. Well, don't push yourself. Your grades are good so it is acceptable to take an occasional rest. Your progress will be satisfactory even with some handicaps."
...... The English teacher's words lack a little consideration for the other students.
I once again declare I am fine and resume class.

Music: play track 3

"What, Tohno? Are you still sticking around here?"
"...... Yeah. I don't feel too well today. I can't go to the cafeteria, so can you please get me something? I'll have the usual."
"No, I don't mind, but is that alright? Your dear sister seems to be having trouble in the cafeteria."

That's right. She's always been at a ladies academy so she wouldn't know anything about how a normal "school cafeteria" system works.
I can distinctly imagine Akiha standing in the cafeteria not knowing what to do.

----Damn, I can't leave her like that.

"Ah, Tohno! Wait up! I'm coming too!"
I dash out of the classroom.
...... Close behind me, Arihiko follows a bit more energetic than usual.


"Nii... san."
In that instant,
I see her face on the verge of tears and my chest starts to hurt.
"----C'mon, over here. You don't like the crowds, right?"

Not wanting to see her almost crying face a second longer, I strongly pull Akiha out of the cafeteria.

"Here, you should be able to relax here. I'll go buy us some lunch so just sit at this bench."

"...... Yes. I apologize for the trouble, Nii-san."
"----It's alright. I'll hear about it later. Arihiko, I'm going to get lunch so take care of Akiha, okay?"

"W, why are you asking me all of a sudden!? Look, I'll go buy lunch and you keep your sister company, Tohno."

"I can't be left alone with a GIRL! I thought I was ready, but.. but... oh, I'll be right back."

"......? What's the matter, Arihiko? Aren't you going to call me Onii-san? I'll tell you right now, but I won't give you a chance like this in the future."
I whisper to Arihiko.

"It's your fantasy, right? Well, just this once I'll allow it."

He whispers back, maintaining our secrecy.
"R, right, but I can't be with her alone all of a sudden. If it was any other woman I'd agree, but your sister is just too high class."

"Alright. Then can you go get lunch for the three of us?"

"Leave it to me. ...... Um, what does your sister want? I'm too scared to buy her ordinary cafeteria bread."
"...... As if I would know. She transferred here, so curry bread and coffee milk will be good enough."
"----Roger. I'll be back in five minutes."

Arihiko returns to the building in a dash.

"Christ, you two are so obvious. I go to all this trouble to transfer to your school and it turns out you're gay. What a waste."

"Dammit... I can't let her know I'm gay. Shit! She already knows! Should I change the subject or just admit it already?"