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by Seorin

Part 96

I walk along the corridor lit by the fading sun.
I think Akiha's class is first grade, class one.

The classroom is silent.
A girl stands alone in the empty, red classroom.

Music: stop

This... sister?

Music: play track 3

As she calls out to me, the dizziness subsides.
"You're---Akiha, right?"

"...? Nii-san, are you feeling poorly again?"
Akiha addresses me in her usual tone.
...... Looking at Akiha's black hair, I feel that without a doubt, this is my own little sister, Tohno Akiha.

Oh god he's already conveniently forgetting she's his sister. It's coming and nothing can stop it

I leave the school building with Akiha.
As we reach the school gates, I catch sight of Senpai waving at me.

"Ah, you came at last, Tohno-kun."
"Huh, Senpai? What are you doing, standing here like this?"

"Geez, I wasn't just standing here, I was waiting for you, Tohno-kun, but---"

Senpai glances at Akiha next to me.
Somehow, at a glance she realizes that Akiha and I are walking home together.

"Tohno-kun, is this your little sister?"
Senpai throws a sidelong glance at Akiha.

Akiha says nothing.
Nothing is said, but both Senpai and Akiha tell me with their eyes to "Introduce me to this person".

It seems like this is going be a really tiresome job.

"That black-haired..." "That glasses-wearing..." ""HUSSY!""

"Senpai, you sounded like you were waiting for me... What's going on?"

"Well, it just happened that I wanted to spend a little time with you, but---

---Since it's already late today, I'll leave it for another time. Bye, Tohno-kun. See you tomorrow as well, Akiha-san."
"Bye" says Senpai, and she walks away from us.

Senpai leaves without giving me a chance to stop her.

"Let's go home, Nii-san. It will get dark soon."
Akiha says this as if nothing happened.

Why can't I think of anything to say?
Even though I see Akiha at home every day, I somehow feel some tension walking home toward the mansion.

...sexual tension.

Music: play track 1

The female Familius Sisterus feels naturally threatened when encountering a female Classmatus Senpaius outside of her natural habitat.


"Yes? Did you say something, Nii-san?"
"Well, nothing much but... I'd like to go and take a look at the Japanese-style building you were talking about, if that's okay."
"----The detached building?"
Murmuring, Akiha's brow creases with concern.

"Please, do not. It was sealed up many years ago. Nii-san, even you are not permitted to go there."

Having stated this, Akiha goes into the mansion.