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Part 97

Shiki logic at its finest. This man can justify rape.

Music: stop

------The sun has set and it is pitch black outside.
I walk through the woods which seem more like a forest.
...... I didn't remember quite where it was, but as I enter the forest, my feet automatically head toward the detached building.
Even if I forgot where it was, I guess my body remembers how to get there.
At any rate, I am able to get to the detached building without getting lost.

It must have been many years since this building was put out of use, as many parts are deteriorated.

As I put my hand on the door, I notice that it is unlocked.

It is dark inside, as expected.
I smell the tatami mats and the shoji, and somehow feel comfortable even though I can't see anything.

"----------I know this place."
I guess I came here as a kid since this japanese-style room was interesting.
But it's weird.
I feel the same sense of incompatibility I had when I was first shown my room after I came back to this mansion.
"...... Maybe because the Arimas' house was Japanese-style."
I feel like I've lived here all my life.

Or maybe-----

If I recall, in the past...

When we were playing in the yard...

Music: play track 1

I look around to see what I can do.
...... There's no place to hide. Besides, she's already seen me.

"Hey now, you can't come in here. Akiha-sama told us never to let you in here."
"...... Yeah, she told me today. She told me but-----"

"You got curious? I understand. I'll let you go this time, but please don't come here again. This building is old and a bit dangerous."

...... This building is old and a bit dangerous, huh.
It's a weird reason but, it still makes sense.
"...... I'm sorry. But what was this building used for? You say it's not used now but did someone use it before?"

"Yes, this used to be the servants' residence. Before you went to the Arimas, this mansion had many servants.
It was impossible to let all the servants live in the mansion, so Makihisa-sama constructed this detached building."
"I see, this place was the servants' residence."

Because this is where she goes when she thinks about Shiki.

"Shiki-san, we should go back to the mansion or Akiha-sama might find out."
"Oh-----I'm sorry."
I shake off the faint doubt remaining and decide to go back to the mansion with Kohaku-san.

Music: stop

Music: play track 1

Dinner, as usual, is a quiet affair with just me and Akiha.
Kohaku-san stands behind Akiha, and Hisui stands behind me during our wordless dinner.

The only thing different is the way Akiha is acting.
Until now, whenever my tableware would make noise, Akiha would look up with a scowl. Today, however, Akiha makes quite a lot of clattering herself.
In the end,
"---I am going back to my room. Please clean up my dinner."
Saying so, she leaves the dining room behind.

"Hey, Akiha!"
"Don't come near me...!"
I stop.
Leaning on the stairs, Akiha refuses me violently.

"Wha---don't come near you...? What are you talking about!? I don't know what happened, but I can't just leave you like that!"
"---I'm fine, just... don't come any closer... Nii-san."
Akiha breathes heavily.

My heart pounds.
Akiha just breathes painfully.
...... There's something wrong with me.
For a moment, I feel it resembles the figure of Yumizuka Satsuki.

"Aki... ha---"
"I'm fine, so please, don't come near me. If you come near me, there's no way I'll be able to... so don't come any closer. As long as you are not around, I'll be fine, so..."

Wouldn't want to 'accidentally' have sex or anything. It can be hard to control those incestuous urges.

With an audible sound,
Akiha collapses once more.

"Wha----what was that about?"
I really don't understand.
Akiha's tormented condition, telling me not to come near her, yet she lets Kohaku-san help her.

"Hisui... what was that? Why was Akiha like that?"

"At times, Akiha-sama lapses into sudden dyspnea. Just as with your anemia, Akiha-sama too is a member of the Tohno family."

---Members of the Tohno family do have such conditions.

Akiha said that during lunch.

"It can't be... Akiha always seems so healthy."
"Akiha-sama tried her best to keep it a secret from you. We were also ordered not to speak to Shiki-sama about it."
There's nothing to be said.
I can only look aghast up the stairs Akiha just ascended.

"Well then, good night. Please leave Akiha-sama's condition to Nee-san.
As Makihisa-sama was under her care for many years, she has medical experience."
"I guess so. If we leave Akiha to Kohaku-san, I'm sure she'll be fine."
...... Since there doesn't seem to be anything else I can do, it seems I'll have to just leave her to Kohaku-san.

"Shiki-sama, it is rare for Akiha-sama to to be like that. Since it can be easily relieved with medication, I do not think that you need to worry.
...... Rather than being concerned with her treatable condition, Akiha-sama is concerned more about your health, Shiki-sama."
"---I know. Damn it, I'm a crappy older brother. I guess I really didn't realize anything at all."

Gah, no, we already know where this line of logic leads. You're a good older brother... good... stay good, Shiki

It really doesn't get much more blatant than that.


"...... That detached building fell into disuse right after you left for the Arima family. Makihisa-sama decided to demolish it, but as Akiha-sama objected strongly, it remains standing today.

---So, Shiki-sama, if you think anything at all of Akiha-sama, please do not approach that detached building."

Saying so, Hisui leaves the room as if she were running.

So what does Shiki think of his sister, guys?