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by Seorin

Part 98

Er, sorry. If I'd known this was going to be THAT pointless, I'd just have made the decision on my own.

Music: stop




----My throat, dry with thirst, hot.

------I can't sleep like this.
I'll go and get a drink of water.

Music: play track 4

------It is hot.

Suddenly, I see a face reflected in the window.
The eyes are bloodshot, and the face looks quite insane.

------It is just so hot.

It seems I found my prey.
Strangling her from behind, it's all over.
It seems that the unknown woman has died just from that.

---I am just, so hot.

---I don't understand.

The sound of heavy breathing.
Does this act...
Does this act really excite me so much?
I stick my finger in the chest of the dead body.
The sound of crushing meat, the sound of breaking bones.
The sound of a heart being ripped out with my bare hand.

---As I watch, my head fills with pure white.

This, the ultimate pillage.
The height of immorality.
Just gazing at it, I feel hot.
You might say it's negative pleasure, but for making one hot, it's still the same.

---I don't understand.

---And so, I don't understand.
I am just, only, hot----

Music: stop

I try and catch my breath.
The thirst in my throat.
The feeling of biting flesh.
The pleasure burning through my brain as I killed.
...... These things, why do they seem so real?
I can even remember perfectly the feel and sound of the heart as it was ripped out.

I continue to gasp hungrily for air.
I don't know if it was really "pleasure".
It was just excitement condensed like a bullet, fired straight into my head.
My breath stops as I remember.
Then---perhaps that impact could be something called "pleasure".

My neck hurts where Yumizuka bit it.

---Those who are bitten by a vampire become vampires as well.
Unexpectedly, that common phrase pops into my head.
"...... Can't be. I'm overthinking this."

"Hmmm... I should be a vampire... and I'm having dreams about drinking blood... Nahh, not a big deal."

Excusing herself, Hisui enters the room.
The same figure, the same voice as always.

Music: play track 2

"Good morning, Shiki-sama."
Hisui speaks politely.
Since I arrived here, Hisui has brought a calm tranquility with her every morning.
As I think this, the tumult of bad dreams simply fades from my head.