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Why do I get the feeling that way somehow involves your penis?

If I search the old man's room, I might be able to find something to help her.
He was the head of the Tohno family after all.
He should have recorded some way to fight against the Tohno blood.

"………… I see. This looks to be a record of the time after I was taken into the Arima household."
I flip through the pages.

-------And then,
I see Akiha's name and I turn back.

"Let's see…… Report on Akiha's spasms----what is this?"
I start reading it carefully.

…… The old man looked at it this way: Akiha became one of strong Tohno blood right after I left.
To live, Akiha needs more heat than a normal person.
If you say that the heat Akiha needs is ten, food only gives her six or seven, and the extra heat she needs is the reason for her body's extra burden.

The problem is why she needs that much heat to stay alive in the first place.
…… It looks like it took the old man some time to figure it out.
After a few years worth of pages, the answer is finally written down.

You mean like cripples? We can affectionately refer to her as Crippie!

But of course, it's impossible to do that.
That's why Akiha's body consumes heat from some other source to try to make up for that.
But no human can do that; it's superhuman power. The more she needs heat from her surroundings, the more the Tohno blood awakens as it grows less and less human.

What's written after that looks like Akiha's growth record.
I read on, but find the information becoming less and less useful to me.
I throw the diary onto the table.
"---Damn, even if you know the reason, it's no help if you don't write down the way to fix it. Stupid old man."
…… Or was it impossible for even the old man to find a way to help her?
"…… But only half her energy? I wonder what she's doing with the other half……"
It seems simple. If Akiha can use all of her energy for herself, then she wouldn't have to take in heat from someone else.

…… I don't think there's anything else for me to find here.
I should go outside and let myself unwind----

But... you're supposed to stay away from this building... stay away, Shiki!

"…… This was the room Akiha came to when I was sick."
I start to remember little by little.
When I was adopted ten years ago.
When I lived in this room, and the days I spent playing with Akiha and SHIKI.

"…… He was saying 'Nanaya'."
Nanaya. Written as "seven nights" in Japanese?
I guess it's my real last name, but it doesn't really matter now.
A kid named Nanaya Shiki was eliminated eight years ago. His last name, his real name, even his memories.

I can't even remember my parents' faces.
I don't want to remember those things anyway.

"…… I see, this knife is not the old man's but really my----"
I take the knife out of my pocket.
"Nanaya" is written on the handle.
In that regard, this was really my true father's.

Tohno Makihisa had some human emotions after all.
He should have eliminated everything that would lead me to Nanaya Shiki, but he still left me this knife.

---And then.
Something drips onto my hand.

Music: stop

…… I wonder how long it's been.
Night should have gone by… it must be almost sunrise.
"…… It's Sunday today, huh?"
Well, even if it was a weekday, I would have skipped school and stayed with Akiha. Because it's Sunday, it's more convenient.
"Kohaku-san said she should stay in bed."
…… How depressing.
I don't know how many weeks it will take for Akiha to heal.

"---What can I do until she gets better---"
I don't even have to think about it.
I must find and kill him, once and for all.
He's not human anymore. …… No, even if he is, even if people tell me I'm a murderer, I can't let SHIKI stay alive.

Someone comes into the building.
Could it be Kohaku-san?
I hear small, light footsteps getting closer, until finally, the sliding door opens.

Music: play track 8

Now is when she scolds him for coming to the detached building and sends him away, right? ...right?

"Akiha, are you…… alright?"
"…… Yes, my wounds have healed now."
No way. That wound wasn't anything that would heal in a night. Besides, Kohaku-san said it would take weeks to heal.
To heal that fast is not human---
Then I finally realize it.
…… No, I wish I didn't.
That Akiha's hair is still red.

"Instead, I stare intently at my sister's chest."

"--What are you saying Akiha? If your wound's healed, that should be good enough.
I hate the Tohno blood, but if it helps out like this, then it's, it's a good thing--"
"…… You don't have to force yourself. I didn't come here to be a bother to you. I came to tell you a few things while I'm still sane."

She said while she is sane------

"Listen to me, Nii-san. I've been lying to you for so long now. There's no way for me to make up for that, but I have to at least tell you the truth. I cannot disappear like this----"

Akiha's eyes shine as if she's about to cry.
…… If she looks at me that way, there's no way I could stop her.

"…… Alright. I'll listen.
But, Akiha, I'll stay as Tohno Shiki no matter what you tell me. …… Maybe you don't have to tell me at all.
All the same----do you still want to tell me about it?"
"Nii-san, you……… know?"
"…… SHIKI likes to talk a lot, and he told me most of it while you were unconscious.
But, if you want to tell me about it, I'll listen.
If you tell me yourself, I think it would help me understand."

Akiha looks aghast for a moment, and then she bites her lip and looks at me.

"Nii-san. You were adopted ten years ago from the Nanaya family.
…… I don't know why Father adopted you, but he introduced you to us as our new family member."
Akiha squints as if pained and continues on.

"I've heard that the Nanaya family was the total opposite of our kind.
…… There are those like the Tohno family with mixed blood, and then there are those who oppose them."

"Nii-san, you wouldn't like it if there were lions and tigers in your school, right? We humans tend to eliminate people who are different from us or anyone who is superior to us.
…… It's pretty easy to understand why, if you think about it. It's not that they eliminate the 'different people' because they hate them. Instead, it is because if these 'different people' were in our society, it would endanger the lives of normal people. So, there will always be those who eliminate the non-humans."

"So if you happen to have any special powers, it's not from the blood of Tohno but from Nanaya. It's written in your blood to kill anything that is inhuman.
…… Nii-san, there WAS that time when you ran away from me, remember? I realized it then. The Nanaya blood in you is still working, and it reacted to me."

Nanaya is such a catchy word that it should have a slogan. Nanaya: creating psychotic murderers since 1702. Nanaya: For when you just don't have an alibi, blame Nanaya. Nanaya: Isn't it about time you raped that special someone?

----She's talking about that night.
She's right. I did feel a homicidal impulse when I saw Akiha's red hair.
I thought I was a killer for that reason, but that means----

"Yes, you only feel that way towards abnormal people like me and SHIKI.
But, that's why you were like death to us.
…… Even though the people of Nanaya have stopped their work, I think it was still a threat just to have their blood around."

"It's alright. …… You don't have to go on. It's already over, so there's no point. It has nothing to do with me or you."
"But Nii-san---"
"I don't care about the Nanaya family. I don't know them. If you're the head of the Tohno family, you should only worry about the Tohno family."
Akiha bows her head and gives a reluctant nod.

"…… Then, let's talk about us.

Let's not

Nii-san and I, and SHIKI, we were raised as true siblings.
You and SHIKI got along so well I was kind of jealous of you guys.
But everything went wrong when 'that' happened to SHIKI."
"…… Eight years ago, SHIKI's Tohno blood awakened… and he killed me."

"…… Yes.
But your life was saved.
Things didn't end that easily, though.

"So Father came up with it.
Let Nii-san be Tohno Shiki, and let SHIKI be the adopted son who died in an accident."
Akiha speaks these words as if hoping they will damn Tohno Makihisa.

---So that's it.

SHIKI and I reversed roles.
The one that was killed lived on, and the one who did the killing died.
That's the relationship between SHIKI and I.

"That's why you were taken to the Arimas.
To the outside world, Tohno's eldest son had to be alive, but since there is no Tohno blood in you, you couldn't be the successor.
Father explained that your body was weakened by the accident, so he sent you to the Arimas."

Sounds like a brilliant plan. "We can't let the world think our only successor died and can't succeed the family... I've got it! We'll tell the world our only successor is weakened and so he can't succeed the family! What WOULD this family do without me...."

"…… I didn't agree. I even held a grudge against Father for letting you go for a stupid reason like that.
I guess it's because I told him that I wanted you back so many times, but Father finally came out and told me you were adopted.
And he told me never to let you come close to our house.
…… Father didn't take into account what kind of cruel things he was doing to you, and he lied to me shamelessly until the day he died."

Akiha's story ended there.
It might be because she hid these facts from me for so long, but Akiha's story sounded more like a confession.

"Now that you know we're not related, do you still want to bone me?" "Nah, not so much, but if you keep calling me Nii-san I might get turned on again."

"…… I'm sorry, Akiha. I wasn't your real brother, but I still acted like it, and I caused trouble for you."
"What…… Nii-san……?"
"But I'm already a part of this family. I might not be your brother, but can I still stay here? I don't want to leave you ever again."

Akiha puts her hands over her mouth and bites back whatever words were about to come out.

After a long silence,
Akiha sadly shakes her head.

"Nii-san---you're my only Nii-san……! I've watched you since I was just a little girl……!"

That's... um... we don't normally feel that way about brothers and sisters.

"…… It's nice for you to say that, but that's because you didn't know. You didn't know I wasn't your brother."
"I knew it from the beginning……! I knew that you were adopted, that you weren't really my brother. I knew all that……! But I didn't care. From the time you first called my name, I---"

Still crying, Akiha falls against me.
I put my hands on her slender shoulders.
Is that her heartbeat echoing in my ears, or mine?
She's so close.
Akiha's body is so close to me that I could put my arms around her if I wanted to---

"…… You, knew?"
Since she was a child.
All this time, she knew that I wasn't her real brother.
"…… Why didn't you tell me, Akiha? I'm not your brother after all."

…… A small silence.
Akiha looks up.

"…… Because I wanted to be with you."

It's like a bizarro world where they can only fuck if they're related, so they have to pretend to be related to carry on a 'normal' relationship.

"If I didn't tell you… if we stayed brother and sister… we could stay together. Since I'm not human, since I'm too different from you, we can't stay together……!?"

Akiha clenches her eyes shut and hits me in the chest.
"But---if we were brother and sister, I thought we could still be together. No matter how much you hated me, no matter how much you ignored me, it would be okay if we could just stay together……!"

The sound of her hitting my chest again.

"If Nii-san---if Nii-san didn't show up, I could have lived like that my whole life……!
But I became weak and… and became a liar.
I lied to you and I lied to myself.
I thought if I kept on lying about us being brother and sister, then I wouldn't want---anything else---"

You sure are a liar.

----Hearing this stabs my heart with pain.

Such a small lie… but to protect that little lie, Akiha has fought against so much--until finally it became too much, leaving her crying like she is now.

"You were my only Nii-san for all this time. I could never accept anybody else as my Nii-san, let alone love anybody else. I can't do anything about this feeling……!'

"Oh yeah, I'm really starting to get hard now. Say 'Nii-san' a few more times and we can get this party started!"

Akiha hits my chest once more and grows quiet.
A long silence.
"Sorry," murmurs Akiha, momentarily breaking the silence.

My heart stutters at that single word.
…… Akiha was alone with her pain all this time.
She was in pain because she knew everything--that I was adopted, that I was raised as Tohno Shiki, everything.
…… She's now once again that young, black-haired girl who was always crying and apologizing to me when I was a kid.

Except with red hair. Blindingly obvious red hair.

---Come to think of it.

Akiha was always apologizing to me.
A small, nearly infinitesimal happiness for Akiha. Yet she still made up an elaborate story to protect it.
That story itself was the barrier pushing her back, but it was also her one source of happiness.

"…… No, I'm sorry. I've been selfish, but this is the last time, so you don't have to worry."
Akiha pushes away from me.
She's not crying anymore. The "normal" Akiha is here now.

"What---that's just for now, right……!? Besides, you're still Akiha, so it's not a problem."
"No, I know my own body. I know I can't go back.
So this is the end of my lie. Nii-san, you shouldn't be close to a monster like me. You should escape this place and live on as Nanaya Shiki."

Akiha bows her head and steps back.

No... no... please, no...

"Listen Akiha, I don't care what anyone says. I am your brother. No matter what happens, it doesn't matter if we're not related by blood. I'm your brother."
"…… Thank you Nii-san. …… But I……"
"But! Even if I wasn't, I'd stay beside you. Even if you're not my sister, you're still important to me. I won't let anyone else hurt you."
I pull her into my arms.

"Ohhh yeah, that's it... I'm your brother, right? Say it!" "Yes, Nii-san!" "Oh god, get naked."



It's just a normal kiss--far from what anyone would call passionate.
And yet, it still blows my mind.

Akiha's lips are cool and soft.
It feels like we might melt into each other.

My mind stops working as I feel her warm breath against my lips.

---I can come up with many reasons why I shouldn't.
But… I want Akiha right now.

I want to take her trembling body in my arms and make her all mine---


Today's censorship is brought to you by candy. It's like opening up your trick-or-treat bag after a long Halloween afternoon, only with more incest. At least I hope it's more...

I put my hands on her shoulders.
…… It's not that I came up with anything.
As if it's the most natural thing in the world, I gently kiss Akiha's neck.
"………… Nn."
Her body shakes.
But not with disgust or rejection.
…… Does Akiha feel the same as I do?
Maybe, if I'm thinking it's natural to want to touch Akiha, she might be thinking the same thing about me.

"…… But Nii-san. Can you do me a favor first……?"
"A favor……?"
"Um…… I just thought this might be…"
She looks down at the tatami.
"I see. It would probably hurt on the tatami. …… But what should we do?"
…… I don't think I can hold back if she wants to go all the way back to the mansion.
If I can, I want to make love to Akiha right here in this room.

There are just no words...

"…… Nii-san, there's a futon in there……"
Akiha points at the closet.
"Um…… it's clean. We use it when I get blood from Kohaku."
"If that's the case, you should have told me earlier. Hold on, I'll get it."
I pull away from Akiha and take the futon out of the closet. I lay it in the middle of the room and turn to face Akiha once again.


Akiha sits in front of the futon, placing her fingers on the tatami, and gives me a formal bow.
"…… Then, I hope you will treat me kindly, Nii-san."
Her face and tone are entirely serious, even though her cheeks are flushed bright red.

I move closer and put my hands on her shoulders.
…… Such slender shoulders.
I want to see and feel her smooth white skin.
"…… Can I take off your clothes?"
I move my hands from her shoulders to her waist.
Akiha shakes herself and looks up at me.

"…… No, I can do it myself……"
Her voice is shaking.
She is probably embarrassed about showing herself to someone else.
Akiha stands up and gets back from me as she puts her hands on her shirt's lowest button.

"……………… Nii-san, Um………………"
She blushes and looks away.
"…… Please don't laugh."
Her voice is no more than a whisper as she slowly pulls her shirt off of her shoulders.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Akiha, you're beautiful."
I say honestly.
This seems to embarrass her even more, and she tenses from head to toe.
"Akiha……? You don't want to do it with your brother after all?"


"…… No, that's not it… but… I……"


Akiha continue to look down, covering her chest with both hands.
"…… I have small breasts, so I was scared you might not like them."
Akiha is blushing so hard that even her ears are turning red.

…… Man.
It had to have taken a lot of courage for her to say that.
And yet, she managed to force her words out, looking to me expectantly for a reply.
"I see. You have small breasts, huh?"
I say this as brightly as I can.
Akiha does not answer, but keeps hiding her breasts with her hands.

"I really can't tell like this, though. You'd have to lower your hands and take your underwear off before I could really judge for myself."
"Take my underwear off……? Are you telling me to get naked, Nii-san……?"
"Well, we can't do it unless we get naked, right? Here, I'll take my clothes off first, would that make it easier? What I can see already is beautiful, so I want to see every last inch of you."

Akiha hesitates.
Even though she wants to make love, I guess she still has some qualms about exposing herself.
…… I can't understand how women think.

Maybe she's having second thoughts about HAVING SEX WITH HER FUCKING BROTHER! No! I mean a brother that is NOT for fucking!

"Well, I don't really mind if you want it that way, but there's a couple of problems. If we do it like that, your underwear will get dirty and Kohaku-san will definitely be able to tell what happened."
I guess Akiha didn't think that far ahead.

"I don't have any second thoughts about this, but we're still brother and sister to most people, so if Kohaku-san finds out… it would be kind of awkward, don't you think?"

I don't think 'kind of awkward' really quite covers it.

"Um, yes… then what should we do, Nii-san?"
Akiha shifts nervously from one foot to the other.
I can tell that she wants to make love right now rather than risk having Kohaku-san find out.

"Well, we should work on trying to keep this a secret… so we should both get undressed."
"Uh---that's what you said in the first place, Nii-san!"
"Of course. I told you you're beautiful. There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Besides, I really don't care about Kohaku-san. I just want to see your body. But if you don't want to, I'll just go back to the mansion."

"…… Geez, sometimes you act like a spoiled brat, Nii-san."
"I am spoiled, in a way. I may say what I want, but there haven't been many things I've wanted. …… So I guess, this is the first time I've ever wanted something this bad."
Akiha doesn't say anything.
But she quietly slips her fingers into the top of her panties.

Music: stop

Music: play track 5

Slowly, she pulls them off.
They fall silently to the floor, leaving Akiha's white skin exposed to my eyes.

"Is this alright, Nii-san?"
Akiha averts her eyes and moves her hands out of the way.
I can't say anything.

White body.
Her body is perfect, and completely unlike a man's body.

"It could never compare to Arihiko... but I guess it's okay."

The skin is white, yet bearing a faint tinge of red, as though she is still embarrassed by her nudity.
Everywhere I look, I see curves--and not just her waist. Even her legs are sleek and well-toned… it blows my mind.

"…… Nii-san, please don't stare at me like that."
As if I would ever heed that request.
Like Akiha said, her Chiclets are small… but they are really well suited to the rest of her.
Her body is as well proportioned as a doll's.
She's perfect in every way. She doesn't need bigger Raisinets.

My heart pounds in my chest.
I'm sure Akiha's heart is beating loudly too, but my heartbeat would drown hers with ease.

My throat loosens enough to let out a low sigh.
White skin… her hair draping down her slender neck… even though it has a faint hint of red, the beauty of her body is unparalleled.

Her sculpted brows quiver with embarrassment, and her eyes clench shut just a bit tighter.
Her blushed face, her closed lips,
her flat stomach, her tempting belly button.
…… But more than anything, it's what waits for me between Akiha's Candy Canes that truly drives me wild.

No length of time between updates would make me deserve punishment like this... WHYYYYYY!?!?

"Akiha---um, you really----"
You really are beautiful.
I can't express it with words, but her naked body is so beautiful that I want to yank her into my arms and crush her against me until neither of us can breathe.

"…… Oh."
Akiha blushes and puts a hand over her mouth.
It's a different kind of blush than the ones before.

"What? What is it, Akiha?"
Instead of answering, Akiha simply stares.
I follow her gaze.

How's my photoshopping? Call 1-800-4-INCEST

"Well, Akiha… This is, um---"
"…… I know. I was just a bit surprised, since this is the first time I've ever seen a man's… you know……"
Akiha stares at my 3 Musketeers in utter fascination.
"…… When I think that this is Nii-san's, it makes me think it's kind of cute… Ah, what am I saying?"
Akiha mumbles as if talking to herself.


---And the sound of her voice erodes my restraint.

"Oh baby, just one more time... call me Nii-san once more!"

I grab her by the arms and pull her up against me.
Finally skin to skin, we share a breathless embrace.
My Lollipop is touching Akiha's Jelly Belly.
Arm to arm, chest to chest.
My Swedish Berries and Akiha's stomach touch.

"Mm……… Ah."
Akiha's body moves.
My Butterfinger reacts to Akiha's body heat, growing harder still.

I hold her even tighter.
The sensation of my Clark Bar pressing against her stomach makes me feel hazy and drugged.

"Mm…… Nii-san, your body is so hot."
We're only holding each other, but Akiha is already breathing hard.
…… Just as I'm getting excited from this position, Akiha also seems to be turned on by feeling my Oh Henry! against her stomach.

"Akiha---I'm going to make love to you now."
Akiha nods.
"Oh…… but Nii-san…… this is my first time, so……"
Embarrassed, she mumbles.
She says she doesn't know what to do.
"---It's my first time too. Don't worry. I'll back off if it hurts too much. …… So let me lead for now."
Akiha mumbles an agreement.

---I can feel her body getting hotter.

We sit on the futon, still holding each other, and I slowly begin exploring her body.

I move behind her and gently bite her ear.
Putting it between my lips, I carefully saw my teeth back and forth--a kind of foreplay before the foreplay.

Just with that, Akiha's voice stops in her throat.
"Ha---Ah, mm, Ah……!"
My voice doesn't reach her.
I just bit her ear… is that her weak spot?

"Akiha, are your ears that sensitive?"
"Um---no, it's not that but…"
Akiha's body jerks as I nibble her earlobe.
…… It's a bit strange.
I'm being as gentle as I can, but Akiha seems to be reacting like I'm treating her roughly. Is she this tense because it's her first time?

"Akiha, relax. If you're like this when I'm barely touching you, I don't know if you'll be able to take it when we actually do it."
"Mm----I… know---don't worry… just do what you want, Nii-san---"
Akiha leans back against me, still breathing hard.

Akiha cries out.
Her skin molds around my fingers… her Mounds are incredibly firm.
"Mm… Ah…… Nii-san, mmk, please, don't---be… too… rough---"
Akiha's voice is starting to heat up.
Her body has been hot for some time.

"---Your Skittles really are cute. They're so cute, I think I have to play with them some more."
Leaning over her shoulder, I slowly run my tongue across her Sno-Caps.
Akiha gasps and grabs my hands.

"Ah, hwaa---Nii-san, why… do… you… like… my… Tart 'n' Tinys… so… much----"
Akiha's body shudders.
I'm only licking one of her Runts, but sweat is pouring off of her as if she was on fire.
"Ha---it's really hot in here."
…… I'm not very hot myself, but it definitely feels warmer in here.
Probably because Akiha is generating enough heat for both of us.

"Nii-san, please don't touch me like that. They're so small… they're more like a little girl's."

Akiha breathes hard and tries to stop me from touching her M&Ms.
Of course, I have no intention of stopping.
I squeeze her right Lemonhead, which easily fits in the palm of my hand.

"---Mm, Huu, Hauaaaaaa……!!"
She arches her back.
Of course, this makes her Malteser stick out more, letting me squeeze it even harder.

"Ha, ah, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh……!!"
Instead of being soft and spongy, Akiha's Nerds have a nice, taut firmness to them.
…… Like Akiha said, they are more like the Shock Tarts of a little girl than a woman--making them almost painfully cute.

"Mm…… N, Nii-san---"
"See Akiha, even though they're small, you still like it when I touch them. Your Shockers are as hard as rocks."
To illustrate my point, I capture her Spree between my fingers.

Akiha's face turns bright red and her entire body shakes.
Embarrassment and pleasure fight for dominance in her slender body.

I continue to squeeze her hard SweeTarts.
"Ahh---ha, Ah. Ah. AH-----"

Get it? Milk Dud?

---I pull away for a moment to survey my work.
The futon under us is already soaking wet.

"Hah, hah, hah, hah---Ah, Nm, hwa-----"
…… I'm just touching her Mike and Ike, but she acts like I'm already inside of her Krackel.
"…… Is it good?"
"Huh---N,no---Ah, hau----"
…… Akiha is breathing so hard I can barely understand her.
I can't be sure, but maybe---

"I see. If it doesn't feel good when I touch your Bottlecaps, I'll just try another place."
"Huh---did… you… say… something… Nii-san?"
"I did. I told you I was going to do this."
Turning her over, I lick Akiha's back.


Akiha arches away as if my tongue is burning her.

"Ah---Haaa---Nii-san, what… are you doing---!?"
"All I did was lick your back… you don't like that?"
"…… No, it tickles… and I'm scared."

I let my arms fall to my sides.
…… I'm completely speechless.
No wonder she screamed so loud when I touched her ear.
I guess… Akiha is more sensitive--much more sensitive… than a normal person.

"Akiha, tell me the truth--do you feel good?"
Akiha's face turns bright red.
…… I don't even have to wait for her answer.
"…… Man…… I didn't know you were this sensitive. Um… are you this sensitive all the time?"
"Uh---um…… I don't know, but I guess it's different right now. When I think of you touching me, my heart starts pounding really hard and my body gets all hot---"

"Now if only you'd call me Nee-san I'd really go wild."

That's so hot I want to shove her down on the futon and finish what I started.
But Akiha was just injured.
I can't push her past her limits.

"…… Akiha, do you want to quit for today?"
"What…… Nii-san?"
Akiha looks surprised.

"…… You don't want to be with me, Nii-san?"
"No, how can you even say that!!? I really want to--right now!! But you're so sensitive, I don't know what will happen if I keep going.
Plus, you said this is your first time… I feel like I could break you if I keep g---"

---My explanation is cut off…
…… because Akiha's mouth has closed over mine.

This is just so incredibly

"…… You're sure it's alright? I don't think I can quit once I start. …… I want you too much."
"----I don't care. …… I want you too, Nii-san."


Akiha's eyes are watery as she waits for me to make the next move.

If she really wants this.
There's no way I can hold myself back.

I lunge forward.
Akiha lets out a sharp cry and falls back on the futon.

…… Her heated body.
Her heated, sweating body bends pliantly around my fingers.

"…… You're already wet enough down here. I guess I don't have to do anything else to get you ready."
"Nii-san, why do you---say such embarrassing things?"
Akiha blushes.
…… Akiha hasn't seemed to have figured out that the reason I say those things is because I want to see her reaction.

"Hmm---I better check to make sure. Akiha, spread your Twix. I can't see you like this."
I grab her tightly closed YanYan.
"Hey---Nii-san, no---"
"No more waiting. Let me see you right now."
I grab her ankles and pull her ReeseSticks roughly apart.

"No--please don't look………!!"
Akiha tries to struggle, but I hold her firmly.
I put my face down close to her delicate pink Cherry Blossom… and take a deep, satisfying whiff.

"!!! W-what are you doing, Nii-san!!"
"I'm smelling you. You don't like it?"
"Of course I don't like it……!! Besides, you don't have to, because, all you have to do is… take your and… mine and……"

She's babbling.
I guess Akiha only knows the basics of sex.

I lap up the juices slowly oozing out of her Buncha Crunch.

"Ahh---Nn, fwa…… Ahhhh----!"
I up the ante by pushing my Rolo inside.
…… Unlike a hard Kit Kat, Pixy Stix aren't that strong.
I can't really fill her this way, so I just move it around, exploring everything within my reach.

"Ha----nn. Sto… Nii-san, no, stop----Nha……!!"
Akiha's body arches back.
Every time she bucks, her red hair dances on her shoulders… it is possibly the most erotic sight I've ever seen.

The wispy hair by my mouth is much thinner than the hair on her head.
Below that small thatch of fuzz I spy a small swelling of flesh, its red tip looking as if it simply aches to be touched.

"…… Hmm."
Obligingly, I give it a soft lick.
This point is like the head of a man's Gummy Worm--far more sensitive than any other part.
Akiha's Snickers tense.
"Mm-----Ahhh, haa---n."
Her body shakes.
With one touch of my Symphony, Akiha's beautiful body dances.

"Ahaa----Nii-san, I---"
Akiha must be feeling too good to think, as she can't seem to focus on me.
There's no point in putting it off any longer. Besides, I can't hold on anymore.
"Akiha---I'm putting it in now."
I lower my hips, leading my Baby Ruth to her waiting Bit-O-Honey.

I haven't even put it in yet.
I just touched her with the Trident, and her body is trembling.
…… I don't know what will happen if I put it in.
But I want her so bad, I don't think I can stop.
As gently as I can,
I slowly push my Wacky Wafer inside.

That's it. I hate my life.

Akiha shudders violently.
Her breathing grows more and more labored as I ease my Wonka Bar further inside.

"Mm, Ah, ah,ah---Ahh, Ah…………!"
She clutches the sheets, wadding up huge fistfuls of fabric.
And her teeth grind as she fights the pain.
"Akiha, does it hurt?"
"Y---yes… but I… can… still… stand… it---"
Her answer comes in pieces.

I find my own voice leaving as well.
…… She's so tight.
Just as Akiha is hurting from me pushing into her York Peppermint Pattie, I'm hurting from how tight she is inside.

"…… You……"
I was trying to make Akiha comfortable and relaxed until now, and I wasn't THAT excited yet, but…
Now that I'm partway in, I'm about to explode.

No, not yet. I can't finish so soon.
I clench my 5th Avenue and try to push the rest of the way in.

"Nku………! Ou… Ouch, Nii-san, it's… too… big---!"
Akiha arches back.
My Bar None must feel like it's tearing her apart.
I'm trying to go as slowly as I can, but it still seems really painful for her.
Akiha's movements become rough and erratic as the pain assails her.

"Ah---ahh, Aaau, Naaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
I push further in.
Reaching Akiha's unexplored Bounty as if I had always been meant to.
"Nmm---Ha, Na, Auuuuuuuuuuu!!"
Akiha's voice is more like a scream now.
But as her pain increases, so does my pleasure.
That's how good it feels inside her Good & Plenty.

I sink.
I sink my hot Caramello slowly into her resisting Laffy Taffy.

"Nku…… Ha, ah, ha---Nii-san… it's… so hot……!"
"This is just the beginning, Akiha……!"
She's not the only one feeling hot.
It's so hot inside her Mauna Loa that it feels like I'm going to melt into her.

"Akiha, I'm going in---!"
I push in a bit more.
And I feel something that I can't push through.
Akiha's Chocolate-covered Cherry keeps squeezing me.
Akiha grits her teeth in preparation of the pain to come.

"…… Akiha, are you sure about this?"
"---Yes… it has to be you, Nii-san."
…… I don't need to hear anything else.
Trying to make the pain as brief as possible, I surge forward.
Her body jerks.
Akiha's Mochi grinds back against the futon in a futile attempt to escape the pain.

Did they REALLY have to go there?

"Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah---"
I move my hips back and forth, loving every noise our joined bodies make.
"Aj---Ah, auuuuu!"
I can't hear Akiha.
She must still be in pain.
It has to be more pain than pleasure for her right now.

"Hah, hah, hah, hah----"
…… But it's the exact opposite for me.
The more it hurts for Akiha, the tighter her Milky Way grips me.

There's no way…
…… no way I can stop myself now.

"Nn………! Nii-san---!"
I move.
"Sto---Nii-san, it hurts-----!"
I keep moving.

It's so soft inside her Taiyaki.
It's warm, and tight… and I feel like I could explode at any second.

"Ah, Nha--Aaaa, aa---!"
I hear Akiha.
…… And I finally realize something.
She has tears in her eyes.
But I still can't stop. I thrust in harder.
"Nku……! Hah, fwa, Nii-san---I, I----!"
Akiha's back arches like a bow.
She squeezes my Reese's NutRageous so tight I can hardly move.

"----Ku, A…………!"
I've reached my limit.
As Akiha falls back on the futon, I know that I can't contain myself for even one more second.
I quickly pull out of her spasming Kudos.

My Almond Joy splashes out.
Instead of going inside of her, it sprays all over Akiha's gorgeous body.

Well... that's at least one candy bar that'll just never be the same.

"Ha…… A,ah----"
Akiha's arching spine finally relaxes.
She slumps weakly on the futon.
Her red hair spreads all over the tatami, looking like a fatally wounded, but achingly beautiful animal.

"Akiha…… does it still hurt?"
"Uh----Yeah, a little, but I'm alright now."
"…… I see. Sorry. I told you I was going to be gentle, but you were just too cute---"

"The way you kept saying Nii-san turned me on like never before."

I just did it all for myself.
"…… No, it's alright. It did hurt, but I was more happy. Now, even if I have to die I---have no regrets."

"W---what are you saying………! I told you I don't care which 'Akiha' you are.
I don't care if your hair stays red. If you want blood, I'll give you all you want. I want to be with you when you're in pain.
…… Besides, I haven't had enough of you. I want to be with you more. So don't say things like that. Aren't we going to be together from now on?"


Akiha doesn't say anything.

…… For a while,
only our body heat passes between us.

"Yeah, okay. I'll do anything I can."
"Thank you. Then please promise me this: If I ever turn into something… else, please kill me with your own hands."
Just like that.
She says it like it's nothing.

I can't speak.
I---don't see why she has to bring that up right now.

"…… What do you mean? Do you think I'd make that kind of promise?"
"Yes, because you're the most important person in my life. It's natural to have the one you love most next to you when you die, isn't it?
Or are you planning to skip out on my funeral, too, Nii-san?"
"Wha----that has nothing to do with what we're talking about."

"It's no different.
…… Nii-san, my hair might not go back, but that's not a big problem.
…… What I'm afraid of is that I'll go insane like SHIKI. Father became mentally ill at the age of forty. So if I live on, I might become like that too."
"…… That wouldn't happen. And even if it does, it's a long time from now. Besides---if it does happen, I'll---"

"…… Thank you, but anybody with the Tohno blood in their veins will die when it happens.
When the Tohno blood grows too strong, you kill yourself. …… That's how it's been all along.
If you've completely changed, you can't go back unless you die.
Everyone who has changed has gone insane. I wouldn't even know myself, and I'd cause pain to anything I laid my eyes on.
…… What's scary about it is that you can't even kill yourself when you get like that."

For as much as I despise the sibsex, I love this aspect of the path. It's so wonderfully depressing

"…… So kill me.
One day, when I've completely changed, if you still love me… kill me--for my sake, if no one else's.
Before I do something I'd regret, so that I can stay myself even then. While I am still just your sister."
…… I grit my teeth.
This is why she was crying.

Not because she's happy about us being together right now.
But because one day…
She knows that one day in the future, this happiness is going to be nothing but a memory. That's why she's crying.

…… I feel anger welling up inside of me.
How can she say things like that so easily?

"You idiot-----"
Anger at the Tohno blood for forcing such a fate on her.

"Why do you have to------"
Anger at myself for not promising her, even if it turned out to be a lie----

I kiss her… hard.
Our third kiss is not one of love.
It's a wild kiss to quiet her down.

Unlike the previous kiss, it is deep and passionate.

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