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Akiha is a bit hesitant at first, but finally extends her Lik-M-Aid, letting it brush against mine.
Our Breath Savers dance as our saliva mixes and flows together.
The feeling of her snakelike Hershey's Kiss makes rational thought impossible.
…… It feels like our S'mores are melting into each other.
Being with her feels so good that it even seems like my Bubble Yum is in my way.
My skin, my mind, even the fact that I'm human gets on my nerves.

"Mm………… Nii-san………"

"That's the stuff, just a little more and I'll be ready again in no time!"

It must be the same for her, as she swallows my saliva and replaces it with her own.
Instead of melting into each other, we settle for exchanging saliva.
Akiha sucks wildly on my Jawbreaker.

"Ha--Nn, ku-----"
I breathe hard.
Like Akiha's before, my head goes blank.

…… Really.
I'm furious about what she said.

"Mm…… Ha…………"
I let her mouth go.
She takes a deep breath.
"…… Nii-san……? What is it? We were just talking."
"I don't want to talk anymore. I'm too mad right now."
I lift her body off the futon.
"Nii-san---? What are you mad about?"
"A lot of things--like your pessimistic attitude… not being able to laugh it off, everything.
But what really pisses me off is that you were thinking about dying when I was trying so hard to please you."

Here we go again.

Akiha jerks back.
"N-Nii-san---I did feel good when---Naaa!?"
I rub around her waist.
She averts her eyes from just that.

"Ah----Nii-san, are… we… still going… to… do… more---?"
"We are. I bet your body's used to it. You'll feel much better this time…… I'm going to do it until you can't think about anything else!"

"What…… do you mean that, Nii-san……?"
"Yeah, I'm mad… so I'm not going to be gentle like last time."

But, last time wasn't... oh nevermind.

"No, I mean…… is it really going to feel better this time……?"
…… She blushes in spite of what she's asking.

"---Didn't it hurt last time? I thought you didn't want to do it again because it hurt you so much."
"Well……… it did hurt, but it also felt good. …… I thought sex was supposed to be like that, but---"

Am I wrong? Her eyes ask.
She's so cute it makes me smile.

"It only hurts in the beginning. Then it just feels good. So if I do this---"
I raise one of her legs and put my hands on her hips.
Then---I pull her hips down on my Hershey's Really Nuts!.

"…… Akiha, I love you."

"Sexually. Especially when you say 'Nii-san'."

I tell her.
"So I'll do anything you want me to… but lay off the crap you were talking about earlier. I want to be with you as long as I live."
"…… Come on. I'll make it feel so good you won't even think of something like that again."
In this position,
it's easy for me to put it into her.

There's no reason for me to go easy on her now.
Holding her tightly against my Sour Patch Kids, I push further up inside of her PayDay.

"Mm---Ah, Ha, Nm, Ah----"
This position reaches deep into her, making her shake all over.
"N-Nii-san----You… lied……!!"
Akiha is panting so hard I can barely understand her.
"You… said… it wouldn't… hurt… anymore---"
She sounds a little upset.
But she's hotter inside than ever before, and her juices are practically pouring onto the futon.

"I'm lying? So you're telling me it… doesn't feel better than last time?"
I push up again.
As hard as I can.

"…… Ha…… mm, ah, nn---"
Her arms tighten around my shoulders.
Once I'm all the way inside, I stop moving so that she's not entirely out of it.
She's breathing hard, just from having me inside her.
"Nii-san, this, position---"
"Yeah, it's really embarrassing, isn't it? What do you think people would say if they saw you in a position like this?"

You mean the position where SHE'S FUCKING HER BROTHER!?

Akiha's face turns bright red.

"N-Nii-san……! If you know I don't like it, please let me down……!"
Akiha tries to pull away.
But I have no intention of letting her go.
"…… Akiha, I'm going to do it just like this. Hold on to me if you don't want to fall over……!"
I grab her waist.
With one hand, I raise her legs even higher.
Her body arches back, but that only makes it easier for me to move.

"Mm. Aahhhhhhhhh----!"
In this position, Akiha might be feeling good just from me putting it in.

That's the signal.
I pull out, then quickly push back in.
"Ou--! Nii-san, ple-please stop---!"
Akiha cries louder.
But not loud enough to make me stop.

In some countries, that's what we call 'rape'.

Making a lot of noise,
I keep thrusting.

"Hi---Fwa, ah, au, hauuuu!!"
Akiha tightens around me.
"Ah---Nii-san, Nku, I---!"
As I push up.
"What---it feels, fn, mm, aahhhh…………!"
I feel her heat.

I can hear the wet sounds rising between us.
Akiha's fluids leak out.

"It----It hurts, but---"
Akiha's arms and insides clutch at me.

"Ha, fwa, ah, ah-----!"
I push as far into her as I possibly can.
Akiha's body jerks with every thrust.

"Nii-san---it's… so good."
From anger or joy, I'm not sure which…
…… Akiha starts to cry.
"…… It's… really… different---!"
Akiha holds me tighter, moaning raggedly as I continue to move.

"Nm---Nii-san, I---!!"
Every stroke feels better than the last.
Her body is so hot my mind shorts out just from touching it.
I wonder---if it's as good for her as it is for me.
Unconsciously, I caress her perfect Hershey's Special Dark.
As my fingers roam over her firm skin, I tentatively ease her Hershey's Nuggets apart.
Akiha jumps, not backward, but straight up.

"Nii-san, not-----there----!"
…… Slowly, I push my middle finger into her tight Nestlι Chunky.
"Nm, mmmmmm!!"
Everything tightens up.
Her clenching muscles feel as if they are trying to break my Pocky.

If the sibsex weren't enough, they had to add ass-play on top of it.

"N-no, Nii-san, please---stop, Nku………!"
In spite of her words, Akiha's body is writhing with delight.
"Ha----Nn, ah, ahn, ah, fua---!"
Maybe it's because she is so wet,
but her pain is entirely gone, leaving only pleasure behind.

I keep moving my hips.
On and on, in and out… as if this moment could keep going forever.
"Ah, Nha, ah, ha----!"
Akiha's body shudders.
Her arms wrap around me.
"Nm, ha, ha, haa, haaa-----!"
Her hair tickles me everywhere it touches.
Unable to resist, I bite down on one of her cute little Goobers.

"Ha-----Aahhhh, Nii-san---!!"
The continual stimulation of my driving Hello Panda coupled with my attack on her Jelly Beans… seems to be too much for Akiha to take.

With a weak moan, she lets go.
And collapses onto the futon.

I lay on top of her, following her down.
So instead of having to push up, we've returned to the most basic of positions.

I brace myself over her and keep on moving.
She isn't the only one out of control.
I'm so driven by pleasure that I can't think of anything but coming.

"Nn, fuaaaa------!"
Akiha gets no respite from my frantic thrusting.
Her eyes and lips are sticky with tears and saliva.
"Nii-san, I… I… no----!"
Her arms wrap around my back.
Honestly, I'm at my limit.

"Akiha---I'm going to………!"

"Mm, mm, mmmmmmmm………!!"
Akiha doesn't hear me.
Her mind is on the constant, unyielding pleasure I'm giving her.
"Ha, ah, ahh, aahhhhhhhhh…!!"

I try to pull out like I did earlier.


Akiha grabs hold of me.
"Please---stay like this………!"
Her arms wrap tight around my back.
I can't refuse.

"---I'm gonna come, Akiha!"
"---Yes---inside me………!!"
---I've passed the pinnacle.
With an animalistic growl.


I come.
Akiha shivers with each jet of Starburst I shoot deep inside of her.
her arms tighten their hold on me.

Music: stop

"Ah-----Ah, ah."
Completely spent, I practically fall on top of her.

"Ha…… hah, hah, hah----"
I can hear her panting in time with mine.
I hold her.
We're both shuddering and coated with a film of sweat, but I don't care.

"………… Was it… good… this time…?"
Akiha can only nod.

…… With that, I really am drained.
I fall onto the futon and close my eyes.

…… It might be because I was moving nonstop since yesterday.
I am really sleepy.

"…… Nii-san……?"

"Not now, baby, that's enough for one night. Please, call me Shiki for awhile."

I hear Akiha's voice.
But I don't have the energy to reply.

"…… Are you going to sleep? Hey, Nii-san?"

"Bitch, what did I just say?"

…… I told you I don't have the energy to reply.
Can't you just let me sleep, Akiha?


Candy I most regret not finding a good place to use: Zagnut. Most amusing/fucked up web page discovered while researching 100+ types of candy: link

"…… You want me to go wash myself? Alright, I'll go. Wait here. This bathroom still works."

"Well... I guess I can wash off the blood, sweat, and man-juice... since you really want me to."

…… Akiha's body moves away from mine.
And I fall into a deep sleep.

Music: play track 9

"…… Nii-san, please don't forget about our promise."

I can hear a voice.

"…… There are worse things than death. So---please keep our promise."

I can hear a voice, even though I'm asleep.

"I'm sorry…… I have to say this. But sometimes, death is the only salvation."

This must be a dream.

"I do not want to trust anyone else.
So please---don't forget, no matter what happens."

…… What a bad dream.
I'll never be able to forget it.

If I could,
I wish I could forget it---

Music: stop

"Nii-san, wake up, Nii-san."

---I hear Akiha's voice.

"Nii-san, Nii-san. You have to wake up. You can't be sleeping when the sun's about to set."

I can hear Akiha's voice.

"…… Oh, that's enough. How can you sleep so like that when I want you to wake up!?"

Because maybe the world doesn't completely revolve around you? Just a thought.

---Someone squeezes me.
Instantly, I'm awake.

What part did she grab? ...no, I don't want to know.

Music: play track 3

Mmhmm... 'arm'.

"Akiha, that really hurts! What did you do?"
"Nothing. You wouldn't wake up, so I gave you a little pinch."
"You didn't have to do that, I would have woken up if you had just said to."

Uh… Akiha is staring at me in disbelief.

...and they lived happily ever after. ...or not!

"…… Geez, I can't help it. I was tired from everything that happened yesterday. I was attacked by you at school, and when I came home, I had to fight SHIKI, then I had to look after you, and then… you know… 'that'.
I should be sleeping all day after all that."

"'That'? Nii-san------"

Seeming to recall what we did, Akiha blushes.

After what she did, she should be 'blushing' with a gun. They both should.

…… She is so cute.
Seeing that blush makes me want to tease her even more.

Couldn't the vow to keep the brother-sister relationship pure have come BEFORE the sex?

…… Crap. I can't hold a straight face.
Just looking at her makes me want to burst out laughing.

"Um…… but it's not that I dislike it, but…"
"Oh, I see. So you don't really like it then? Okay, I'll restrain myself from now on."

"Oh---but, I guess… I do like it, but---"
Akiha looks away as she answers.

"I see, but you keep saying 'but'…"

"I… I can't help it. I couldn't think back then. I couldn't really tell if it was good or bad."
"Alright, then let's do it again to find out for sure. I want to take off your clothes myself this time."


Akiha stares at me with her cheeks blazing.
…… After she stares at me for a second, she purses her lips and shakes her head.

...and thus the floodgate was opened.

"---Alright, fine. To be honest, I was thinking when I was watching you recover that I wanted to sleep in that bed with you."

Akiha nods.

---Alright, let's hurry up.
Let me get my clothes on and we'll go back to the mansion.

"...and if she hasn't figured it out yet, she sure will when I ask her to clean the futon!"

…… It doesn't feel like I did anything wrong, but still… talking about this feels a bit awkward.
Knowing Kohaku-san, she might actually be happy and congratulate us, but I have no idea how Hisui will react.

I have something of an idea.

Just slightly,
I feel a headache.

Music: stop

Akiha runs toward me.
But she never makes it.
Because she is stopped by… him.

"SHIKI--!! You!! How dare you do that to Nii-san……!!"

Akiha lashes out, but she can't break his hold.
That guy…… SHIKI, grabs Akiha's neck and starts to squeeze.

After several frantic seconds, Akiha's head nods forward.
SHIKI holds her unconscious body and looks down at me contemptuously.

"How can I rape my sister if she's no longer a virgin?!"

…… I can't move.
My energy seems to be escaping through my back.
There's only a little pain… pain and the certainty that I might die here.
I can feel my shirt slowly being soaked with my own blood.

In my back.
A knife is planted like some kind of alien wing.

That is quite possibly the most creative way ever to describe a knife in the back.

"SHI……… KI"
"Don't misunderstand, Shiki. Akiha doesn't really love you. She loves her 'brother'.

That is painfully apparent, yes

Yeah---for that I may have to thank you.
Isn't that right, Akiha? Please forgive me for being such a weakling. I never realized how much you loved me.
If I was smarter, you wouldn't have had your purity taken away by such a pathetic loser."

"It would've been taken away by a blood relative, like these things ought to be!"

…… SHIKI puts his face near Akiha.
Since she's unconscious, she can't resist.

"This time… this time, I'll make sure to kill you so you won't come back, Shiki. Akiha has this strain on her body because she's keeping you alive."
"…… Strain…… on her, body……?"
"Oh? You didn't know? Akiha kept you alive back then by giving you half of her life force.
Haven't you ever wondered about it? No human can survive with a hole that big in their chest."

"Eight years ago that day,
Akiha regenerated you by giving you half of her life. She's supplementing the life I took away from you with part of her own. There's no way you could have survived if it wasn't for that."

---Sharing… her… life?

So does that mean Akiha just had sex with her half-self, so it was half-masturbation?

"That's why Akiha can't manage her own body. She's suffered all this time… for you. As long as you live, she'll keep on suffering.
---I will alleviate that suffering now."
SHIKI walks toward me.
My body will not move. I can feel myself starting to black out.

---Half of her life.

…… I hear the sound of a sword sticking into the ground.
SHIKI screams.

---The reason for Akiha's spasms in the old man's diary.

"---Tohno-kun. I'll treat you right away--hold on……!"

---This body… this body that should have died.

…… Someone lifts me up.
And takes me somewhere.

Yaaay! Existential angst!

Music: play track 7

We live alone and we die alone, Akiha.

Those were the first words father taught me.
I did not know what the words meant.
But I remember feeling uneasy, looking at father's inorganic eyes as he said those words.
He was a very lonely person.
And I knew that I would be like him someday----

My mind is getting worn out.
The mind I had was cut down as it started to become smaller and smaller.

But I felt that I could endure it.
Because I have a bit of free time I can use to play outside with everyone after my studies.

My brother seems to know that the boy was different from us.
I also know that time flies by when I play around with normal people like them.
Since I knew, I wanted to value this time.
Wishing that when I mature and become alone in this prison-like mansion,
I would not be lonely and refrain from crying because I have these happy memories.

---The memories were numerous.

There were really special times within the special days I had.
There was the night I went far away with the boy.

On a dark night, the two of us in the field, surrounded by trees.

--It was really a dreamlike experience for me.

Every day was warm like a parade.
it all ended abruptly.

Compared to sibsex, I welcome this picture.

The brother that turned around was not my brother.

I could not do anything. All I could do was watch my brother turn into an ugly beast.
The thought that I would turn into something like him in the future caused me to freeze in place.

The blood-thirsty beast attacked me.
I could not run away.
At that moment, someone pulled on my hand.

I remember the moment warm blood splashed onto my cheeks.

…… The boy embraced me and protected his sister from the beast.

Even though his body had a hole and was bleeding seriously, he still embraced me. He protected my small body and did not let go.

When I looked up, he was crying.
The tears looked like they were from regret, and not pain.

---I'm sorry, said the boy.

Before he died, he embraced me, hoping his dead body would still protect me.

…… He died whispering that confession.
The boy wished for my safety even after he died and he tried to be a brother more than my real brother.

Shiki really was a nice boy before he got brutally murdered and then brainwashed

…… Those words were enough.
I cannot wish for anything more.
I understood---I cried knowing that this person will never betray me.
Even though it was imprudent, I embraced him back and cried from happiness.
I was happy that I could think this was the only person for me no matter what happened.

Why couldn't it have stayed unmentioned?

That was good enough for me.
I have taken away everything from him.
So I cannot wish for more.

---Back then.
The kind of happiness I had while watching the stars together would never happen again, but,
as long as he is here, I do not care.
If Nii-san would come back.

---On a dark night, the two of us in the field, surrounded by trees.

What a
happy and selfish dream---

Music: stop

Music: play track 1

"……………… Ha."
An unfamiliar room.
I was lying on a bed, with my upper body bare.
Instead of my clothes, white bandages are wrapped all around my chest.
My memory is messed up.
What's happening, what's going on right now… everything jumbles together and I can't sort things out.

The only certain thing is this pain in my chest.
…… The wound on my chest.
I was stabbed by someone from behind.
By who? I don't even have to think about it.
I was just stabbed by SHIKI, and Akiha---

I get up from the bed.

My body suddenly stops.
The wound on my chest hurts and my entire body tenses.
"A-----, ugh-----"
Even breathing is painful.
I can't stand up like this----

The one part I fail to understand is why she's wearing a school uniform... on a Sunday night/Monday morning... when you just KNOW she was in her church getup when she brought Shiki back. We know she has more comfortable clothing

"It's you…… Senpai, weren't you never going to appear in front of me……!?"

"That was the plan, but I had to help you in a situation like that."

Saying that, Senpai walks toward the bed.

"See, the wound has opened because you tried to move. I'll change the bandages for you."
Senpai skillfully takes off the bandages on my body and replaces them with new ones.
They are rather tight.
"…… Um…… Senpai, I feel bad mentioning this because you're helping me, but it's too tight."

"Yes, I'm making it tight so you can move around and still be alright. Could you be quiet for a while?"

"Oh…… I'm sorry."

I apologize and look around the room.
This seems to be Ciel-senpai's room.
I guess I was stabbed by SHIKI and rescued by Senpai afterwards.
But then---what happened to Akiha?

"Hmph. It's about time that blackred-haired hussy got what was coming to her."

"Why……! Why did you save me……! Aren't you supposed to kill vampires!? Then you should have forgot about me and killed SHIKI right there……!"
"…… I had that choice, but you would have probably died.
Your wound was deep enough that you would have died unless I treated you quickly. I wasn't sure if I could kill that vampire quickly, so I made the most certain decision and ran away with you."

"---So you deserted Akiha!? That's----that's unwanted help right there! I bet Akiha would have been saved if you left me and killed SHIKI……!"
"…… I won't deny that. But Tohno-kun, Akiha-san is not dead. That vampire's purpose is to make her more like him.
Akiha-san will not be killed. You were the only person that was going to be killed. Don't you understand that, Tohno-kun?"
…… I cannot say anything.
Senpai is right.
What am I doing---throwing my powerlessness at her?

You see, none of this would've happened if a certain somebody wouldn't have fucked his sister.

"…… I'm sorry, but I---I can't believe that guy wouldn't kill Akiha. He's a killer. I know that more than anyone else……!"
"…… Tohno-kun. Akiha-san will not be killed. But, please give up on her.
She----won't be able to turn back."
"I know that……! But that's just her hair. Akiha is not like SHIKI."

"No, Tohno-kun. That vampire's purpose is to obtain Akiha-san.
Tohno SHIKI---Akiha-san's real brother is not human anymore. So what he wants is someone like him.
---You understand, Tohno-kun.
That vampire does not want Akiha-san as human. That's why he attacked Akiha-san last night, but didn't kill her.
I don't know how, but Tohno SHIKI must have found a way to awaken the nonhuman blood in the Tohnos."

"Senpai----how do you know so much---"
"I made you talk when you were asleep.
…… I'll apologize for making you talk without asking, but consider it compensation for getting rescued."
I don't care about that.
There's no point in her apologizing.

"...although if I'd known you fucked your sister lastnight, I really would've just let you die. What kind of sick fuck are you!?" ...she really should've said that

I have to go to Akiha---

I get up from the bed.

Pain like I am being gouged with a knife all over my body.
But, I can still move.
If I can move----I can't sit still.

"That vampire and Akiha-san are still at the mansion."
"But it has been over six hours since then. …… It's probably too late by now."
"I said……! It doesn't matter, Senpai. I don't care what Akiha is like.
I've decided I'm going to be with her.
…… A long time ago, I swore that I would be her real brother, like real family."

Real brothers don't fuck their sisters

I say that and feel like crying.
…… It happened a long time ago.
A promise I myself forgot.
The family which did not act like a family.
But still---I worked hard to become a family member. Only her. She cared for me more than the rest of her real family.

I knew it was a lie from the beginning.
But we tried to protect that lie. …… Really, I wish I never knew.
What a fragile and far away dream it was.

"…… Tohno-kun, it might be true that you will be able to accept Akiha-san no matter what she turns into.
But that's just your selfish interpretation.
Akiha-san herself will not allow her own existence."
"…… Akiha herself will not allow her existence……?"

…… Someone has said something like that before.

"Murders that she doesn't want. And Akiha-san herself cannot tell she is doing it.
There is no 'Akiha-san' in her anymore. All that remains is the action called murder."

"Do you understand, Tohno-kun? It's not the people who are killed by her that hate her most. She herself hates herself the most.
But she does not have any emotion to feel that.
---Unless she dies.
To calm down her awakened blood, you must reset everything. But to reset everything means to kill her.
If she has changed, the old Akiha-san isn't there anymore. By dying, Akiha-san can return to her original self."

I love the end of this path so much

I cannot say anything.
I thought my blood would boil.

"I know it's painful, but please give up---"
"How, selfish----!"

I grab Senpai's collar and push her into the wall.
This anger is not directed at her.
But, she shouldn't talk about Akiha that lightly.

Oh great, here comes another rape threat

I think it should say 'Sensei' told me not to kill.

"…… Tohno-kun, there are some things more painful than death, and Akiha-san knows that."
"…… And if she has already changed, she is no longer human. You cannot call something that cannot think for itself human, although you might be able to call it alive."

Saying that,
Senpai hands the knife to me.

"---Tohno-kun. Vampire hunting is my job. I'll take care of that vampire, so----"
"…… No. I'm sorry, but you stay here, Senpai."

"Huh…… Tohno-kun?"
"…… Him and I go way back. It's our problem…… honestly, I don't want you involved in this."

"But, if something does happen to me, I'll let you handle it. …… I know it sounds a bit selfish, but would that be alright, Ciel-senpai?"
Senpai narrows her eyes.
Transient eyes like she is watching an illusion.

She goes to all that trouble to save him and all he can say is "stay put until I die". What a jerk. <>

"You said it already. I, Tohno Shiki, value Akiha more than myself.
…… But, I couldn't love her as much as she wanted, so I have to go."

---All this time,
Akiha has suffered by herself.
Compared to that, this pain is nothing.

"I'm going now. Thanks for everything and good bye, Senpai."
I endure the pain as I start to walk.

"---Yes, good bye, Tohno-kun."
As I walk away,
I hear Senpai say that to me.

Music: stop

"Ga……… ah."
My vision is distorted.
I can't breathe properly. Just breathing makes me dizzy.
Each step I take feels like a few hundred meters.
My body.
It's so exhausted, I'm practically numb.

"Ah………… h."
I drag my legs.
My body has reached its limit and doesn't move like I want it to.
My mind thinks negatively, telling me I can't do anything with such a body.

But my burning blood denies all those ideas.
My loud heartbeat.
Only my pulse is high.
Under the moon, my concentration is sharpened.

---What a familiar sensation.

I remember this feeling.
I felt it so many times already.
The feeling "he" had when he killed in the dream, and a long time ago, I think I had this feeling too----

Nanaya: All of the murder, none of the guilt.

I won't last long.
I head into the detached building.

Music: play track 9

---Strangely enough,
I did not feel anything when I saw it.

"----Welcome, Shiki. I thought you wouldn't make it."

My mind does not feel anything.
Akiha is there behind SHIKI.
Her eyes look dead as she rests on the wall.
Maybe SHIKI put it on, but she is wearing a kimono.

That thing.
Akiha is like a mindless doll.

I let out a big breath.

I do not feel anything.
It's like I have turned into a doll like Akiha, feeling nothing.

Nanaya: When guilt weighs you down, look no further than Nanaya!

Why do I get the impression that rape was involved?

"Beats me. I don't even know. My purpose as SHIKI is to get Akiha. I have no intention of sucking any of the low-lifes' blood."
"…… I see. But for that, you were pretty random back then."
"Yes, you're so right. But it can't be helped, that wasn't my intent.

…… It tells me, Shiki.
To kill, deprive, and destroy all. I'm just following that. I don't know why."
"…… That's awful. I don't remember much but you weren't like that before, SHIKI."

Roa: Unadulterated murder in a single, compact soul.

Roa: For when you're alone at night and you just need one murderous voice to keep you company.

"…… This is my last question. Aren't you feeling any pain?"
"Pain……? No way. I'm perfect. I love myself for doing this.
Well, I could say I was bored, but I've already solved that.
Until now, my only fun was to eat those low-lifes, but that's over since Akiha's back. Now I have no time to play with those toys."

Yup. Definitely rape.

SHIKI sounds satisfied.

---It was useless to ask.

But, I still wanted to ask.
If this guy had the pain Yumizuka had----the pain as a "human" having to suck blood despite not wanting to…

"Then, you're not human anymore."
My words are menacing.
SHIKI stops moving.

Nanaya: Accept nothing less than human.

"I don't get it. I don't get why you came here to get killed, and I don't get that question you asked.
Shiki, what did you come here for?"
"To kill you and to retrieve Akiha."
As those words leave my mouth,
all the blood in my body accelerates.

Nanaya: With Nanaya, there's nobody you can't kill.

"Don't be full of yourself……! This is mine. I won't give it to you……!"
Maybe he felt something.
SHIKI backs up as if scared.
"Akiha is my sister……! I am the only one with a blood relation. There's no place for you……!"
He looks at me with blood-shot eyes.

---There's nothing more to say to him.
I raise my knife and take a step.

"You're right, SHIKI. Akiha is not my sister."
"Akiha is my woman."

Nanaya: Because you just can't let anybody else fuck your sis-WHAT THE FUCK, MAN!?

I take another step.
Losing himself at my words, SHIKI attacks me straight on.

That becomes the signal for our last deathmatch.

Music: stop

SHIKI lets out a funny scream as he swings "it".

I stop "it" with my knife.
---There's no time to think about other things.
My knife and whatever SHIKI is holding clang together with a high-pitched shriek.

Music: play track 4

"Damn, I thought I'd cut you in half along with your knife---but that thing is pretty strong for an antique, Shiki!"
SHIKI swings "it" above his head.
My whole body shakes.
What SHIKI is holding is a "thing like a sword" that must be ten times longer than my knife.
I don't understand.
He was certainly bare-handed up until now. When did he get that-----

During that swing,
the sword was indeed in the ceiling, but it came arcing down like a hot knife through warm butter.

The sound of dripping blood.

I go through the shouji door which leads out to the garden.
If that sword does not hit the walls, then I'm at a disadvantage inside.
Outside, the forest.
In this dark night, in these woods, there should be some advantage for me----

I can't pass out here,
I hear the sound of someone moving through grass.
SHIKI is definitely after me.
Then, just a little more.
I need to go at least to some place where I can hide and attack him from behind-----

My body moved before I thought about it.
I hide my body from tree to tree.
The swords are following close behind.
Is there no end to this? His swords are thrown one after another like bullets.

There is no end.
As I run away, he increases the amount of swords he throws at me.
When I notice,
The dark forest is full of pierced trees, looking like some sort of foreign execution site.

"----Huh? Are you done running away now, Shiki? Don't tell me you think you can kill me here……!"

I can hear his voice.
But he does not throw his sword.
As I can't see him, maybe he can't see me… no, no way.
"Ha………… a."
I straighten out and lean on a big tree. His sword shouldn't pierce through a tree this big.

Music: stop


…… I can't hear his breathing or feel his presence.
Of course.
I don't have beast-like senses like he does.

I hear a dripping noise.
…… What is it?
I don't think there's any water around here.

…… That dripping sound.
It's closer this time.
The sound is from the tree right in front of me.
When I look,
I see it's the sound of liquid dripping down the sword that pierced the tree.

"Yes, I should crush your hands and feet and make you a toy for Akiha……! Akiha likes to play with dolls, and it would suit her."

…… It doesn't seem to be sap.
Some kind of liquid is dripping down that thin sword.
When I look at it harder, it seems more like ice melting into water.

…… The liquid drips down.
The red sword is more like a blade itself than a sword.
A simple weapon, just a blade.
This is the weapon SHIKI was throwing.
A red, thin, long blade.
But why is that dripping red liquid?
Re…… d?

"I see. I'll pass on making you Akiha's toy. I'm sure it'll be a great present if I give you to her with tons of swords sticking in you, but I think Akiha will bite on you before she plays with you. I can't let Akiha eat such a poor meal-----"

Shut, up.

That person.

This person.

There's something important.

I have to realize it.

"…… Wait a minute. Yes, That's a good idea! To let Akiha be a cannibal just like me……!"

The dripping sound.
The sound of new blood dripping.

"Bye Shiki, I must say we are quite close, but I'm done playing around------!"

That lets me know where he is.

I get away from the tree I am leaning on.
I turn around and cut its "lines".
the large tree falls to the ground.

I hear the voice from above.
In a word, he was saying such tasteless things right above me until now.

"Ha. Agh-----!"
SHIKI falls to the ground and-----jumps back like a monkey.

Nanaya: This person. This person. This person.

I try to say something and I stop.
I have no room for that.
If you have energy to move your mouth, use it to eliminate that creature.
My body takes over my mind.

"Heh, you don't even want to talk to me, huh? I feel the same way too. I don't want to talk to you either. I may be a cannibal, but I'm not a machine like you……!"
I walk through the grass.

Nanaya: Concentration when you need it most.

"Alright? I still have a mind that lets me choose. I know what I'm doing is considered evil for you guys, but we do it knowing that……!
But what are you, being controlled by your blood?
I'm asking what are you trying to kill without any will of your own, Nanaya Shiki……!!!"
I walk. To, kill, him----

"Shit……! Do you know how you look right now? You're not a living thing. You're like a machine, a doll that kills anything not human!
I see, it was only right that the old man exterminated the Nanaya. Because you're all emotionless killers……!"
The last step.
With this,
I will be able to kill this monster----

Nanaya: When fickle anti-murder emotions are getting in your way, try Nanaya.

"Can you say that you won't? I'll tell you, but Akiha is more like a monster than I am. With her in front of you, there's no way you'll be able to hold down your impulse.
…… See, if you have any reasoning left in you as Tohno Shiki and not Nanaya Shiki, you should understand.
You are going to be killed by me, or----that it's best if you kill yourself----!!"

He disappears.
No, he ran away.
I can hear the sound of the grass as he runs.
He is running into the forest.

…… I let him get away.
I could have definitely killed him, but I let him get away.
Part of me is angry----part of me thinks it was a good thing.

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