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Today's censorship is brought to you by fast food restaurants everywhere, and those ridiculous marketing terms they call menu items. I want to link their menus to give shame where shame is due, but for character limit reasons I'll only do it the first time I use each one.

Bringing her down to the bed, I run my fingers across her body.

Music: stop

I untie her ribbon and it swishes downwards.
Hisui's voice quivers.
I pretend I didn't hear her, and I untie the belt of her apron behind her back.

"Shiki-sama? Um……"
Hisui looks at me with unknowing, uneasy eyes.
"Hisui, is this your first time……?"
"Ah…… yes. Please, forgive me."
Her voice fades to a whisper and her cheeks blush bright red.
Quivering, she clenches the sheets as if to fight back her fear.

"But Shiki-sama, I…… I was thinking that it might not be necessary to take my apron off…"
It doesn't look like she wants to take off her clothes and bare herself.
She looks uneasily at me, like a scared rabbit.
…… But that just makes my heart go on fire.

"Nope. If you don't take off your clothes, then I won't be able to do anything. …… Hmm, I wonder how this comes off."
Holding onto Hisui from behind, I search for something like a zipper.
But I can't seem to find it.

See, kids, this is why you don't sleep with emo teens.

"No. Hisui, stand up and take it off. If you don't, it'll be a little difficult."
"Eh---ah, eh, but, if I do that, I'll be naked."

His is infectious.

"Yeah. I want to see your body. I can't make love to you with your clothes on, I'll be missing out too much."
"Missing out too much…? Shiki-sama……"

She looks troubled.
Hisui herself is embarrassed, but it seems she is still trying to follow my orders.

"Ah……… Y, yes."
After some consideration, she quietly stands up.
"…… Shiki-sama, can we turn off the lights?"
That's a big minus.
I hadn't realized it, but it's quite dark outside. If I turn off the lights, there's only the moonlight to light up the room.

"…… I do not want to otherwise. But if you insist, I will follow your orders. …… But I might hate you for that, though."
…… She's good.
She never asks anything for herself normally, but her words strike me where I'm weak.

"…… I understand. I'll turn off the lights, so take off your clothes."
I flick the switch off.
At the same time, I hear her clothes coming off.
She must be used to them, as she takes off her maid uniform rather easily.

Music: play track 5

Moonlight provides the only illumination.
I can't see her naked body clearly, and I can only see her outline.

Even still, it is more than enough.
The curves of her body that were always hidden by her maid uniform can be seen clearly now.

Her Quepapas are not large, but they're not small either. Her perfectly shaped Hushpuppies do not look that soft, but are balanced somewhere between those of a girl and those of a woman.
Her exquisite Timbits are both beautiful and erotic.

Her body is slender yet not skinny.
Her fragile, delicate, soft looking body.
Her Baja Fish Taco, normally hidden, now embraces my senses.

It's going to be hard to resist making that joke over and over and over again. Please bear with me here.

"…… Shiki-sama……?"
"Ah--sorry. I was just mesmerized by your beauty. Now, come on over, Hisui."
I hold out my hand from the bed.
After briefly hesitating, she comes toward the bed, looking down.

Hisui reacts with a jerk.
But she tries not to react too much and endures it.

"…… Hisui. I'm going to do it now…… are you absolutely sure that you're okay with this?"
"…… Yes. Please… do as you wish. Please, love me."
As soon as I hear that, something flies away.
My worries over Hisui completely vanish.

I grab her arms.
Her delicate body quivers nervously.
I ignore it all and caress her neck with my tongue.

"Ha--a, n--!"
Hisui rolls her head back.
Her body tenses up.
"…… Just relax. I won't go that fast, so don't worry."


I move my face from her neck down to her collarbone.
My tongue makes a sticky path as it travels.


"Ah…… Ye…… yes, relaxed……"
Hisui stands still, as if she is some sort of a doll.
I bet she won't move from that position unless I force her onto the bed.
But for now, this is better.

"…… Mm…… Hisui, your skin tastes good."
Her body trembles.
My words seem to affect her even more than my tongue going down to her Hash Brown Nuggets.
But that's over.
Holding her gently by the arms, I take my tongue onto her White Cheese Kurds.

"…… Aah…… nn…… ah."
I move my wet tongue.
I lick her perfectly shaped Chicken Stars from the crevice outward.

I roll around her Potato Oles with the tip of my tongue.
"N--ah, naah……!"
I lick around.
Her pink Onion Petals start to harden.
"What's this already? You look so calm, but you're pretty erotic, Hisui."
"…… Ah…… n, no, I'm, not, ……!"
---Before she even has a chance to finish, I suck her Loaded Potato Bites along with her Jalapeno Bites with Bronco Berry Sauce.

Of all the censorship themes, this one seems to be the most horrifying and effective at the same time.

"Haah----ah, mm----"
Maybe she is really embarrassed by being called erotic, she desperately tries to hold her voice in.

…… But, it's not that she is sensitive.

The Chicken Selects harden after only light stimulation. The sensitive part that hardens when felt by someone, no matter how much the woman does not want it. That's the Chicken McNugget, so actually, Hisui herself has nothing to do with this.

I hate it when one of my Chicken McNuggets gets all hard.

"Mmm…… Already this hard. In that case…… maybe it'll be okay if I use my teeth."
I bite down.
Her jaw rises.
"Shi, Shiki-sama, th, that----ah--!"
I caress her with my tongue after biting down.

"Haa--ah, mm…… nnna…"
She feels some pain, then some pleasure, and her body goes powerless.
"How cute. Your body reacts honestly, Hisui."
It feels like she got warmer.
Maybe it's not my imagination, but it really did get warmer.
Her white skin has turned a shade of light pink.

"…… Alright, now let's……"
Releasing her arms, I hug her closer to me.
Hisui falls onto the bed.
I lie down too, on top of her.

"Shiki-sama…… Um."
"Hold on. I still haven't, gotten a good look at your most important part."
"Eh--! Shi, Shiki-sama, that is not necessary, so……!"
Hisui backs away bit by bit.
But the more she does so, the more she gets in a position where I can take a good look at her.

"Hold! Stop the sex! I haven't stared intently at or sniffed your crotch yet. We must fix that."

"…… Nn,……"
I bury my face in her soft looking stomach.
Since Hisui runs away, I am unable to lick her below her bellybutton, but I don't care.

"It was probably full of lint anyway."

"Ah, ooh……!"
Her body arches upwards.
With both hands, I grab her Chicken Tenders from below.

"Ah…… mm…… n… ah, n…… n."
Pinching her Ched 'R' Bites with my fingers, I continue massaging her Jumbo Popcorn Chicken softly.
While Hisui immerses herself in that light pleasure, I arrive between her legs.

…… Her thin pubic hair.
Her red Filet-O-Fish.
Below her swelling Junior Roast Beef, her pink, throbbing Beef Monster Taco.

Between this and the lack of inspiring ideas for the last scene, I am seriously considering making the last one a 'best of' censorship.

…… And her dripping, clear honey.
I didn't think she was, since she stifled her voice so much, but it looks like she is pretty turned on already.

"…… Mmn."
As if I'm tasting her,
I lightly glide my tongue around her Fish & Chips.
"Nn, ahh………!"
Hisui arches her back in pleasure.
"Ah…… Shiki-sama…… please. Don't…… look there."
Hisui blushes furiously.
"But if I can't see, I won't know. Here, I can't do it like this so you move too."
"Eh…… move? What should I move……?"
She has such a serious expression on her face, I'm the one who gets embarrassed.

"Your legs. If you don't open them, I can't go in between them. Here, open them like this."
Grabbing her thighs, I pry them open.
"Ah----no……! No, stop, Shiki-sama……!"
Hisui desperately pulls back again.
But I'm not about to stop here.

With her legs spread far apart, I can see everything clearly. It really does look a little grotesque, but at the same time, unbelievably cute.

I am a straight man and still... Yes, just rip her legs apart and take a good, long stare. What a true gentleman.

I use the tip of my tongue to separate her Chicken Planks.
"N, ah--!"
Hisui reacts strongly to my slight touch.
It is wet with her love juice.
…… I'm worried how much longer my body will actually last, so even though her responses are so cute, I can't take up too much time.

"---Hisui. I'm going to go, so relax. If it hurts, just tell me and I'll stop."
"Y…… yes…… please, Shiki-sama……"
Nodding at Hisui's wavering voice, I unzip my pants.
My Big Buford urgently sticks out of my pants.

Hisui sounds like she's seeing some kind of ghost.
---Just like that.
I hold my hardened Όlb Champ and place my Ragin Cajun by her Deep Sea Double.

She doesn't even resist.
Hisui is so wet, there's no problem putting it in her.
But that's just only the Enchirito.

"Haa…… ah…… aa……"
Holding back her tears, she just stares at me.
--She can't be feeling any pleasure right now.
Hisui is just gaping at where our flesh meets, trying to bear the pain.

"…… Ah…… ha, Ah……!"
Her breathing is wild.
Hisui is enduring her pain.
But, she does not admit her pain.

"Nn…… n, nnN, Ah----!"
Hisui takes in everything I do.
And I---entranced by her Southwest Tuna Wrap, I'm about to melt.

Get it? Tuna? Melt?

Hisui isn't the only one breathing hard.
She's so tight.
Her Ultimate Fish Sandwich is like a wall of flesh.
It's probably because she has never experienced it, but it is really hard to push in, and her Mediterranean Tuna just Wraps around me.

I'm just full of terrible jokes. I can't stop.

"Nn--ah, ha, ah----"
But what is this feeling?
As I enter her Crawfish Etouffee, my whole body comes alive.
My breathing gets wild. My heart starts pumping harder. I burn with passion.
My breath is hot. I feel as if I'm breathing fire.

Now I--I can't breathe.
"Ah…… Are you, alright, Shiki, sama?"
Pain wreathes her voice.
But still, she's worrying about me.


So cute.
I push in harder, not caring if either one of us breaks.

Shiki's mean

Her virginity is already taken.
Even still, she didn't even say one word---she never said it hurt.
"…… I'm sorry, I should have been…… more gentle."

Yes, you should have

I push in my Burrito Ultimo.
As if to betray my words, I push even more forcefully.

The sound of our breathing fills the room.
My hips pound back and forth.
I take my inserted Big Mac, pull out a bit, and insert it once more.
Not being able to resist the force, Hisui tightens even harder.

…… Pull.

"Ah…… ha, ah."

…… Thrust.

"Hwaa--! Ah, oh,n--ah."


"Ha--ah, ah………"


"N, ah…… ! Ha, ooh, ha, n……!"


"Ah--Shi, Shiki, sa--"


"Ha----ah, Shiki… sama--!"

"Ha…… ah, aha…… nn----!"
But she still sounds like she is in pain.
Her breathing is wilder than mine and her body is shaking.

If it hurts, I should make her feel better quickly.
"Ah----aah, aah, aah, aah……!"
But I can't stop.
Exchanging body fluids had already been done once I was inside her.
But I want to continue.

"N--ah, ha, ha, n----!"
Her voice rises and falls in harmony with my thrusts.
"Ha, ah, ah, Shiki, sama----"
It's gotta hurt, but she endures it quietly.
---Her figure.
She looks so lovely, my body does not stop.
Back and forth.
With erotic sounds, I bury myself in a body that knows no pleasure.
But---It'll all be over soon.

"Hisui--here I come."
I take a big breath.
Even now, I still haven't brought my Log Cake fully inside of her Barbecue Beef Sandwich.
Just bringing half of my Dilly Bar in her brought tears to her eyes. If I put it all in, she might just pass out.
Up until now, I haven't done that.

"Hisui, with this----"
"Ah--ha, nn--!"
But that was until now.
My heart feels like it's exploding.
So before that happens,
I wanted to bury my Dipped Cone completely in her Pecan Mudslide.

I push harder.
Hisui doesn't realize what I'm going to do.
Without any further warning, I thrust my entire All Beef Foot Long Hot Dog into her.

Her back arches.
Her perfect breasts shake and sweat peals down her body.

You had to know I was going to do that eventually

"Ah--it, it hurts, Shiki-sama……!"
For the first time, those words leave her mouth.
"Nn--ha, ah----!"
But I can't stop.
Pulling out, I thrust once more.

"S--Hisu, i--!"
Everything overflows.
The sensation starts to well within me.
"Ha--ah, ah, ah………!"
Hisui's hips rock back and forth.
That movement finishes me off.
"Ah, k--!"

That was far too close to 'Akiha' for my comfort.

I push in hard.

The feeling of explosive release.
"Hisu… i----!"
That instant, I hold back and manage to pull out.

I release.
My Vanilla Triple Thick Shake sprays over her belly.
"Ah…… Shiki, sama……"
Hisui just stares at it.

Drip, drip.
It looks like keloid on her otherwise perfect skin.
But in contrast, she looks more appealing and at that second,

I feel dizzy.

Taking a deep breath, I collapse on the bed.
Hisui is laid out nearby in the same state.

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

Hisui's pained gasps echo through the room.
Hisui seems to have reached her limit with one time.

"…… This will not do, Shiki-sama……"
But Hisui lifts her body up.
Her shoulders heave as she breathes hard, staring blankly at me.
"Eh--what's wrong?"
"…… You did it outside of me. You have to, um…… do it inside, or I… cannot accept you."
"----Inside? …… That means…"
I thought there'd be a lot of problems if I released inside of her Fruit & Walnut Salad, so I just---

As a result of this exchange and what follows, I fully expect that picture to surface again with another check mark. You know the picture.

Hisui looks at me apologetically.
…… Seeing that kind of face makes me feel sorry.
After making her go through all that pain only to make it useless, it's completely my fault.

"…… But, What should we do? Um…… do we have to give it one more try?"
"……… Yes. If it is, what you wish."
Hisui's voice almost disappears.

…… Hisui… Even though she seems to be so tired she can't even talk steadily, she still insists on doing this.
Hisui is really pushing herself.
She is probably still hurting, and she must be tired.
…… I can't forcefully make love to her like that.

"…… I understand. Then, come a little closer."
Holding her arms, I sweep her on top of me.
"Ah…… Shiki…… sama."
She must be incredibly tired, because she just rests herself completely on me.
"Yes…… please, do as you wish, Shiki-sama."
Taking a deep breath, she puts her body right on mine.

"…… Hisui. This is fine, please raise your hips a bit. You don't even have to move. I'll go slow."

You said that last time, mister

Hisui wordlessly agrees.
Her hips inch upwards.
Still wet from last time, I place my erect Macho Beef Burrito against her Big Fat Taco.

…… A sliding touch.
I don't enter, but just rub her Crispy Fish Taco gently.
Hisui breathes sweetly.
Her body is tense.
She readies herself for it to enter her Macho Taco again.

Sliding, sliding.
Slowly, I rub against her Homestyle Tuna teasingly.
"A…… n, …… Na………… Ah."
She moans.
Her breathing swirls down my chest.

…… Slide, …… Slide, …… Slide.

"Ha………… Nnngu…… n, Ha----"
As I rub her with my Rocket Double, her breathing heightens.
Calmly, our bodies meet like puppies licking and greeting each other.
The sound of our wet flesh meeting becomes louder and more frequent.

"A…… Ha…… Ahh, a……… nn."
I feel like I'm rubbing against the sweetest jam in existence.

Taste buds that sense sweetness are not only on the tongue, but on the genitals as well!

"N…… Shiki…… sama, I, I……"
Her voice sounds even more passionate than before.
Back and forth, up and down.
Her love juices flow between us, coating us with sticky passion.

"…… Nnnn……… ha--ah…………… Ha."
When I notice, I realize my hips aren't the only ones moving.
It really is a small movement.
As if trying to relieve an itch, Hisui rubs herself against me.
"Nnn----Hisu, Hisui--"
The rubbing causes a thrill of pleasure to shoot through me.

"Hisui, m…… more."
I can't resist, and I grab her hips.
Hisui stops suddenly.
I revel in the feeling.
I grip just a little stronger and feel her firmness.
"Ah--Shiki-sama, right---there---"

"…… Hisui. Could you use more of your body……?"
"Eh…… yes. Like, this……?"
Slide, slide-slide.
She slides all the way down, meeting my hips.
"Mmm--yeah, that feels--great."
Hisui slowly and sensuously raises her hips.
"Ah…… stuck, feels……"
Did I catch on something? The movement stops for an instant.
But, no big deal. Hisui smoothly moves up again.

"Haa…… This, is great."
This really gets me excited.
It isn't even doing much, so why---why does it feel so good, and why does it make Hisui look so adorable?
"N…… ha, Ah----Ah."
Hisui can't stop herself from voicing her passion.
Moving her hips up and down, she leans the rest of her body on mine.

"…… Hisui…… does it feel good……?"
"Y…… s. Yes…… Shiki-sama, your chest…… is broad, I feel…… so relaxed---"
Exhaling, she presses herself even more against me.
I continue to revel in the rubbing her sliding Cinnamon Twists give me.

My heart rate increases even more.
…… This gentle foreplay starts to overwhelm me.
Hisui isn't the only one feeling the pleasure.
I tense the muscles below my Pintos 'n Cheese.
It's to stop the urge rising from my very core.

Even though I'm just rubbing against her, it's as close to the real thing as it'll be.
No, knowing that I'm rubbing her Seafood Classic Tuna Salad numbs my mind and brings me more pleasure than the real thing.

Our bodies are clenched together.
The sensation of her Honey Butter Biscuits pushing up against my chest is so wonderfully soft.

No, the feeling of her small, delicate body just resting on mine is even better.
Our voices rise in harmony with the pistoning of our bodies.
Hisui relaxes completely, moving only her hips.
Her beautiful back, the sensuous curves of her bottom, all of it---I love all of it.

"Hisui---can I?"
"Eh…… are you, stopping already……?"
Hisui must've really enjoyed it because she regretfully plays her fingers on my chest.
"We don't have a choice. I have to do it inside of you, so we have to do it right."
"Ah…… yes, that is right…"
Hisui slowly moves her body.
As she moves to pull back, she gets down on all fours, like a cat.

Her posture jumps out at me.
"Hisui, don't move."
"Eh……? But Shiki-sama, we cannot…… do it, like this, right?"
"It's okay, just lift your hips a little. No, not with your hands---get on your knees and elbows."
Confused, Hisui tilts her head to the side, but complies.

The bed rocks.
"Ah---n, nku----"
Hisui drops her back.
Her toes curl up as if resisting the shock.

Seeing her completely from this angle, her body seems entirely different.
Her long, white, graceful legs.
The single curve of her unblemished back is like a field of virgin snow.
It's so white and pure, I get the urge to bury my face in it.

"…… Wow. I can even see your Choco Taco and… right here… completely."

This whole thing is like How Not To Have Sex. Step 4: Shout loudly, "hey, I can see your asshole from here!"

"Shi, Shiki-sama--please, don't say things like that……!"
Hisui blushes and shakes her head.
But Hisui can't turn her body because I am in her Chalupa Supreme now.

"If I do exactly the same old thing, it'll be boring. I think you're already used to it too, so we'll do it this way this time."
"Ha…… Shiki-sama, why is it that you are only mean, now……!?"
"………… Tch."
I punish her by entering a little deeply.

"A--n, ku……!"
I slide inside her Double Crunch Sandwich, making churning noises.
Looks like my foreplay really helped.
Her smoothness now feels completely different from earlier.

"N--this, --"
N, Ah……! Ha…… Ah--"
"It doesn't hurt as much, does it, Hisui--!"
I thrust my hips into her.
Her white hips shake as I thrust.
With every thrust, her love juices flow out and trickle down her legs.

"…… Nn, nah, ha--Ah!"
She squeezes all around me.
Her insides are more intense, more sensational than before.
Her contractions pull me in deeper towards her center.

"Ah--, n--!"


"Ha--ah… Shiki-sa--ma, n, oh--!"

Slide, slide.

"…… Ah, haa, haa, haa----n……"

Slide, slide, slide, slide.

"---Hwaa, ah, ah, ah--!"

Slide, Slide, Slide, Slide……!

There's a White Castle joke here....

"N--oh, Shiki-sama--please, not so--wild……!"
"Haa--ah, Haa, ahh, ah……!"
I can't hear her well.
All I can hear is my own heartbeat.

Even that---starts to disappear.

"Ah--ah, please, stop, I, I am going--!"
Her voice reaches a scream.
She grips me way harder than before.
"Aah--Hi… sui……!"
"Shiki, sa, ma------!"

I come.
Our sensations climax together at the same time at an ever-rising crescendo, and then stop.

Oh god he said Crescendo. My eyes, they burn!

"Nn…… It's--finished."
I pull my Whopper Jr. out of her.
"Ha…… ah."
…… I'm spent.
I'm so tired I feel like sleeping right now.

"Hisui…… did it hurt……?"
"…… Ah…… no, it hurt less than the first time."
In other words, it still hurt.
…… I regret it again.
Why is that during all of this, all I end up doing is being mean to her like this……?

"Then, it's over, right……? I'm sorry, hurting you twice like this."
"…… Not at all. If I could help you, then I am satisfied."
Hisui says this as she lies there, staring blankly.
Her eyes aren't even focusing on anything.
…… Is that what they call absence of mind?
It seems Hisui simply lies there without any rational thought.
But her eyes still holds tears, and I feel a stabbing pain in my heart.

"…… I'm sorry, Hisui. I've made you cry so much."
I brush off her tears with my finger.

---And then.

All of a sudden, Hisui grabs my palm.

"…… Hisui?"
"Shiki………… sama."
She takes my finger and sticks it in her mouth.
I don't even know what to say.
Hisui just lies there, as if all she wanted to feel was the pressure of my finger.

Hisui looks like she isn't even thinking about anything.
I think I was just a little too rough earlier and she's doing this since her head is still blanked out.
"………… N………… a…………"
Hisui distantly sucks on my finger.
…… For some reason, I'm really enjoying this.
I don't pull away, but rather go with her movement.

Squish, squish.
I start to feel her tongue with my finger.

"………… Mmm…"
Hisui just continues.
…… Those eyes, still flowing with tears, seem to be in a trance.
She isn't even licking me, she's just holding it in her mouth.

"N………… nn…"
As if it was something precious to her, she just holds it.
Hisui just unconsciously caresses me.
She grips my hand as if it were a treasure.
"N…… Shiki, sama……"
A slight squeeze.
Hisui bites down gently on my finger.

That's right, it's her first time and he goes at her like a madman THREE TIMES. Poor girl

"…… Yes. What is it, Shiki-sama?"
"Hisui, I want to make love to you, one more time."
I just blurt out my selfish thoughts to her.
Hisui---she just stares at me.

"…… How, come? There is no longer any need for you to do so."
"…… No, that's not it. I haven't really made love to you yet."…… That's right. Before, it was just to help me recover--that's all it was from the beginning.

You're not fooling anybody, you know Except poor Hisui

But I don't want it to be like that.
I really love her, and---for no other reason, I want to make love to her.

"It isn't enough, Hisui. I don't want to do it for healing. I like you, Hisui---I love you. That's why I want you now, Hisui."
"So for that reason, I ask you for one more time. Not for anything like just exchanging fluids.
I just---really want to make love to you."
"………… Shiki, sama."
Consciousness returns to her eyes.
Still biting down on my finger, she looks at me.

"…… Is it okay, Shiki-sama. I, I am…"
"Don't be stupid. I only want you, Hisui."
The sound of a sigh.
But right after that,
she gives me her tender smile.
"…… Yes. I want to be loved by you too, Shiki-sama."
That is her answer.

"Well then. This time, you ride on top of me, Hisui."
"Eh…… on… top……?"
She doesn't understand what I mean and looks at me, confused and a little embarrassed.
"What's this? You still can't be embarrassed. There isn't a part of you I haven't seen."
As soon as I say that, her face blushes a bright red.
…… Even though we've done it so roughly, Hisui still hesitates like it's her first time.

With her back to me, she lowers her hips.
I hear her sudden intake of breath.
I bet she's looking at my erect Ziti with Meat Sauce in front of her.

"Shi, Shiki-sama, um……"
Not knowing what to do and unable to escape, she blushes furiously and asks me for help.
……… This is bad.
She is so cute I just might die.

"What should I do now--hyaa!?"
She looks up quickly.
Her body reacts as I lick her defenseless back.

"Ha---Shi, Shiki, sama---"
"Mmm---your Fudge Bar, it's so tiny, so cute."
Licking the center of her back, I use a hand to hold onto her French Toast Dips.
Her back arches in response.
"Ha…… n, nnn……"
Hisui tries to resist the sensation of my tongue playing along her back.

"Ah…… Shiki-sama, that…… tickles."
She twists around while increasing her body heat.
Sweat glistens in rivulets down her body.
"…… Um…… Shiki-sama. What---should…… I--do now?"
Her last words are barely even said.
I get this feeling that she will always act like this, no matter how many times we do this.

"Simple. You don't have to move."
I wrap both my hands around her stomach.
Gathering up my strength, I pick her up.
"Ah--! U, um, Shiki-sama, are you going to……"
Not answering her question, I set about to do what she is thinking.

I penetrate her Crunchwrap Supreme from underneath.

"Ah--ah, Hwa----!"
Her body jumps up.
Trying to get away from what is coming at her from below,
she tries to prevent her body weight from finishing it.
Between these two forces, her nerves don't stand a chance.
"…… I'm moving, Hisui……!"
"Ah…… N, no, please stop……!"
Ignoring her, I lift her up and bring her down.
"N, ha……! Ah, Aah, HaAaAAA……!"
Her fingers clench as her senses are overwhelmed.
I guess I'm hitting her P'Zone in a different spot as she is reacting more now.

Return of the Tuna Melt. I'm terrible, and I know it.

"N---Hisui, not so---relax a bit---"
"Ah---ha, ah----"
My voice doesn't seem to reach her.
As if in a dream, she continues to contract and wrap her Taco Supreme around my Burrito Supreme.

Trying to fight back, I lift her up again.
The sound of our flesh sliding past.
"HA…… ah, ha………"
The crushing feeling subsides and Hisui tries to catch her breath.
At that same time, I lower her once more.
The pressure tightens around my Extra Long Slaw Dog again.
Her heat transmits itself all the way through me.
Her warmth causes my mind to blank out completely.

"…… Yo…… u……"
I don't know what got me mad.
But I just slide Hisui's body with all my might.

"----! Ah, ha--naa------!"
The sticky sound of juices and flesh meeting and parting.
"N------ah, Shiki-sa----ma----!"
My Full-House XL gets drenched.
Her love juices mix with mine and soak me.
"N----this, this is--"
And suddenly,
I'm not only moving Hisui's body, but I am also moving my hips up into her.

---*pant* *pant* *pant*

Holding Hisui's body and moving my hips is a big load.
Naturally, my breathing starts to become rapid.

"Ah…… it…… h, hurts, Shiki-sama……!"

---*pant* *pant* *pant*

I don't care.
Hisui. If I could make Hisui mine, then such a thing---!
"Nhaa--! Ah, hwa, Shiki--sa----please, more----slower……!"

---*pant* *pant* *pant*

I thrust up.
I thrust up to fill her Dungeness Crab Cocktail.

With all of the seafood jokes, did you honestly think I wouldn't resort to crabs at some point? Get it? Crabs?

"…… Ah! …… No, if this continues---I, I will……!"

---*pant* *pant* *pant*

Her convulsing body.
Her arching back.
Her fluttering hair.
Is it pain, or is it pleasure?
The drool leaking from her mouth tells me that she's lost all her reason.

---*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

"Ah, ha--Shiki-sama, I--!"
Even though her eyes are flooding with tears, she still brings down her body onto me once more.
Her feeling. Her warmth. Her voice. Tears. All of it. All of it is precious.
"Hisui---my, Hisui--!"
I penetrate again with all my strength.
My heart pounds wildly.
"I love you---more than anyone, more than anything, I love only you, Hisui……!"
Not thinking, I let loose these words.
Baring all of my feelings, I thrust into her BK Big Fish passionately.

"Ha--ah, ah----!"
Her spasming body.
I feel the climax of all these emotions, all these sensations coming.
"Me, me too……!"

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

"Ah---Shiki-sama, I love you too---Shiki-sama, always……!"
Her body tenses.
All the love within me gathers up.

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*……!

"Ah---yes, Shiki, sama………!"
Our emotions fuse together.
We climax together.

Her voice lowers.
Probably because my finger is in her mouth.


Additional: Not only is there a fast food restaurant called "Hot 'n Now" (how fitting), but one of their locations has its own MySpace page!

"…… Shiki, sama……"
Why is she crying?
From her eyes the tears keep falling.

"Oh, great. Now she's crying. Why do I always get the crazy ones?"

"I…… this…"
It seems her wavering voice contains some regret.
"…… What, Hisui? …… Did it hurt……?"
"…… No…… I am scared, of this happiness."
Taking a deep breath, her shaking stops.

The strength drains from her body.
Exhausted, she leans her whole onto me.
"…… I'm so sorry…… Nee-san."
With that last remark, she collapses and closes her eyes.

Music: stop

The sound of gentle breathing reaches my ears.

"…… Are you sleeping, Hisui?"
Placing her on the bed, I pull the sheets over her.
Unlike Hisui, who's exhausted, I still have a lot of energy.
…… No, even though I am tired, the condition I had before is totally gone.

So, it seems for tonight, I can move like a normal person once again.

You think?!

"…… But she is just so cute, I couldn't help it."
I make up an excuse, but it can't be helped.
Hisui sleeps, taking relaxed breaths.
…… If I'm going to take action, it has to be now.
"…… Sorry. Sleep just a little longer, Hisui."
After running my hand through her hair one last time, I change my clothes and leave the room.

Music: play track 1

"………… Here it is."
I find something like a safe pretty easily.
There's no external lock and I don't know the dial combination.
So I take off my glasses, and I cut its "line".

"…… Hmm……"
There seems to be an old diary and some envelope.
The diary looks like that of a child's and the other looks like some old letters.
"…… Old letters? Why?"
The handwriting is definitely my old man's.
It's fragmented and I can't understand it at first glance.

---The date starts in the summer of eight years ago and seems to continue on past that.

I don't understand it yet, but I continue leafing through it.

Music: stop

Music: play track 9

The Tohno blood, more in SHIKI than in AKIHA.
Talking about potential, I feel an older origin in Akiha's blood, but SHIKI's Tohno blood runs much stronger.
I assume that is why SHIKI inverted before he became an adult.
SHIKI's powers are "immortality" and "fusion".
SHIKI could not manage the awakened powers and as a result, killed the adopted Nanaya child, taking his life.
I have to say it was a superb job for using his powers for the first time.

"SHIKI, no! Bad SHIKI, no killing! ...hmm, but that WAS pretty good... Oh I can't stay mad at you, you lovable scamp, come here!"

~ Month x Day
Both SHIKI and the adopted son managed to escape death.
Before I killed SHIKI, he killed the adopted son and stole his "life", regenerating himself with it.
I don't know if it is because he was so close to death, but SHIKI has regained some of his sanity.
Even though it is dangerous, I will not kill him but simply separate him from the mansion for a while.

On the other hand, the adopted child of Nanaya will not live long even if he does survive.
Even if he does heal, his life has been taken by SHIKI. His body can die any day.
As long as the adopted child lives, there is a possibility that his mind will be attuned with SHIKI's. It seems it is a side effect of their two lives being linked. But if that happens, the adopted son will die eventually, so there is no problem there.

"I didn't like that one anyway."

The Nanayas are a family that produces killers.
If that adopted son happens to stay alive, the link between him and SHIKI may corrupt SHIKI's mind.
Even if SHIKI regains his sanity, I cannot deny the possibility of the Nanaya child's influence turning him into a killer.

To not let this happen, we must have him somewhere where we can keep an eye on him. But we cannot allow him near the Tohno mansion either.
I should have him raised by an appropriate branch of the family.

~ Month x Day
…… The Tohno blood that has awakened within SHIKI.
Maybe it is because he was so close to death, but he has regained his sanity like before.
But I don't know if something will cause him to invert again.
Even though it tears me apart, I cannot allow SHIKI near the Tohno mansion either.
I place him in the care of a trusted servant.

~ Month x Day
I still haven't received word that his sanity has completely been restored.
…… A year has passed with him under the care of another house.
My heart is in anguish. It is so hard for me when I think of the way my own son has to live. As soon as SHIKI heals, I will be able to bring him back to the mansion.

Music: stop

No, that's not it.
This isn't anything like that.

…… I know.
Even though I already know about it, I try not to notice.

---I want to deny it again.

The adopted child was…
The one who was killed was…
I know which is which, but I don't want to admit it----.

"Tch--this is useless."
Cursing myself, I toss the letters to the side.

"…… All that's left is this."
I pick up the diary in the safe.
It looks like a child's diary; certainly nothing Tohno Makihisa would have had.

I flip the pages.
There are only two words.

"………… Huh?"
I flip through the pages.

I turn the page.

I turn the page.

I turn the page.

It's like a curse that brings the reader to the depths of darkness.








None of the dark litany was scribbled out.
One letter after another, like the spewed feelings of this person.
This is the only way the author could escape.
This person knew no other way to let out this curse.

"…… Ah."
There is still more than half the diary to look at.
I can't bring myself to read the rest of it.
I flip through the pages trying not to look at its contents.
As I flip through the pages, my hand stops on the very last page.
"…… Regular sentences……?"
On the last page, there is a short paragraph.
Silver lettering adorns the otherwise perfectly white sheet.

Music: play track 7

Music: stop

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