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If I can't break this promise, and if she thinks it's important too,

Arcueid will come back here.
I can only continue to believe in her and wait here.

Time passes by.
The clock ticks mechanically, recording the passing of each second.
I feel like I'm drowning.
My body doesn't want to wait a minute longer.
Just sitting here waiting seems like the utmost in idiocy and I want to run off and search for her again.

But, my heart is calm.
Even though my body urges me to hurry, my heart remains calm.
I continue waiting, staring up at the moon.

Only time passes by.
Just two hours until dawn.
If the day breaks, Arcueid and I will probably never see each other again.

And time just passes by.
And then like a white rabbit in the snow,
she unexpectedly arrives in the park.

Music: play track 7

I can't speak.
I don't know what I can say to make her smile again.
Right now, I feel like any words coming out of my mouth will only make her sadder.

Time seems to stretch to eternity.
In reality, the ticking of the clock can't have happened even close to a thousand times.
Arcueid lifts her head, looking like she's watching a dream.

"You wouldn't go home at all, Shiki. So I came here because I couldn't leave you alone. …… Even though I really was thinking of going back to my room."
She hesitates as she speaks, but she says this in her usual cheerful manner.

"…… Of course I wouldn't go back. Didn't I say I'd keep my promise? I still haven't been any help tonight."
"----That's enough. You don't have to do that anymore."
"Enough?--Just what's enough, Arcueid……!?"

----What are you saying, all of a sudden?

I was ready for that from the time I agreed to help you.
I understood far better than you that you were a vampire.
Knowing that, I still said I'd help you.
This----is nothing I can agree with……!

"…… Arcueid, you don't need to worry about what happened earlier. You were just tired and weak.
I'm an idiot, so I couldn't realize your lie.
You weren't in pain because of your wounds, but because of your vampiric impulses, right?
…… Senpai told me all about it."

"…… That woman. Since when did agents from the Burial Agency become so talkative?"
Less with hate and more with exhaustion, Arcueid gives a deep sigh.

"…… I heard it all from Senpai. So I'll be direct.
I don't see any problem, Arcueid.
You're in pain now, but you'll return to normal in a few days, right? So you don't need to worry.
And about before----even though you were in so much pain, you held yourself back, didn't you?
So it's alright. Let's just continue like we were until now."
With some difficulty, Arcueid smiles weakly.

"…… Shiki, you don't understand at all. It's useless to do this. Even now, I want to drink your blood."
"----But you only think that. Then try hard and resist it. …… Haven't you tried so hard like that until now?"
"…… That's true, until now I've held myself back, no I was able to.
But I guess it's useless now. Even though the only meaning for my existence is to hunt other vampires, I did a lot of extra things.
If I didn't know anything, I never would have thought of wanting anything. If I didn't rely on you and pursued the enemy by myself, it would have been alright."

"----That just pisses me off! Snap out of it, you idiot……!"

"Don't be ridiculous……!
What do you mean if you pursued the enemy by yourself, it would have been alright!? Because it was impossible by yourself----because you finally realized there are things you can't do by yourself, you asked me for help, right!?
Then rely on me until the very end……! I'll help you. No matter what happens, I'll help you, so----"

Don't look like that.

"----Don't say those… things."

…… Finally.
If you've finally realized that life is fun,
please don't simply give up on such happiness.

"Anyway, we'll continue searching for this vampire, okay!? If we can defeat this Roa guy, then you can get some rest. Then, everything's solved. There aren't any problems at all……!"
With terribly peaceful eyes, she gives a quiet nod.

"But----It's too late for me, Shiki.
You said I held myself back before, but I really didn't.
Back then, I only stopped because you became afraid of me.
Many people have been afraid of me, like a monster. So I didn't feel anything when hated or feared.

"…… But it really is strange, you know? I really didn't want you to look at me like I was a monster. But I am a monster no matter how you look at me."
She forces out a dry laugh.

"…… No----it just happened so fast, I was just surprised----"
…… That's a lie.
That's a lie I can't even fool myself with.

Arcueid painfully looks away.
…… Sensei told me before.
That you'll only hurt the other person when you tell lies that you can't even deceive yourself with.

…… associated too much, huh?
Maybe that's true.
For both me and Arcueid.
If we never knew much about each other, this would have never happened.
I would have just returned to my normal life, and she'd have probably kept going by herself.

"…… You're right. Maybe we have associated too much already.
But, I think we're fine like that. Because, isn't always being by yourself lonely?"
Arcueid doesn't answer.
She looks so vulnerable.
I want to embrace her and support her.

"And to be honest, I really enjoyed these past few days. I almost died, but it wasn't all bad.
…… So let me help you until the very end. How could I sleep if I knew I left you alone?"

There's something seriously wrong with the way he tries to phrase compliments.

"…… No, you don't have to worry about me.
I will kill Roa no matter what. I will destroy him even if it kills me. …… You've done enough already, Shiki. This city will soon return to normal, so you don't have to worry anymore."
Her voice as she faces away from me has no trace of her usual brightness.
…… I can't bear this anymore.
I'm going to stop acting like this.

Right, I was only fooling myself. The reason isn't anywhere near to being that noble.
I just…

"I just like you. I wanted to help you, so I agreed to help you.
So now----I just can't leave you."

I reveal it all.
And I embrace Arcueid straight on.

Music: stop

Music: play track 8

"There's nothing wrong with you wanting to drink my blood."


"…… Shiki, it hurts----my arms, hurt----"


"That'll make it even. Because I----"


"I have always wanted you too. Even now----I'm consumed with passion just hearing your heartbeat."

From her arms I hold, from her body up against mine,
I can feel the beating of her heart.

"----Even so, if I love you right now Arcueid, that is my truth. I don't care about what happens later."

Thu, mp.

"Or do you----hate me?"

Thu, mp.
The heartbeat skips.

"…… No. I can't answer that."

The heartbeat stops.
In it's place,
Her arms wrap around my back like falling rain.

At first, just gently.
Then, hard as if answering me.
Her arms squeeze my body into hers.

"----My room."

Well, that was direct.

"…… Um, can we go, to my room……? If you say you're going to protect me----I don't want you, to go back."
A hesitant voice.

…… Even I can understand what she means.
Nodding wordlessly, I walk with Arcueid to her room.

I try to turn around.
Before I finish----I feel her hand lightly rest on my back.

"Don't turn around. …… Wait just like this for a while."
…… Her voice is exceedingly calm.
The hand on my back doesn't move, as if making sure of something.

"…… Hey Shiki. Do you remember when I first waited for you?"
"Yeah, I remember. The one I killed was waiting with a smiling face. How could I forget?"
"Yeah----back then, I really hated you."
Despite her words, her voice is very gentle.

"…… Arcueid?"
"--I knew I wouldn't be able to suppress my vampiric impulses by myself any longer, and I knew this probably would be my chance, and I pursued Roa.
I thought I finally found him, and then someone I didn't even know killed me and ruined everything.
Back then, all I could feel was hatred."

"…… Ar…… cueid……?"
"But, no one has ever killed me like that before. I was a bit curious about what kind of person you were too.
And----I never thought so strongly about someone before."

"In the beginning, it was just hatred. But it started to slip when I wondered what kind of human you were.
Soon, I wanted to meet you to find out about you. The one who killed me like that, and for the first time I almost lost track of myself----and I kept wondering."

"----Shiki, what you said before. About how being by yourself is lonely.
I thought that wasn't true.
But----when I waited for you, the one who I madly thought about, I felt happy.

"----Thinking back, I started to feel the need for someone else from that time, and I felt unsatisfied with just being by myself.
You said you liked me,
…… but I think I fell in love with you before we even met----"

Her voice is… just so… lovely.
…… There's no need for hesitation.
Turning around, I embrace her.

Music: stop

Music: play track 5

----Hha…… ah.

Holding my breath, I take in everything about the way she feels.
Her soft lips. The skin that would never touch anything… is touching me right now.
Just thinking about it makes my head spin, yet touching her is so warm and relaxing.

Her body is trembling lightly.
But she doesn't seem to be scared at all.
Her closed eyes, the shade of red on her cheeks is so adorable.

…… I really can't believe it.
This Arcueid is the one I love so much.
I couldn't even imagine that just doing this would make me feel more love toward her----

"…… That was a… kiss… wasn't it?"
She says this with a deep blush.
Her red eyes looking up at me imploringly.
Her golden hair waving before my eyes.

"Arcueid…… you don't like this kind of thing?"
"----That's not it. My heart's beating fast right now."
Certainly, her heart is beating loudly.
Or----is it my heartbeat?
She looks straight into my eyes.

...aaand that's where the non-ero version cuts off. Today's censorship will be dutifully performed by a wide array of breakfast cereals.

----One more time.
Not the mutual kiss of before.
I do a hungry, searching, stealing kiss.

Arcueid sucks in a breath.
I don't care.
I just can't hold anything back.
And kiss her deeply.

"N, mm………!"
Arcueid tries to breathe in.
I steal even that.
I lift her chin and hold her head.
Covering her Cheerios with mine and intertwining our Cocoa Puffs.

I want to become one.

"Ha---ah, n----"

As her Cookie Crisp tries to pull away, I wrap mine around it.

Wrapping, intertwining, sucking.

The sensation on the tip of my Mueslix is almost ticklish.
But the sucking on the base of my Rice Chex feels like absolute zero.

"N…… ah, n……"
Unable to breathe, our throats still try to swallow.
Her white throat moves painfully, crying for oxygen.
At the same time----her Team Cheerios sucks my Almond Delight in, and our Grape-Nuts mix together even more deeply.

Moving my Top 3, I draw her Muffets in further.

Our breathing,
our exploring,

…… all within our bowls.
The sounds of our joining fill the air.

"Ah…… n, mm………!"
Our interrupted breathing.
At some point, her Cinnamon Toasted Life--which was seeking oxygen--started to tangle her Frosted Mini-Wheats with mine.
As our Multi-Grain Cheerios intertwine, they come into my bowl.

"Ha…… ah."
I realize that was my own voice.
I can't believe it.
Someone else's Raisin Bran----someone else's Raisin Bran Crunch is entering my mouth.

This feeling. This slight sense of discomfort of something foreign in my mouth. And above that, this overwhelming pleasure which feels like it could kill me------

"Ha…… mm, mm, mha……!"
We try to breathe as our Rice Krispies Treats indulge one another. "hwa…… ah, mm------"
I had no idea a spoon could generate such a sensation simply by touching another spoon.

Just being in contact puts us out of breath.
Inhaling, nibbling.
Just that makes me go crazy--makes me unable to think of anything but her.

Closing her eyes as if resisting something, Arcueid answers back.
It's completely different from our gentle kiss from before.
There's only a male and a female here now.
Our spoons are already wet.
Saliva begins to spill from our lips.
From mine to hers, from hers to mine.
But----it isn't dirty, and like the world's most powerful aphrodisiac, it causes all thought to crumble away.

And like that…
Not just my Wheaties, but wanting everything to come together, I pull back from Arcueid's bowl.

"…… Shiki?"
Concerned, Arcueid looks into my face.
Her blushing, hesitant expression.

"Ar…… cueid……"
I can't stop.
I hold her tight.
"I----want to sleep with you… I want you----"
At first, she gives no answer.
Then, keeping her head down,
her entire face goes red as she nods.

As naturally as if she was taking off her hat, Arcueid removes her clothing.
It is less a removal and more an emergence, though, a sight beautiful enough to take my breath away.
Her white clothes disappear without a sound. The bra covering her lovely Boo Berries, and the underwear concealing her Cracklin' Oat Bran, disappear like flowing water.

…… Looking at Arcueid's nude figure causes my rampaging mind to come to a complete stop.
It's not that I became calm,
but she's just so beautiful----I forget to think, or go wild.
I can't speak.
She shyly sits down on the bed.

Her gaze asks me what's wrong.
…… Her white skin is tinged with a faint hue of red.
That charming tint causes all rational thought to fade away.

"Um…… Shiki, am I not----"
"That's not it. You're so beautiful, I was just… fascinated."
"Y…… yeah."
She shyly averts her eyes, and reveals her naked body.
Using both hands to cover her lower body causes her Frosty O's to be accentuated.
"----You really are beautiful. Your Sugar Puffs are just so perfect."
Saying that, I reach out and brush them with my fingers.

Arcueid trembles.
"Shiki, wait----"
"What? Why? I've already decided to make love to you… this is only the beginning."
"Y, yeah----I know that, but…"
Maybe she's still embarrassed. She looks at me uneasily.

"…… They really are big. I could never tell from your clothes, but for you to have such a dirty body like this…"
Arcueid doesn't answer.
She just gives a few short gasps as I slowly continue to massage her Frosties.

Mm, ah, ahn----

Her breathing almost sounds rhythmic.

"Mm…… Shiki, wait----"
I don't pay any attention.
At first, just very lightly.
And then, bit by bit.
Almost enough for her not to realize it, I gradually strengthen my grip.
Not touching her Corn Pops, because she'll probably try and escape if I do it too quickly.
So for now, just slowly.
So that when she realizes it, it'll be too late for her.
I continue caressing her perfectly shaped Mini-Wheats.

"Ah…… mm, mm----"
Her breathing gets heavier.
Pretending I don't notice, I rub her even more.
…… I intended to stay calm, but just doing this turns me on.

"Mm----, Shiki, I feel----"
Her voice gets warmer.
It trembles with impatience.

"Ah…… ah, I----feel… hot… all over."
Arcueid's words are interrupted with soft, sexy gasps.

"You MUST be hot, since you're sweating like that. Getting hot all over after just a little massage? You must really want this, Arcueid."
"But Shiki, it's… because… you… keep… doing… that---!"
I squeeze even harder.
Her face stiffens as if in fear.

"Ha----ha, I'm not one to talk. Just doing this----it's making me go crazy, Arcueid."
Taking a deep breath, I massage her harder.

Just touching it like this…
It seems to send pleasure rebounding towards me in ever-increasing magnitude.

My breathing gets heavier.
Before I realize it,
I start to breathe wildly, intoxicated by her Krispy Kritters.

Arcueid is warmed up enough.
Her pink Lucky Charms are proud and stiff.
She gasps quickly.
I bring my mouth to one.
Arcueid looks away in embarrassment.
Ignoring this, I stick out my tongue.

I give the hardened peak a tentative lick.
"Mm, kk……"
I can hear Arcueid's voice.
Her Franken Berry's so hard I barely move it with my tongue.

A thin trail of saliva runs the length of her white Waffle Crisp.

The sounds coming from her throat no longer resemble words.
My tongue plays along her Strawberry Blasted Honeycomb as my fingers continue their massaging.
Her body shudders in time with her breathing.
"Wa………… it----"
I become aware of a different smell… something other than her sweat or skin.
It's a warm, light scent.
The area covered by her hands is already moist.
Her slender fingers are covered in sticky juices.

"…… What's this? …… you feel this much already with just your Frosted Krispies…… you're more…… sensitive… than I thought, Ar…… cueid."
…… But again, I'm not one to talk.
I can't even speak properly.

"Shi… ki----I… have a… request."
"----? What? A request?"
"I don't…… want you to be rough…… like that time."

…… That time.
That time I pushed her down in the alley.
Why does she have to bring that up now? Even if she didn't say it, I wouldn't be like that anyway.

"…… How come? You don't like it rough?"
"Well…… um…… this is my first time, so…"
She blushes and tries to contain her harsh breathing.
She sounds so incredibly cute.

"…… Really, I'm still really scared…… that's why, Shiki…… just for now…… please be gentle----"

--------That does it.

That's the last straw.

"Shiki--? What is it? You're acting strange…… you're making a scary face----it's…… strange……"
Yeah, of course I'm acting strange.
Because I can't think straight.
But she made me this way.

I push her down onto the bed.
"Shiki, ow----! I'm not----"
"Shut up!"
I climb on top of her.

I cover her lips with my own.

…… My heart pounds furiously.

My fully erect Count Chocula lands right on top of her Honey Bunches of Oats.
Like a crude sword, it pierces into her.
The maddening mixture of shyness and anticipation on her face disappears.
"----No……! I'm not----"
You're not ready for it yet, right?
Even I know that.
But… I can't help it.
Tohno Shiki has been driven mad by her words.

Panting fills the air.
My breathing goes out of control.
Why do you----
"----Always… say things that make me go crazy, Arcueid----!"

She's already wet enough to accept me smoothly.
However, that was only at the beginning.

She's really tight.
Even if we are both wet,
Only my tip goes in smoothly, and the rest of it won't go in unless I force it.

"It hurts-----Shiki, it really hurts----!"
Her voice is almost a scream.
"----You have to put up with it. If you talk, you might bite your tongue."
Pushing down on her squirming body, I continue to thrust myself in.

"N----ah, aaahaaaa……………!"
Her voice is full of pain.
My voice on the other hand, is different.
I only have my tip inside of her Golden Crisp.
But still, the tightness is out of this world.
Maybe it's because I didn't give her much foreplay, but she's not very wet inside.
I can only feel hot walls of Shredded Wheat surrounding me.

It's, a little, strange.
Are my nerves damaged, or is being inside her just that good?
Just having her wrapped around me, I feel like I'm being sucked dry.
I've only had it in for a matter of seconds, and just the very tip, but the pleasure is intense enough for me to come over and over again.

In contrast to her pain, my mind has gone completely empty.
If I go any deeper,
if I touch her any more, I feel like I'll enter a world of pleasure so intense I would never return.

This is bad.
I have enough reason, at least, to know this is bad.
So I use my hips and try to pull out.
Yet the simple motion of pulling back is too much.
Just doing that gives me pleasure out of this world,
and Arcueid almost screams in pain.

"Shi…… ki----!"
Arcueid calls my name.
Looking down----her hands grip the cereal bowl tightly as if trying to resist the pain.

"…… Arcueid, you----"
…… she's bearing it.
Trying to bear me as I indulge my selfishness, and bearing the pain of her first time.
Bearing it all, she tries to allow me my wish.
Why am I hesitating now?
I like her----I love her, so I want her.
Then----no matter what happens, don't I just want to become one with her----?

"…… Arcueid. I know it hurts, but can you bear it……?"
She gives a slight nod.
"Then here I go. If it hurts, just say so…… it should ease things a bit for you."
I lower my body again.
All that's left is for me to bury myself in her Product 19.

What pain.
The deeper I go, my awareness breaks apart.
This pleasure. Surpassing the pain are waves of pleasure, crashing into my brain.
Fire races through my spinal cord and assails me.

"Ha----, gh."
There's no forgiveness inside her.
Her Honeycomb wraps around me. Embracing, massaging, pressuring, caressing, constricting.
The nerves in my Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp are squeezed as if held by a fist.

"Kh---ah, ah--"
But I keep going further.
These waves of pleasure threaten to make me pass out.
Though I fear them, I also want more.

"Mmph----ah, nn……!"
Arcueid throws her head back, exposing her white neck.
Her body arches in pain.
Doing that only serves to make her tighten around me more, making me go insane.

"Ow----Shiki, it hurts… there………!"
"----It's okay----we're almost there……!"
I push with my hips once more.
The sounds of milk against whole grains.
The sounds of our fluids mixing together.
As I move back and forth, a translucent liquid seeps out of her.

"Ah, ah, nn……!"
There's still pain in her voice.
But, on the other hand…
her body, which was trying to escape before, is starting to reply.
That means,
she's starting to feel pleasure.

"Ah--ha, nn, nha………!"
Arcueid moans.
I just keep thrusting.
Her pain, my pain, our hips, everything moves together as if one.

"It--that deep, it… hur… ts!"
I can't even answer.
Right now, the pain is still greater than pleasure for her.
If I can't hold off until it reverses, it would be meaningless.

"Ah, mm----Shiki--har… der--!"
She begs me even as her tears start to flow.
There's still pain, but she can't think about it.
She's no longer holding me off.

"------Here I… go----"
Gathering up my strength, I start to thrust.
Over and over.
As long as I can concentrate, until she loses all rational thought, I'll keep going.

"Nn, hwaa, ah, ah------!"
Her breathing matches the quivering of her body.
Her hot skin.
Her face tinged with pleasure and pain.
Just touching them steals away my rationale.

"Shi, ki----Shiki, Shiki…………!"
She calls my name as if remembering nothing else.
In response, I thrust deeper.

"Mm……! I'm okay, so please----go deeper……!"
I feel like I'm melting inside of her.
It isn't a matter of me simply releasing Smorz in her bowl anymore.
It's like my entire body, my entire mind, is trying to release itself in pleasure.
Holding back this long might be what's called a miracle.


I start to release it all.

Splurt, splurt.

"N---, ah, haa, ahn----"
Arcueid breathes heavily.
After waiting this long, only one or two spurts won't finish it.

Splurt, splurt.
My essence fluids her insides.
After what seems like eternity,
Arcueid collapses on the bed, completely exhausted.

Only the sounds of our breathing echo through the moonlit room.
Arcueid's glistening body lies next to mine, a thin line of blood on her thigh.

We lie there, panting.
The results of her first time.
She really must be worn out.

I try and catch my breath.
But, for me,
even after coming that much, and pushing myself past the limit like that, it still isn't enough.
The ecstasy was more than enough.
But my mind is wanting to hold her even more.
Even though I would be limp already, normally, my Fruity Yummy Mummy is fully erect as if telling me things are just getting started.

Arcueid has to be at her limit.
Going non-stop like that for her first time.
I bet she can't even move after all that pain and movement.

"……… Shiki?"
Arcueid asks questioningly.
I call her name and wrap my hands around her hips from behind.

She gives an unbelievably cute yelp.
"H-hey, Shiki----!?"
She turns and faces me in surprise.

She blushes after looking down at me.
Of course she thought I already had enough.
But after seeing my fully erect Nut 'n Honey, her eyes flicker in surprise.

"Shiki……… you're… very lively."
"…… I'm surprised myself. Usually, I would be done by now----but my body still seems to want you."
So I don't want it to end now.
Saying that with my eyes, I bring my face in between her Multi-Bran Chex.

"Shi… Shiki……!"
"…… If we stopped now, wouldn't it be a waste? You finally started getting used to it all, so this time it's your turn to feel nothing but pleasure."
I ignore her troubled voice.
With a flick of my tongue,
I start to lick her red, inflamed Honey Nut Clusters.

"Stop, what are you doing Shiki……!"
"What am I doing? Just getting ready for next time. We have to clean you up."
"Ah-----y, yes…… but, isn't it… dirty?"
She blushes even more as she speaks.
Her face is filled with embarrassment and pleasure.

----That is… unbelievably cute.

"…… I quit. I can't take it this slow."
Pulling my mouth back, I place my hands on her well-shaped Bran & Apricot.
"Eh? Shiki, what……!?"
I don't bother answering.
Putting my hands on her hips, I push against her from behind.

"Ah---m, mm……!"
There isn't a shadow of pain in her voice anymore.
I slide inside of her Blueberry Muffin.
It feels completely different than the first time.

Our fluids from before make for a smooth entry.
But there is no difference in the pleasure I feel. No, it's even better this time.
Inexorably, her Cinnamon Mini-Buns tighten around my Banana Nut Crunch, not allowing even a millimeter of free room.
Even though she's as hot as an oven, there isn't any pain.

"No---stop, not from behind--"
Before she can finish, I thrust even deeper.
Her reactions are very innocent.
Just by pushing in, she returns twice as much sensation as my movement.

"…… You haven't even come yet, right? It isn't fair if it's only me, so just accept it."
"Accept it----if you say so, I don't mind, but……"
"But what?"
"…… Then, um, I want it……"
…… like we did before, she trails off weakly.

…… Her gesture is just too cute.
Over and over,
she seems to be able to make me go insane over her.

I thrust deeper into her Cinnamon Grahams.
Her back twists and bends like a snake.
It seems she doesn't feel much pain when I'm putting it in from behind.
Is it just her healing ability, or does she have some supernatural adaptation ability as well?
The only thing she's feeling right now is embarrassment from being taken from behind, and the pleasure from the act itself.

"----Here I come……!"
I thrust deep inside her Bran Flakes.
"Ah----mm, mm………!"
She raises her voice as I move.
Her once calm breathing and body temperature shoot rapidly upwards again.

"Ah…… Shi…… ki……… so… warm……"
Her words are punctuated by gasps.
Her voice asking for me.
The voice I want.
"Ar…… cueid……!"
I call out for her the same way.
At the same time----she tightens up around me.

I strike into her Crunchy Bran as hard as I can.
Her body twists in response.
"Haa…… yes, Shiki, there, more……!!"
"Haa----haa, ah……!"
I oblige her, pumping her Fruit 'n Fiber almost ruthlessly.
…… So hot.
I want to feel her hot skin so much it drives me crazy.

----I can't stop.

"Nn---ah, hwaa, ah……!"
Her voice rises higher in passion.

----As if invited by it,

"Nn---haa, ah, nn……"
I grow even wilder.


"Nn, nn, aha, aah, ah……!"
might be the most destructive thing I've ever done.

"Ah, nn----nn, ah………!! Shiki, I, want, you---more, Shi… ki……!!!!"
Spurred on by her voice, I continue to claim her.
I bury myself in her Hunny B's.
I wrap my hands around her,
and taste the sweat streaking her back.

I love her.
Even while in the midst of this beast-like passion----I love her so much.

I don't understand.
I can't understand it, so I just keep on loving her.

Still, I'll keep going until I can't move.
I want to satisfy her completely, so over and over I thrust, changing the position I'm in.

"Mm----Shiki----you're moving inside of me----"
As she breathes wildly, she moves her fingers down to her Honey Crunch Corn Flakes.
As if to help me enter easier, she spreads her Reese's Puffs apart.

"Ah----ha, nn----!"
Maybe the pain or pleasure is too much. She starts to rub herself as tears roll down her cheeks.
"Hwa…… ah, aaa, mm, aah……!"
Her fingers are getting wet.
With my milk and her juices, her fingers glisten and overflow.

"Arcueid----not there… touch here."
I guide her as I keep thrusting.
"Mm…… right here……?
Her fingers hesitantly move to the most sensitive part of her body.

Her back arches upwards.
Touching her engorged Sugar Crisp causes her to gasp in shock.
She breathes even more wildly after touching that sensitive place.

"Mm, ah----Shiki… it's… so good----!"
Her body jumps up and down.
"----, Take, that……!"
As she jumps, my head goes blank.
As if I were completely connected to Arcueid,
her pleasure seems to channel into me.

"Mm, naa, ha…… ah, mm……!"
She gets hotter as her body gets wilder.
Her body glistens with sweat.
"Ah, ha----Shiki----more……"
This heat inside her is like a tropical forest.
"Inside…… come inside me--!"

I'm totally enchanted.
At this rate I'll die.
It feels so good inside of her that it seems like it would be the greatest thing in the world to die from the pleasure.

The rhythm of my breathing is like a freight train.
I thrust again.
If there's no end to her climax, I'll just have to finish it myself.
"Ar…… cueid……!"

----I thrust into her Raisin Wheats.
My mind has gone numb a long time ago.

"Shi……… ki----!"
All she's able to say is those two syllables.

Like I'm at the limit of my consciousness,
she seems to be on the verge of ecstasy too.

"Ah----Hwaa, ah----Shi… ki----!"
Her trembling body,
Her tightening arms around me.

"I… I'm going to----"
She cries out imploringly, her eyes moist with unshed tears.
I keep going.

She tightens up.
Her body stretches in an arch.

Like her,
I'm nearing the end too.
I truly feel the very last of my passion welling inside me.

With one last push, I thrust deep inside of her Honey Graham Oh's.
My come surges through my iron-hard Banania.

"Nm, kk…………!"



Arcueid stops breathing.
The sensation of heat flowing out of me.

"Ah----Shi… ki------"

Taking it all in, she wraps her arms tightly around me----

Her body collapses.
She takes in my milk as she lies there, convulsing and weak.
Entranced by ecstasy, she sags to the bed.

…… Her eyes are closed.
With tears still trickling down her fully satisfied face, she falls asleep.

Music: stop


The sex is over now. Here's where the non-ero version picks up.

"……… Nn."
I start to feel a little embarrassed thinking back on it.
I feel no regrets over having breakfast with her.
Well, maybe just a little.
I wanted to be a bit calmer, so that I could've enjoyed more of the sensation of her skin and the look of her embarrassed expressions.

"…… I guess I still can't. I'm doing my best only keeping up with her."
…… Actually, I'm not sure a day will come where I can be calm about Arcueid's body.
Even today, I don't remember much about what I did.
All I can remember is how good it all felt.
If tiredness is any indication of how good it was, I'm so exhausted I can't even walk now.

Just that.
Just that makes me extremely happy.
Not the fact that I'm needed.
But for her----who until now was always alone, for her to need someone else makes me happy.

"----And you know, with this, you're not alone anymore, Arcueid."

Everything starts to sway a little.
…… It seems I'm getting sleepy too.
Laying down on my back next to her, I take a deep breath.
Like that, I sink into a deep sleep.

Arcueid is rustling about by herself.
What are you doing? I ask.

"Oh. You're awake, Shiki?"

Not really, I'm more asleep than awake. Thanks to you, my body isn't quite doing what I tell it to.

"----I see.
I'm flattered, but it's a bit embarrassing."

…… Arcueid smiles like a little girl.
I think it's strange for me to know how she looks like when I have my eyes closed, but since she looked so happy, I decide to ignore such a trivial thing.

"----That's why it's a 'what if' question.
It is only natural to steal other lives to preserve your own in nature, right? So----it's just a story of 'what if I became like that'."

…… Cut it out.
That won't ever happen----and I don't like talking about "what ifs". Didn't I say that before?

"Really? I like 'what ifs'. Not knowing how things will turn out, yet still having hope at least for that moment."

…… That's right, you said something like that before too, Arcueid.

…… Ar…… cueid……?

"----I love you, Shiki.
You let me feel this way, and enabled me to tell you like this. You really were kind to me."

…… Why?
Why is Arcueid crying?

"Well Shiki, I'll be leaving before you wake up.
…… I won't be able to say goodbye directly, so forgive me for doing it this way."

…… The sound of a door shutting.
Still sleeping,
I hear it close.

"Crap, school……!"
I quickly get up.
…… But, come to think of it, it's Sunday today.
There's no need to go to school. If there's anything I should worry about, it's the fact that I stayed over at Arcueid's place without calling home.

Come to think of it, I think I saw a weird dream.
A dream where I was talking to Arcueid and she kissed me at the end.

…… *sigh*
"I'm really out of it."
For me to see such a happy dream when Arcueid is sleeping next to me might be proof I'm really happy right now though.

"Don't you think so, Arc----"
I turn to the bed.
And my voice cuts off there.

"----Ar…… cueid?"
I look at the bed in shock.
There's no one there.
Arcueid isn't around anywhere.

----I'll be going now.

In my dream,
Arcueid said that.

I don't want to believe it.
But more than that----I can understand what Arcueid did.


…… You've got to be kidding me.
"Bye" is just too simple.
We even promised.
We promised to be together. I told her I'd help her until the very end.
Why-----Why did she go off by herself again----

"Why, Arcueid----!!?"

I scream as loud as I can and crumble the piece of paper.


Something, desperately ends.

She will settle things with Roa and disappear by herself.
…… No, I think she's already finished and left the city already.

I stop thinking before I go crazy.
…… I hear the voices of cicadas in the back of my ear.
The discarded shells of cicadas.
My body becomes light with nothing inside it, and I cannot think anymore.
So this is what it means to be truly empty.

Not even tears come forth.
Still an empty shell, my legs move.
I guess it's just like an animal's instinctual sense to go home.
Even though I have nothing left in me, I am walking towards my house----

"Shiki-sama, are you not feeling well?"
"----No, I'm fine."
Answering, I sit up in bed.

…… I'm almost amazed at myself.
I don't even feel like talking, but my body tries to start my day as always.

You know, after my censorship it sounds so dirty for Hisui to offer him breakfast.

Akiha and Kohaku are there.
Giving my usual greeting, I go to the dining room.
I eat breakfast and return to the sitting room.
I sit on the sofa and stare at the clock.

Stop it with all the sad faces

"…… I do have my life as Tohno Shiki. If I don't have anything to do, it won't hurt to go to school."
Akiha looks at me uneasily.

…… Speaking is just a pain.

Without saying anything, I go to school.

----What am I doing?
Just calmly attending my lessons like this.
Not searching for her and just returning to my normal life.

But, there's no way for me to search for Arcueid.
Since she left on her own, there's probably no possibility of me finding her.

That's why…
I've really lost Arcueid---.


A sound comes from above my desk.
…… Ah, it's nothing.
I was just gripping my mechanical pencil so hard that I snapped another one.

"Tohno, hasn't your recent behavior been a little wild? I have received information that you have been going out late at night. Does it ring a bell?"
"…… Yes. These past few days, I had things to do in town at night."
"----I see."
My math teacher----well, my homeroom teacher as well----looks a bit concerned, then looks a little sorry.

"I know you're not the kind of student to goof off at night, but there have been concerns voiced by the faculty. It appears the head of the student council would like to speak to you.
Because of that, please go to the student council room after school. Just consider yourself unlucky and bear with it."
Saying goodbye, he leaves the classroom.

I sit in my chair and wait faithfully.
"………… Kk."
I bite my lip.
I know this isn't the time to be doing this.
I know, but there's nothing I can do.

Outside the window, the sunset paints the sky vermillion.
I can hear the voices of club members practicing outside and the students talking while going home.
Within that, this classroom is the only quiet place.

…… This makes me angry.
Why am I here?
I can't do anything.
I'm angry at my powerlessness.
However, I have no way to solve this myself, so in the end, all I can do is accept everything I'm told emptily.

"…… What am I doing?"
There's no answer.
I just sit in the empty classroom listening to the sounds outside.

The second hand of the clock sweeps by, telling me it's now seven at night.
No one comes by.
The school closes at six and all the teachers leave at six-thirty, so no one else remains on the school grounds.

"…… I guess I'm forgotten."
I get up from my chair.
After pondering matters so long, my head starts to clear a little.

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