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My mind is set.
So I can't waste any more time here.
I have to go in town this very minute, and even if it means looking for a needle in a haystack, I have to find Arcueid----

I lose myself for a moment gazing at it.
The silver moon.
Delicate beauty like glass, it feels like it will crumble if I were to reach out my hand and touch it.
That moon.
When I was a child. I feel like. I saw it. In a stupor.

Music: play track 6

Uh oh. That music always means trouble. Quick, Shiki, run away!


Suddenly, the scar on my chest begins to ache.


My heart skips a beat.
My blood starts to circulate wildly and I can't control my breathing.

----Thro, b.

I place my hand on my chest.
My uniform is soaked in blood.
My scar has opened and is bleeding.

----Thu, mp.

My breathing is out of control.
A chill runs through my back, and my spine painfully feels like it's going to burst open.

Someone is coming.
From the far end of the hallway, walking towards me.
Tap. The sounds of footsteps.

----There's something… not right.

This isn't the wild beating of my heart which comes from my body sensing danger like before.
A headache runs through my head.
This pain, this sense of danger is directed against me.

I feel that shadowy figure is something I----Tohno Shiki must not meet------.

I breathe harder.
Not even able to breathe properly, I take off my glasses.
My knife---is in my pocket.


My breathing stops.
…… There's, something wrong with my head.
I don't know this figure.
Even though I don't know----I can't help but feel like it resembles someone.

Tap, tap.
He approaches.
I'll be able to see his face soon.


Who does he resemble?
Who does he resemble?
Who does he resemble?
Who does he resemble?

Who am I forgetting------?

Now is about when you realize you just read several paragraphs describing a man slowly walking down a hallway.

I ready my knife.
The blade pops forth.
He continues walking.
There's no time to think or hesitate.

Under the white moon.
As if in slow motion, I ready my knife.
He doesn't stop.

as if time stopped only for me,

he easily reaches out and takes my knife, holding it upside down.

The sound of slashed flesh.
My knife he stole--is now plunged deeply--in my chest------

I think we made a bad choice, guys

Music: stop

My body collapses. All my strength drains as I crumble to the floor.

a white sheet falls.

----It's because I leaned on him when I fell.
As I fell, my hand took the bandages wrapping his body.

I fall onto the ground,
the knife still embedded in my chest.
Strangely, there is no blood or even pain.
My body just gets colder.
My consciousness drifts away.
My control over my body… everything starts to fade away.

"I did pay you back for killing me."
He says this as he looks down at me.
The face I see as I look up. I recognize him.

----Of course I recognize him.

Always----always, we were together.
When Akiha came to play, me and him were always there to welcome her----so why---have I forgotten his name until now……?

"That's right Shiki. It's really been a long time."
He----SHIKI smiles with satisfaction.

SHIKI. Shiki. Akiha. SHIKI. SHIKI. Akiha. Shiki.

Considering that other paths point out their two names are written with entirely different characters, I'm not sure how he didn't figure this out earlier. "Boy, it sure took me awhile as a kid to learn how to spell my name right! "

Those meaningless scribbles.

"Sorry Shiki. You'll have to listen to my grudges just a little longer, so I just avoided the "point" of death slightly.
It's not fatal, so you'll probably stay conscious for a bit. Don't fade away that easy."

It's... not fatal...? YOU STABBED HIM IN THE CHEST!

The unpleasant laugh and the terrible uneasiness I felt when I faced Nrvnqsr.
In the midst of my fading consciousness, I realize something.
He is----Arcueid's "enemy".

Wait, is it fatal or isn't it? Make up your fucking minds!

He flies.
Suddenly, SHIKI flies back as if he was struck by a car.

At the same time, a black-robed figure appears.

Even though this is the third floor, she crashes through the glass window and makes a flashy appearance.

After flying back many meters,
SHIKI stands up slowly and stares at me lying on the floor----and Ciel-senpai protecting me.

"Bitch----interfering once and now twice?"
Senpai only stares back wordlessly at SHIKI.

He lowers himself as if to attack Senpai.

----And then.

As if realizing something, SHIKI suddenly begins to laugh.

It bothers me that SHIKI doesn't know how to button his fucking shirt OR his pants. Christ, man, zip that shit up!

"I see, that's how it is, woman! I can't believe it, but that's how it is! Interesting, this is the first time such a thing has happened in 800 years……!
If that is the case, then new things truly do await me……!"
SHIKI continues to laugh from the bottom of his heart.
…… Senpai merely stares at the vampire in front of her.

"What is it? You have come to kill me, right? Or is it something else? Or is it that a cast-off shell cannot do anything on it's own?"
Senpai doesn't respond.
She looks away from the vampire and lifts me up.

"Oh? That impostor is more important than cutting off the cause behind you?
But, that's useless. He is beyond help. It's only payback for him living as Tohno Shiki until now.
No matter what, there is no healing someone who's lines of death are cut. Even that princess had to exchange her 800 years of time in order to regenerate.
----A human like him can't escape death."
His voice is full of mocking laughter.

Senpai doesn't say anything in response.
In the end, without a single word,
as she holds me, she goes through the glass window and jumps outside.

Bear with me, it's a long ending. More coming as I can get to it...

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