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Twisted Metal: Black

by Fiendly

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Original Thread: No colors anymore. Let's Play Twisted Metal: Black



Twisted Metal: Black revives a beloved series by taking it in a horrific new direction. The first two Twisted Metal games, developed by SingleTrac, were massively successful and popularized the vehicular combat genre, just in time for 989 Studios to take over and crank out two sub-par installments that were crushed by other upstart series in the genre. After four years of the series being dragged through the mud, Incognito Entertainment, a new studio founded by former members of SingleTrac, decided it was time to restore the good name of their classic franchise, but they weren't satisfied with simply returning to the formula everyone had loved back in the day.

By removing all the colors and the sardonic sense of humor as essential elements of the design, Twisted Metal's love of pointless destruction and tales of wishes gone awry suddenly went from delightfully whimsical to crushingly bleak. In Black, the most colorful thing we're likely to see is spilled blood, and our goal in every video will be to provide a vile human being with their greatest desire. This is a grim and disturbing journey that is nonetheless a fan favorite of the series, like a car crash you can't look away from.


Sweet Tooth at The Junkyard

Junkyard Dog at The Suburbs

Shadow at The Freeway

Roadkill at Downtown

Brimstone at The Highway Loop

Crazy 8 at Minion's Stadium

Outlaw at The Prison Passage

Darkside at The Snowy Roads

Spectre at The Drive-In Movie

Mr. Grimm at The Skyscrapers

Axel at Warhawk's Rooftop

Warthog at Suburban Terror

Manslaughter at The Stadium Slaughter

Yellow Jacket at The Carnival of Darkness

12-Pak at The Death Port
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