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Part 10: Redefining Overkill

Update 8: Redefining Overkill

"Sunday, January 30.

With many of the newer bases now fully online we've increased our R&D department considerably, and they have paid off already. We have had three breakthroughs in a matter of days. With the samples we collected from the downed UFO we now know specifically what to look for with our radar. We also have figured out how to use some of the alien weapons, but not how to reproduce them just yet. Perhaps most importantly, we've replicated the alien teleportation device on a larger scale.

We can detect aliens better, get our men into position almost instantly, and shoot them back with their own weapons. The Alien laser weapons we have available have been given to Haggis and the armory for general use. The power packs for the lasers are still a problem, but we've recovered nearly one hundred of them already so ammo shouldn't be a problem.

While Phoenix Company continued to spearhead the northern front against the aliens we have been fighting off more raiders in central and south America. Some of them are organized and likely to be more remnants of the Cult of Sirius, while others are just local factions of survivors and looters not willing to join the CoE just yet. As if there weren't enough threats on every side of us, the CoE keeps proposing missions to Volstock, at the south pole. What the hell? If I could teleport a squad out there it might be worth while. A nice isolated place for a secondary HQ would be nice, but sending men there via helicopter? Maybe once the engineers have re-fit all the aircraft to run off elerium.

Anyway, while all this research was taking place Phoenix Squad was sent to Thule in the Arctic to secure another step forward. Most of the Arctic Circle has frozen over since Nightfall lowered the temperature worldwide. We could actually walk our way over to Russia now. The mission at Thule itself was fairly routine with no casualties, however I'm including the full mission log due to the sighting of three new types of transgenats.

Hero rejoined the squad for this mission, while Ice7 is due to be cleared from medical in about 12 hours. Teppec is still undergoing field training as he is a bit more of a brain than a soldier, but he will be put into the rotation along with Ice and the rookie next mission. I plan on giving some of our veterans time off as Booya, Golden, and Vallhallan have been on almost every single mission so far. This only leaves the question of who will lead the squad when Booya isn't in the field."

Golden: Fuck its cold out here.
Canuck: Quit complaining, you'll get used to it.
Ackbar: I miss the warm sands of home already.
Booya: Should have come prepared, I'm wearing thermal underwear. Now be on the look out for things like that.

Rabbit: Holy crap, what the hell is that?
Vallhallan: Haven't seen them before. Must be a new transgenat.
Rabbit: And uh, that one too?

Canuck: Oh god, they both look like they have human bodies inside of them.
Golden: They aren't moving very quickly or shooting us yet.
Hero: You want to give them the chance to? Kill them!

Hero: Got it! See, that's what you do when you see an alien.
Golden: Yeah yeah...
Vallhallan: Rocket going out!

Booya: Good work. Move up to the bunker, clear the area and then we're going inside.
Golden: Hope it's warmer in there.

Rabbit: Another one of the fat floating ones!

Ackbar: By the mercy of Allah, are these aliens without weapons?
Hero: Well, they certainly aren't going to be using guns. No arms or hands.
Vallhallan: Fuck. I missed again. I'm going to blow the hell out of the next one I see.
Hero: Two more by the glacier.
Booya: Take the hill and open fire!

Vallhalla: Fuck, I didn't get a shot on either of them.
Golden: Too slow with that thing eh Valerie?
Vallhalla: Its fucken heavy you - Hey! I see another one!

Golden: What? That little bird thing?

Vallhallan: Oh yes, you're mine bird.

Golden: Dude, you just RPGed a bird.
Vallhallan: Damn right I did.
Golden: Maybe you need some time off?
Vallhallan: Shut up Golden showers.
Golden: Hey what?
Booya: We're moving on! Don't write your name in the snow or anything, Golden showers.
Golden: Oh come on, you too?

Hero: I hate these lifts...

Booya: Move out, slowly. Check the corners and Rabbit?
Rabbit: Yes sir?
Booya: You're on point with that jackhammer while we're in these damn hallways.
Rabbit: Right! Okay, moving up.

Rabbit: Hostile! Only got a pistol.

Rabbit: Oh god that wasn't a pistol!
Booya: Calm down bunny buns. Ackbar, take care of her.
Ackbar: Must I heal the female?
Booya: What's that supposed to mean?
Ackbar: Nothing. By Allah's will I will heal you.
Hero: Yeah that wasn't a normal pistol. Looks like a mini grenade launcher.

Booya: There's a hanger just up ahead. Golden, Hero, Val, we go in first, shoot anything that moves. Canuck and Ackbar snipe from the doorway. Rabbit follow after them. Ready... Go go go!

Golden: I see four!

Hero: Get down and open fire!

Booya: Anyone wounded?
Canuck: I took a hit, vest stopped it though. I'm alright.
Ackbar: I have a small wound on my arm. The purple one spit on me.
Booya: Alright, nothing bad. Take care of yourself there Ackbar. Rest of you scout the entrance to the hallways out of here.

Vallhallan: Uh Booya?
Booya: Yeah?
Vallhallan: Maybe you should look right.

Booya: Great jumping Jehoshaphat! How did he sneak up like that? Shoot him!

Booya: Right, now like I was saying...
Hero: We found another one!

Booya: Damn it, the ladies are beating us to it!
Rabbit: Got another one!

Booya: Dang nabit...

"With the capture of this facility we are almost within range of Russia and Europe. I wonder how things are going there, but doubt it much better then what we have seen so far.

We continue to see new types of transgenats as we expand, however these latest types seem to be slow, fat, and pose no sort of offensive capability. Medical gave them a look over and claims they are in fact capable of defending themselves, and the preliminary exams are as follows:

Well, the first two might be able to defend themselves anyway. There wasn't much left of the bird Vallhallan killed, but it looks as harmless as a normal bird that couldn't fly.

Aside from the new laser guns getting sent to the armory, there isn't much new gear to keep Haggis happy with. Only things we hadn't seen before were the mini-launcher that injured Rabbit, and a small cache of gas grenades which we really aren't sure about. I'll leave it to Haggis to figure out what's in them.

The squad is getting a day or two of rest for now to mend up and complete training. Then I'm sending the newer soldiers out to get some good combat experience under their belts. As well as taking the time to rest Booya and the others, maybe send them in for some training too.

With Thule captured and operating as our forward staging point for continued expansion the tech boys have updated out geoscape map and... have got to be kidding me. Johnson!!!"

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by lilljonas 'Hero'

Personal Log of Megan "Hero" Okembo. Part 5.

Now isn't this weird. The combat zone is a fuckin' hellhole of a place to be in, but somehow, it's still better than sitting on your ass in camp and wait for the rest of the guys to come back. And it went well too, there were a lot of strange new aliens, but they fell easily enough when I shot them. Booya seemed a bit pissed that me and Rabbit got so many kills. Especially when we mentioned it in the locker room. And the showers. And the cafeteria. And during the pool game. He should relax a bit, he's a good squad leader, but I think he needs something to put his mind off the responsibility now and then. Especially after that rookie.

We've come a long way. With the new stuff the tech guys are cooking up, we will soone be able to respond to any threat across the continent. I would never have believed that when we went out to fend off some local raiders that first mission. Maybe there's hope after all.

End of Entry

Posted by Dinictus 'Rabbit'

Personal Log of Raveena "Rabbit" Sen
January 31st, 6th Entry

Another successful mission, but god damnit if that wasn't a close one. Whatever that Morelman was carrying downright singed every hair off my face. I guess there's one upside to it. No more pulling out nose hairs for quite a while.

We've discovered some pretty horrifying transgenants this time around - translucent worms filled with humanoid corpses, helpless and featherless birds. What kind of power could change people like that so terribly? At least Val enjoyed blowing them to kibble.

I don't know why, but Nitin, or 'Ackbar', doesn't seem to be giving it all for the team. He almost seemed hesitant to give me first aid after that grenade that Morelman shot at me. By Allah's will, indeed. What does he want me to do, gracefully avoid an explosive blast like a prima-ballerina so he won't waste his precious man hours on me? I'll probably try and have a level conversation with him. We're in this together, after all. And frankly, I don't want anyone to end up like Sandra because the doc's reluctant to heal his patients.

Vina's been drawing again between doing her work with mister Canmore. She's been drawing pictures of my colleagues lately, and has even given a few to some of them. Heh. It's good to see she's back to her somewhat careless self again after two days earlier.

Posted by Canuck-Errant


You know what? Getting shot in the chest hurts.

Maudits transgenants et leurs maudits fusils... qu'l'on 'zenvoy en ENFER, crisse...

Well, the old US AFB in Thule is active again, tracking aliens, or whatever the hell. Shit, hold on... fuck! No wonder I feel like shit, my chest's all bruised up! Gotta take some painkillers... HEY! ACKBAR! You got any painkillers there?

... no, I'm not- it's my chest! 's all bruised and it hurts like hell!

Hey, thanks! Just keep Showers away from me, 'cause it hurts worse when I laugh, eh?

...ahhhhh. Wait, shit, I left it logging? Uhh... right. Um, we haven't managed to retake CFB Gander yet; I think it's only a matter of time, myself. Maybe they forgot where the base is. *hoarse laugh*