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Part 13: It's Not Even a Real Country Anyway

Update 11: It's Not Even a Real Country Anyway

"February ninth, situation update and mission debrief.

Another important first has been made in our war. Yesterday we managed to shoot down another UFO. This one was larger then the first, and was guarded by a wing of three smaller UFOs. We lost one of the Euro Fighter Typhoons sent from Thule, but the pilot has been recovered and the loss of the plane was well worth the recovery of an entire UFO.

With Booya and the others resting, this mission was handed to Hero. I would have liked to given the rookies an easier mission for their first time, but trial by fire and all that jazz. Ice7 returned to active duty for this after his recovery in medical and time spent training. This was also the first mission for soldiers Teppec and Panzer. Canuck was complaining about always being sent to cold mission zones, poor guy wasn't happy when this one crashed in the North Pole. Next time I'll ask the aliens to keep their UFOs between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Besides, I thought Canadians were used to cold weather anyway. Wasn't Canada a frozen tundra already before the The Fall?"

Hero: Well guys, I've been placed in charge of this mission while Booya gets some time off. Most of you I've already fought with, but for you two rookies just stick close and shoot at what everyone else is shooting at.
Panzer: Not a problem.
Teppec: Okay. I can do that.
Hero: And Ice, good to have you back with us on the field.
Canuck: Why are you telling me?
Hero: Because it's good to see you recovered?
Canuck: I'm not Ice.
Hero: What?
Canuck: Christ, we don't even look alike.
Ackbar: Yes you do. All with your beady little eyes and flapping heads.
Ice7: What? That's racist! You sir are a racist!
Canuck: Just look at us side by side.

Hero: Oh yeah... Sorry Canuck.
Ice7: Sorry Canuck? What are you apologizing to him aboot? I am ze one who should be offended here!You two have just insulted every French-Canadian in the world!
Rabbit: Doubt there are many left after Nightfall, Ice.
Ice7: What?! How dare you?
Rabbit: Oh come on. It isn't even a real country anyway.
Ice7 and Canuck: What?!
Rabbit: Canada became part of the Greater United States decades ago.
Hero: Oh boy... This is going to be a long mission. Just get on the helicopter everyone.

Teppec: Fuck it's cold. Thought this was Phoenix Squad, not Penguin Squad.
Canuck: Shut up rookie. I've been saying that all along.
Rabbit: Penguins are at the other pole, dumbass.
Ackbar: At least you did not have to come with us there, Teppec.
Hero: Alright alright, its cold, we get it. Lets just shoot some aliens and get back to base. The salvage from this thing should keep Vault busy for a few days.
Ice7: Oui. We can use ze base teleporters to go to ze base in Mexico and warm ourselves on ze beaches!
Panzer: Don't you Frenchys go to beaches nude, or in horrible male thong?
Ice7: Oh, and what do ze Russians do, enforce everyone to wear an equal amount of clothing?
Panzer: At Russian beach, men wrestle polar bear to impress women.
Rabbit: Damn...
Panzer: Maybe I find polar bear while we are here, yah?
Teppec: Not to interrupt terribly, but shouldn't we get about the mission?

Hero: Right! Move out, let's find a way inside.
Panzer: Sweet St. Peter! I see them, Aliens!

Hero: Ahh my head!!

Rabbit: What? Why are you pointing you gun at me?
Hero: We will not let you pass.
Rabbit: Hero? What are you talking about? Are you alright?
Hero: Die human...Help... Rabbit...
Rabbit: Somethings wrong with Hero!

Canuck: The one with the blue shield is carrying something I've never seen before.
Panzer: Firing grenades!

Panzer: What?! that barely slowed them down.
Teppec: Panzer, get down!

Ice7: Mon Dieu!!
Teppec: Holy fuck! His Face!

Ackbar: Infidel down! Their armor has improved!
Hero: What the fuck happened... My head... Oh god, Rabbit! What happened!?

Rabbit: You shot me! That's what happened!
Hero: I-I don't remember that. Here, I got you. Going to be alright?
Rabbit: For now... I'm going to need a stay at medical when we get back.

Canuck: Got the other one! Go snipers!
Ice7: What about Panzer?
Hero: Oh man... His face is all messed up.. But I don't think the laser got past bone or anything vital... I can stabilize him, but I don't want to move him until we can get him on a 'copter back to base.
Ice7: Leave him behind while we clear the UFO? Zat is madness!
Hero: It's that or we don't go in there at all.
Canuck: I'll stay behind and guard him. Doubt there is much room to snipe inside that thing.
Hero: Do it. Rest of you, we're going in.

Rabbit: This place looks just like the inside of their base.
Teppec: It's fascinating...
Hero: You can study it later. We need to kill everything that moves in it for now.

Teppec: I see one!
Hero: Shit, plasma launcher. Waste him!

Teppec: I got him!
Ice7: You call that shooting? All I zee is you holding down ze triggar and spraying bullets like a blind man.
Teppec: Killed him, didn't I?
Ice7: How could you 'ave missed? You could 'ave hugged the slimy bastid.

Rabbit: Got one over here!

Ackbar: May the alien infidel burn in a thousand pits of hell.
Rabbit: He didn't have a chance.

Teppec: Another one here! He's carrying the same device as the one outside.
Ice7: Shoot 'im!!

Hero: What the hell?! Did Teppec just disappear?
Ice7: I do not know! I do not see 'im either.

Ice7 - Killed 'im!
Teppec: Whoa... what happened?
Hero: Teppec! You vanished for a moment.
Teppec: I uh.. don't know what happened. One moment I'm shooting at him, the next he's dead over there.
Hero: They're carrying some strange weapons today. Must be more here, be cautious.

Hero: Fuck my arm!
Teppec: Spray and pray, the German way.

Teppec: See Ice? There is something to it.
Ice7: Yah yah. Sacre bleu! What ist that one carrying?
Hero: Find out later Frenchy!

Hero: That looks like everything here. Lets get back to Canuck and Panzer and get out of here.
Teppec: Wait, look at that table. They're abducting humans and doing something to them.
Hero: Later Teppec. I'm sure the whole UFO will get dragged back to the base in Thule.

"Well it was a success, and our tech boys are ripping the alien the alien ship apart for research. They have already come up with a number of possibilities. Most concern our aircraft. With the technical data from the X-Com files and elerium, and the salvaged alien ship we have what we need to make some radical upgrades to our planes.

They also claim they've figured out how the alien armor systems work and might be able to rework some of the ones we find in the field for human use.

And lastly Hero reported in that the aliens are using a new kind of weapon. Not laser or plasma or anything so simple and straight forward, but something that messes with peoples minds. Rabbit reported Hero acting strangely, and that Hero even opened fire on her, nearly killing her. Hero doesn't have any recollection of that but did witness Teppec vanishing into thin air before her, and reappearing when the alien they were fighting died.

It isn't surprising to see sectoids using psionic powers, and we will have to develop a counter measure quickly.

I also have to report that Rabbit is in medical for wounds sustained from Hero as mentioned previously. Also Panzer is in intensive care right now. He sustained a serious but non fatal laser blast to the face. The docs say he'll recover, but be scarred pretty bad. The laser missed his eyes or other vital spots and failed to melt through his cheekbone, there by sparing his life. They are not sure when he'll be fit for duty again, but at least he'll live.

Though this mission succeeded, its another reminder that taking on these aliens face to face is a lot harder then our dealings with transgenants. I'd hoped to give Booya and the other guys more than three days off, but the squad has two spots to fill. Booya's return is a given, but I'll ask if either Golden or Val want to volunteer for the next mission.

Speaking of, the next mission will be another hard one. We traced the UFOs flight back right back to its source. Another alien base in the Nordvik region, shown here.

I'll give the guys a day or two before sending them back out though. See if we cant get a few more pieces of enhanced armor ready for them before they head out."

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by Canuck-Errant 'Canuck'


Well, we got back from another fuck-off cold mission in the Arctic. I'm just glad my testicles aren't turning black and falling off from frostbite. Or my nose and ears, for that matter - these helmets are shit for keeping the cold off. I'd wear a balaclava or something, but noooo.

That was weird, though. They say the sectoids have some sort of psi-gun, and that's why Hero went berserk. I guess they know what they're talking about - I mean, this isn't the first time aliens have showed up on Earth, right? - but I'm going to keep an eye on Hero anyway. And maybe carry a tazer or something, if I can find one that works.

So yeah. I hung back when everyone went into the UFO, sitting with Panzer in the Osprey. Sniping's not too useful in a closed space like that UFO, right.

...but you know what?
Laser-burnt flesh smells like BBQ.

The whole time, sitting with Panzer - even with his groans and the gauze - all I could think of was pork ribs with BBQ sauce. And a charcoal grill in summer, and a good Montreal steak...

I smoked a whole pack of cigs on the way back. At least it kept my mind off of barbeque. Though I think I caught a few of the guys making a sniff at the smell in the Osprey.

...hey, I wonder if I couldn't use a laser rifle to roast some steak after a mission. If I can cadge one from Haggis, I might give it a try...

...I wonder where I can find BBQ sauce?

Posted by Dinictus 'Rabbit'

Personal Log of Raveena "Rabbit" Sen
February 9th, 8th Entry

I'm recording this entry from medical right now. That mission was really... a turn for the worse.

Let's see, Booya and the other veterans of Phoenix have been put on standby now to enjoy some time off after their time with Phoenix. Hero was given command by commander Vault for the assignment, and likely for the ones to come. We were sent to the arctic for a retrieval assignment. Big alien ship that would yield quite a few insights, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We already ran into some heavy resistance the moment we neared the vessel. For some odd reason, Megan soon turned around on us and started to speak in tongues. She lifted her rifle at me and threatened to shoot. Good god, the eyes. I've never seen her so afraid before. Even as she fired, her eyes told so much before my vision blacked out by the blast. I don't think I've ever seen her like that before.

They literally used our own against each other, those alien scumbags. I've already told Megan back at debrief it wasn't her fault, but I think she's still shaken up about it. Thank god the effects were temporary, but this is... a devestating means of attack. Not to mention devious.

She patched me up. We moved on. The ship was one gruesome discovery after the next, fresh corpses and less fresh corpses of humans on spikes as if on display of their own prowess. Another new weapon that phased one of the rookies out and made him blink back moments later. What are we fighting against?

I'm scared. These aliens can turn us against each other. I haven't told Vina what happened, and I think it's best no-one does, I don't think she'll understand. Mommy just got hurt by those bad guys, she'll get them next time. Oh god, I hope I'll never have to suffer what Megan had to. What if I kill someone with my 'hammer?

...Jesus, I don't wanna think about it.

Posted by Colander Crotch 'Vallhallan'

Personal Log: Dick McReady

Great, I get a single mission off and the whole world goes to hell for it. Who would have thought that one of the rookies would have taken a laser blast to the face? I can tell you it sobered me up real quick to hear about the rest though. Mind control shit? That is the type of thing that makes me shudder. Although it could be us- (Removed from entry by user).

I suppose that I should go visit Rabbit and the Rook in the medical wing, and then swing by Hero's bunk to share a drink with her. I am sure that she could use it right now. It also seems that my leave was cut artificially short due to the injuries. I volunteered because I was more sober than Showers, and I am sure that he will just be a little bitch about it anyway.

-End Log

Posted by lilljonas 'Hero'

Medical evaluation of Megan Okembo, DFG#1285

The patient received some type of induced psychic trauma during the mission. The exact nature of the attack is unknown, and neither do we know if there are any long term or even permanent effects. We have treated her with mild sedatives and anxiety dampeners and she will be visited daily by Dr. Pierslow to check for any change in her behaviour. While there is no signs of a relapse, monitoring and some medication will be needed for now. She is deemed fit for combat operations.

Dr. Jebediah Thorpe

Personal log of Megan "Hero" Okembo, part 7.

This is so hard to write, but Jeb thought that it would help to keep entering my logs, so I'll do it.

I knew we were short on experienced soldiers, but the mission had to be done. We had downed one of the UFO's, and it was time to claim it and anything in it. I was given command of the squad since the rest of the "oldies" were on R&R, which makes my shortcomings so much harder to confess.

It came so quickly. We had barely made contact before I went limp. I'm struggling to describe it, but imagine that time suddenly stopped. Everything around me was like slowly drippling maple syrup. You know how sometimes, seing something trivial can make old memories suddenly appearing? Like seing an old schoolyard swing, and suddenly remembering that time you accidently bumped your best friend of it? It was like that, but on a level unlike anything I've ever experienced. Every single bad memory inching it's way through your brain like red-hot hooks pulled by an invisible hand, guiding the pain as it's tearing you apart. I saw Mom, saw her slowly wither away from her decease. I saw Dad, drunk and leaving us. Jeff, Mariah... Ngargly, the hospital, every single moan I heard there came back at the same time. Dave. And then it got worse. Confused and numb, the memories changed, and suddenly I was the one doing it all. Hurting everyone around me. Beating, screaming, cutting. Killing. When I finally returned I saw Raveena on the ground, shot by my rifle. I'm so sorry! If only I had been stronger, if we had been faster in killing the sectoid, perhaps I could have stopped it. But I couldn't, and because of that she's wounded. They almost made me kill her, and that frightens me more than anything. I... I don't want to imagine what I'd do if she had died today. I don't want to think about it. But we must, all of us. This won't be the last time they use that hideous hellspawn of a weapon on us.

After that, everything was a blur of adrenaline and pain. The UFO was filled with abominable things that would have terrified me before, but after what they did to me, it didn't even faze me. Panzer took a hit in the face, and it wasn't pretty. We had to finish the mission off quickly to get back in time for treatment, but the fighting inside the UFO was intense. Canuck had stepped up and guarded Panzer, and did a good job. These guys were not the most experienced, but they worked hard to make up for it with grit. And in the end we got home without casualties. I'm thankful for that.

Back at the base, I had to undergo some lenghty tests before they said that I'm not a danger to the base or something. I pray that's true. Raveena told me that she's not mad at me for, you know, shooting her, and I hope that's true. I'm so sorry. Vallhallan checked in too, and it warmed me. If the squad would lose their trust in me because of this, then I'd have nothing left. I never thought about it like that before, but the Squad is like a family after all. Losing that would just be too much. Val's a good guy, and while Golden is... recovering and not fit for duty, I guess he'll step in with Booya while Raveena and Panzer are recovering. I... well, I just really feel like shit right now, so I'll end this recording. I'll need to kill some alien assholes to clear my mind, the sooner the better.

End of Transmission