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Part 21: Maybe It's Not So Bad After All

Update 19: Maybe It's Not So Bad After All

"March fourteenth, report on first encounter with the Biomass.

We finally did it. We went to the Biomass and made it back. Whatever it is, the video recordings of the squad are more then disturbing. It's almost like a skin being grown over the landscape. Anyway, the last few days have been important in our efforts to counter the Biomass. The most important part being we brought back a sample of the stuff for research. Hopefully we can find out what exactly it is, and how to kill it on a global scale. The other discovery comes from our constant observation of the expanding borders of the Biomass.

Show here is the Biomass approaching Nordvik. On the right we see the mass that covered Japan, and on the left the European mass. The European mass hit the ice at the Arctic Circle and has slowed down considerably there. It hasn't stopped, and continues to expand in other directions, but at least the ice slows its progress to a mere crawl rather then covering entire countries in a matter of days. This means the Arctic Circle will at least buy us a large chunk of time before the Biomass can spread its way across to our more established areas.

Also shown there is our base in Sweden-"

"Norway Sir."

"What? God damn it Johnson, how did you get in here?!"

"Sorry Sir, just delivering a copy of the latest autopsy reports from medical. But the base you mentioned, it's in Norway. Someone must have misinformed you previously."

"Gah. Thank you Johnson, now get out of here."

"Yes Sir!"

"As I was saying, also visible in the satellite photo is our base in Norway. It is still evacuating as many people as it can, but it's only a few days away from being over run. A better picture of the situation is shown here.

The Netherlands and Europe are going to be over run in short order. We have located possible base sites in London and Gibraltar, but are not making any moves on them yet. There seems to be little point in capturing them if we're only going to lose them in a week. Still, I think I'll order another squad to take the base in Gibraltar to continue the evacuation of Europe.

That's all that has changed on the strategic front. As for the tactical, we have our first incursion into the Biomass as I mentioned. About twelve hours ago a UFO was detected at low altitude and climbing from a spot in the middle of the Biomass. It seems pretty clear the Aliens have a base in there somewhere, which is more bad news. Not only are they using this shit to terraform Earth, but they're capable of living in it, or at least basing out of it. Anyway, the UFO shot down one of our planes over the Biomass before it was downed. This was as good a chance as any to see what the hell was out there in that shit.

The mission called for a smaller squad then normal, six rather then our usual seven, to make room for the pilot in the helicopter. Continuing Phoenix Company's tradition of sending our rookies into the hardest mission we can find at the time I pulled Ice and Gulping out for the mission and put Sneaky into the action."

Golden: Whoa, what the hell is this shit?
Sneaky: Christ... Look at all that stuff coming out of the ground.
Jimmy: It's like Biomass is some kind of skin or something.
Vallhallan: Yeah, that shit sprouting up all over the place looks like hairs.
Ackbar: We are in a bad place my friends.
Booya: Aw quit bitching ladies. Val, dig a sample for the R&D guys.
Vallhallan: Aw this is gross...
Sneaky: Is... the ground... bleeding?
Golden: This place is disgusting and giving me a head ache already.
Booya: Shut up showers.
Golden: Can we just get this over with?
Booya: Yeah, just a second. I want to try something out first.
Jimmy: Is that a bottle of bleach?
Booya: Uh huh. The janitor wanted me to try it out, said that it would kill anything.
Jimmy: Well....
Booya: Well one of these hair thingies is starting to wilt a little.
Ackbar: Pick up your guns! I see something... unnatural.

Sneaky: What the fuck is that!?
Booya: Calm down Snoops. None of us have been in the Biomass before, so we have no idea what anything is.
Vallhallan: Is that even alive? It looks like a ball of spikes.

Jimmy: A ball of spikes thats hovering above the ground using more spikes coming out of the ground to roll toward us?
Vallhallan: You got a better idea?
Jimmy: New type of transgenant?
Sneaky: Argh, damn I am getting a hell of a head ache.
Booya: Hmm, Snoopy isn't looking good. That things probably Psionic.
Ackbar: I fear it is far worse then that.
Vallhallan: Whatever, I'm wasting that thing.

Golden: Well, at least they die like normal transgenants. Wait, when did you get so accurate Valerie?
Vallhallan: Shut up showers, why don't you got fail to scout something and get someone killed.
Golden: ....
Vallhallan: ....
Booya: Quit bickering you two.
Sneaky: Hey, Sarge? Are they always like that.
Booya: Yeah... Hey Golden, you're on point. Move it.

Golden: Holy fuck, what the hell was that?!
Sneaky: It shot purple at him!
Ackbar: That is psionic energy my friend.

Booya: It's that critter on the rock, blast it!

Sneaky: I think I got it!

Sneaky: Never mind, it is definitely dead now.
Jimmy: Should start calling Vallhallan 'Late Hit' from now on.
Vallhallan: Hey, it's dead isn't it? Not My fault the grenades take a little while to get there.

Booya: You there! You the pilot? We're here to get you the hell out of here.
Fuckery: Dietrich "Fuckery" Kast reporting sir! Happy to get the fuck out of this place.
Booya: Right, stay in the back with Ackbar there and keep your head down.
Ackbar: Allah will protect us in this land of devils.
Golden: At least the aren't a whole lot of transgenants in the area.
Fuckery: They might be back that a way a mile or two checking out the plane wreck.
Vallhallan: Who knows, lets get the hell out of here.

Jimmy: Hey Fuckery, you haven't noticed anything happening around here while on the ground have you?
Fuckery: Just some bugs, looked like big beetles ran by. Left me alone though.
Jimmy: Huh, haven't seen those yet.

Golden: Oh god, my brains!
Fuckery: Holy shit, it just shot him with purple!
Sneaky: Yeah, that's what I said the first time too.
Ackbar: I have this one.
Golden: Oh god just shoot it, it hurts my brain!

Vallhallan: Get a hold of yourself dude. It's incapacitated.
Booya: Hey, they look like an armadillo!
Jimmy: Great, just what we need, psionic armadillos.
Booya: Just add it to the list of other weird shit we've killed. Sneakers, pop a smoke canister and call the 'copter.

"While the primary mission was the safe recovery of pilot Kast, the sample the squad brought back of the Biomass will prove far more valuable. Hopefully we can get this stuff researched as soon as possible and figure out a way to kill it because bleach isn't going to do it. Why the hell did Booya take a bottle of bleach on a mission anyway? He said something about the janitor. Well whatever, they can have their fun as long as it doesn't jeopardize anything. It's good to keep morale up anyway.

The last thing of interest to report on is that the missions to The Azores islands went off with out a problem. The area is under our control and we're setting up another base there. We didn't find much in terms of stockpiles or transgenants, it seems there wasn't much of anything out there. It will serve as another forward position to launch attacks from when we develop a counter measure to the Biomass.

That is about all for now, I'll upload those autopsy reports Johnson dropped off in minute and the latest geoscape photo of Europe. I'm going to take the rest of the day off though, I need a vacation."

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by Forest Fuckery

Personal Log of Dietrich "Fuckery" Kast
March 16th
[Entry 05]
I made it back. Vault came to me 3 days ago and said he needed my help to "cut through some red tape". The CoE has denied all interaction with the Biomass, and the only way Vault got his precious squad there was for a rescue mission. That's where I came in. I'm hit, I'm hit aargh going down help help and then I sat tight until the heroic Phoenix Squad got there. It wasn't exactly pleasant. Things shot purple at me. And I've got this weird damn headache that just won't quit.

Posted by Ladderface

Notes of a Swedish Refugee

Land skall med lag byggas.(By the law, the land shall be built)
-Karl XV of Sweden

Having been evacuated from the Polisen station outside of Gothenburg and moved to this base, I believe that an account should be kept for any of Swedish heritage that may live to see the other side of this situation. Let it be known, that I Tova (having dissociated myself from my surname to build community in our former "home"), in the wake of the decimating alien invation (which the military units seem refer to as "Reticulans") along with about a dozen local men, a slightly greater number of women, as well as 20 or so assorted children gathered together in the place commonly associated with protection in such times of need - the local Polisen office. About four or five of our number were employed by this station, although I think it is quite easy to consider their employment terminated (not that a paycheck would mean a thing due to the collapse of the European Union, and all other greater forms of country government). From this station, we were able to supply ourselves from the armory to hold off the mutants that resulted from the "Nightfall", stage raids for food in the neighboring houses and stores, as well as try to take in whatever survivors we found. Over the course of our stay, we managed to take in half a dozen more survivors, but also had to bury four times as many due to attacks by the mutants (again the military units call them "Transgenants"), infighting, as well as a good number of suicides. Many figured that whatever comes after death has to be better than this, but I have no such faith. The only think I am sure of is what I'm experiencing now, and I'll take as much of it as circumstances allow.

Getting back on track - Three days ago, a well armed, armored, and organized group of people claiming to be from a new earth government calling the Counsel of Earth ran into one of our foraging teams. They warned them of a rapidly spreading "plague" spreading our direction. Promising refuge from this "biomass" as well as the transgenants, aliens, and a supposed alien cult, they directed us toward a base in Norway that would teleport us to a safer location. Although many members of our group felt sick at the idea of abandoning Sweden, the CoE members impressed upon us the futility of staying with the encroaching biomass. We departed with them for the Norwegian base in former Nordvik. There were a fair number of Refugees here already, and more came in every day that we waited to be teleported out. Along with some other Swedes and Norse, there were a fair number of Finns as well. As much as we had been through since the Fall, some things still stayed common and much jeering and harassment was exchanged between the Finns and Swedes. To tell the truth, I believe it was a relief for both parties, as it was finally something that reminded us of how things used to be.

On the day we were to be teleported out, I found myself in an observation tower in the base. Looking out the window to the east; the horizon was much darker than usual. The CoE officers said that this was an effect of the Biomass creeping toward the horizon. Some said that they had flown over it in a helicopter, and been unable to describe what they saw. Upon seeing the reconnaissance photos, I can't help but agree. It looks like some sort of biological canvas, with all number of warts, tumors and other growths sprouting out of it. Even after seeing all number of transgenants, watching the earth turned into something so completely alien silenced me for a long time. My teleport session was announced over the intercoms, and my group warped out. Many were excited to be going to a more organized area, and the children were excited by the idea of a teleporter. Janne noticed my solemn state, and tried to question me, but I refused to mention what I'd seen. Everybody seemed so lifted by the day's move that I didn't want to bring anything down on them.

For now, I believe we're in a base in Mexico, although with the teleportation it's hard to know where you are exactly. All I know is that it's somewhere too damn hot, and I'd like some ever loving herring. Sure, these burgers may be fresher, and I have no arguments with the crab (although the pieces seem unbelievably large), I miss the good old herring from home. Everybody else seems to be settling in well, but are also having problems with the weather and food. The base gets more crowded every day, as more refugees move in, and there's a definite lack of things to do in such a crowded space. I've befriended a member of the Janitorial staff, who helps sneak me into the military shooting range every now and then. After living and dying by the gun, it sure can be a comfort to hold one again.

I believe that I've taken down the important details for now - if possible I will try to get a hold of any official CoE documentation for the Fall, and for now I will leave you.

- Tova

Posted by Rear Admiral BOOYA 'Booya'

*** REMOTE ACCESS INITIATED. WARNING: IF YOU ARE NOT PROPERLY CLEARED TO VIEW THIS MATERIAL, HIT 'BACK' NOW. IT IS PROHIBIjdjjgjjjfjiojffffratsratsratsratsratsratsratsratsratsonmyfacelkdjfk' ***

Journal of Malcom McLean, ( "BOOYA") dated xx/03/2087.

Y'know, the shit we fight is gettin' weirder by the day. First we're fightin' mutant dogs; mutant dogs I can deal with. They're just some mutant-ass canids that like to bite with poison fangs. Then, we're fightin' giant crabs that use Volkswagens as their shells, and while that's kinda bizarre, y'know, I can still shoot 'em with a rocket and they'll explode like everything else.

Yesterday, though, I shot bullets at a cross between a flea and a rabbit that shot psychic mind-lasers out of its ass at me an' all my other crew.

I just don't got the words for that.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go get stinkin' drunk and encourage the new pilot we picked up on the biomass to get in a bar fight. Sometimes a man's gotta shit house someone to get the stress of a crash in alien enemy territory off his mind.


Posted by Canuck-Erant -'Robo-Canuck'

LOG 16 MAR 1969

I've been spending a lot of time with the scientists and technicians who did the cyborgization thing on me. They're saying I was pretty lucky my body didn't just reject the implants - what was left of it, anyway. Fucking spacebees went for my legs and chest, mostly; my left leg and most of my chest were gone when they stuck me in cryo. They fixed them with cybernetics, but my left leg has a sticky actuator, and whatever they used to replace my right shoulder makes a loud whining noise whenever I move that arm. Hooray for the marvels of modern biotechnology.

I overheard some of the techs mumbling in the corner about my "ability to reproduce", but when they caught sight of me they stopped talking and moved to another room. I've archived their faces for later interrogation.

Nobody has any idea why the vocoder unit isn't working right. Not that I really mind most of the time, but it's hard to put the mack on that hot researcher chick when you SOUND LIKE THIS, MEATBAG.

I wonder what she's researching, actually. I heard they were doing research on those bugs with the purple "mind energy" things - psionics and shit. I'll believe in that stuff when I see it; right now, I believe in brass-jacketed slugs and titanium-jacketed servos.

Posted by seaborgium

Personal Log Entry 6, Bruce "seaborgium" Smith, Janitor for the Council of Earth,

Whiskey production has almost been completed. I should have one barrel finished in the next day or so, and another coming out next week. Just need to find either some good things to trade it for, or some desperate women. Preferably both.

I was talking to that Booya guy about that freaky shit that is growing all over Russia and shit. Said some bleach should clear it right up. Apparently he either took me too seriously, or not seriously enough. He brought one container of watered down bleach out, and when he brought me back the empty said it didn't really work. Now I'll never get a full scale test, cause they're gonna listen to him over me. Oh well, best hope the scientists can come up with something quick.

All sorts of weird ass armor coming out now too, with shields and psionic weapons and shit. Kind of weirds me out. If psychics really work, why didn't we see this shit coming? That's my thought on the whole thing. As for my to do list, it hasn't gotten any shorter. And just in case some aliens show up, I've started stockpiling some extra "cleaning" supplies around the base. Lets hope none of the kids get into it, but I figure me having some extra napalm, C4, and whatever the fuck else I can get my hands on will keep me from having to move the still.

Back to work now, hopefully we don't get invaded tonight, that third floor toilet is clogged and I do not want to die knee deep in shit water.

1. Taste test whiskey. Give some to Haggis, maybe he'll like it.
2. Find women. "Hey, it's the end of the world, you don't want to die alone do you?" should be a good pickup line.

---End log