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Part 25: The Psion-Mass

Update 22: The Psion-Mass

"Commander Vault, March thirtieth.

In the last week we have made several important research developments in our fight against the Biomass and the Reticulans alike. Including Anti-Biomass weapons, and new weapon platforms made for squad combat. There a quite a few important things that I will go into full detail about later.

First the mission report. With the discovery that the Biomass has nodes which we can destroy to set the Biomass back significantly, Hero's team was sent into the Biomass to try and locate one of these nodes and destroy it. While they didn't find a node, they found something more disconcerting...

Sneaky: Sweet, the Biomass.
Rabbit: The hell are you so cheerful about being out here for?
Sneaky: Glad to be out with the squad rather then stuck at base training the recruits and militia.
Fastball: Ha, well try not to get yourself killed out here.
Fire Storm: Fire Storm will protect you, okayyyy!
Sneaky: Uh... yeah, thanks Fire Storm.
Hero: Good, it's settled then. Sneaky, you're in the back with Fire Storm.
Fire Storm: Fuuuu~!
Sneaky: Argh...

Panzer: Target spotted, one of those armadillos Booya was talking about.

Sneaky: Something else over there- eerrghhkk... Can't move!

Hero: Fuck, I can't either. Shoot them!

Panzer: Got some of those little tick critters too.
Fastball: Fuck, I can't move either.
Hero: Damn it. Just stand guard until we can move again.
Rabbit: We should have considered bringing those stannum reinforced helmets.

Fire Storm: Theres another one!

Fire Storm: Never mind. Got him.
Hero: Fuck, about time. Alright I can move, every one else?
Sneaky: Yeah, I'm okay.
Fastball: I'm ready.
Hero: Good, lets go look around for this node thing.

Rabbit: What the hell is that? Is that it?
Hero: I don't think so. Sure doesn't look natural though.
: Fools...
Rabbit: What the hell was that?
Hero: Eyes open guys!
: Ha ha ha... You can not stop my ascension.
Sneaky: This is creeping me out. What the hell does that mean, ascension?
Panzer: Where is it coming from?
Fastball: Alright, but who the hell is communicating? There is no one here.
: No one... but me!
Hero: Ask later. Lets just kill what we find and get back to base.
: Yesss... Run home little ones. You will see the fullness of my powers soon.
Hero: Shut up and get out of my mind.

Rabbit: Incoming purple! Ow my head.
Fire Storm: Returning fire.

Hero: Another hostile!
Robo-Canuck: I AM IN RANGE.

Rabbit: Ugh, hold on a minute. I can't move.

Rabbit: Hey! Come on, I'm still stuck back here!
Hero: Just waste the little rock fleas. There shouldn't be much left around.
: Of course not...

Sneaky: Two fleas down. Rabbits moving again.
Rabbit: Yeah, I'm here. Thanks for waiting.
Fastball: Oh there wasn't anything else left around.
Hero: Well, doesn't look like we're finding a node today. Time for plan B.
Fire Storm: Plan B?
Panzer: Ready Hero.
Hero: Let's do it.

: Ahhh! It burns!
Hero: Ha, that got your attention huh?
: How dare you!?
Hero: I think we're good here, that's going to burn a while. Panzer, drop your spare canister here for when it spreads.
Panzer: Check.
:You can run, but you will not escape me, for I am everywhere.

"We still have no idea what the voice was that the squad heard. The squad minus Canuck that is. As Canuck suggested that probably means it was telepathic. Canucks hearing is far above a normal humans at this point so he would have heard anything audible, and due to the cybernetics in his brain he is mostly immune to psionics which would explain why he didn't hear anything. So the question is who or what the hell was talking to the squad? It seemed to know what they were doing, and Hero claims it reacted in pain when they started setting fire to the Biomass. Our research shows the Biomass is psionicly active, using nodes like neurons.. so what if it's become sentient?

That scary thought aside, we've made another key step in defeating the Biomass. The research into finding ways of repelling the Biomass have paid off.

We can now turn our bases into giant Biomass repulsors. Not much will be going on at any base we set this up at with, but at least we can prevent the Biomass from over running any more of our bases. We have already set up repulsors in four of our bases. The two in Russia, the base in Paris, and one in the Arctic Circle to stop the Biomass from spreading to North America. To show how effective the new weapon is, here is a geo scape picture five days ago when the bases first went online.

And now the same area five days after the bases went online.

Despite this progress there is still a lot of Biomass covering the earth. Antarctica is completely covered now, and there is little we can do there unless we are able to drop a Biomass repulsor there as well. Shown here is the largest mass still growing, having taken out the middle east, half of Euro-Asia, east Russia, and half of Africa.

And lastly here is a picture of the base in Paris as it protects the last of Europe from the encroaching Biomass.

The last new technologies come from what we recovered in Dreamland. Using the data and reports found there we've come up with three new weapon technologies.

The rocket launchers are ready for immediate use, as is the collapsible railgun. Enhanced weapons will have to be designed and built separately. If the enhanced laser and plasma rifles really pay off, we can be looking at a new default squad weapon, one that also cuts off our reliance on finding ammunition caches. Or manufacturing bases are going to be very busy for the next month producing enhanced guns and armor for our soldiers."

"What the hell is that? Johnson!"

"Sir! The base alarms at Nordvik just went off!"

"Nordvik? But nothings there anymore, we turned it into a Biomass repulsor. Did the base generator blow?"

"No Sir, the perimeter alarm was set off by an incoming UFO."

"The Reticulans are launching an attack on our base? Hero's team isn't even back yet. Find Booya and tell him he has five minutes to get his team in the helicopter and on route to Nordvik!"

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by Rear Admiral BOOYA 'Booya'


Journal of Malcom McLean, ( "BOOYA") dated xx/21/2087.

I've been hanging around the control room lately while the other squads go out on their little adventures; there was some panic about a local psychic broadcast earlier, when Hero's team ventured out to the biomass to see what was going on. Our cyborg friend had absolutely no idea what was going on, and my inference would be that since he's not organic, it's like keepin' the ol' mental CB's RF gain way down.

I'm making this post from a public terminal to my journal, because my old computer was found shredded and smashed at the bottom of a stai



Fuck. I'll be back later.


Posted by seaborgium

Personal Log Entry 10, Bruce "seaborgium" Smith, Janitor for the Council of Earth,

Alright, well, the booze is mostly gone now. I have some left for a special occasion, so that is hidden very, very well in a container that a computer can't dig through.

I should probably go talk to BOOYA, explain why I did it. I think he'll understand, booze is a precious commodity these days. Maybe talk to him about watching his goddamned computer as well.

For some fucked up reason they want me to keep cleaning the bases with those new biomass repulsor thingys. No idea why, they just need to keep running, not be spotless. I keep doing it though, the damned headaches are killing me though. Gonna have to talk to a doc about some pain pills, or just get those damn tech guys to stop that damned humming. Although after a few hours it gets kind of catchy, starts to sound like a techno song. Mostly just "OOM TISK OOM TISK OOM TISK BZZZZ BZZZZ". Maybe I should find some drugs, make it more tolerable. I've always hated techno, but those raver kids seem to like it and they're all hopped up.

Well, I should probably think about cleaning that 3rd floor toilet again. I swear to god there's a damned alien in there that was made just to take gigantic shits. It gets stopped up every other damned day, and no one will goddamn say they did it. These are Olympic class shits someone is taking in there, they should be proud of it!! Maybe it's that Showers, kind of freaky I hear. Probably thinks it's funny too.

Fuck. We're being invaded, and that is the base I hid the booze in!!! Fuck, where's Haggis and his wonderful toys when you need him?

---End log