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Part 26: Warp Factor Max

Update 23: Warp Factor Max

"This is Commander Vault, April second.

Booya's team has just touched down at the Nordvik base and all com lines are working normally and I'll be recording the video logs as they come in. Before they touched down we activated our security bots, an experimental measure of defending our Anti-Biomass bases due to the hazards of keeping soldiers there full time. The bots fought well, but all of them have gone off line, its up to the squad now. Looks Like Booya's team has entered the base, switching the video over now."

Booya: Alright team, we're going in. We have a full UFOs worth of hostiles crawling around here somewhere. We need to sweet the base and clear it out. Then make sure there are not stragglers inside the UFO itself. Alright, you with me men?

Booya: Aw god damn it.... Where is everyone?

Ice7: I am 'ere! Wif Vallhallan. Ve seem to 'ave been separated.
Vallhallan: Fuck this thing is heavy.
Booya: Thank you for stating the obvious Frenchy. Where is everyone else?

Ackbar: I am... I.... Somewhere with lots of boxes.
Booya: This is a nightmare... All of you find my transponder signal and meet up at my location. Who the hell designed the entrance to the base like this?

Golden: I'm here Sarge.
Jimmy: Right with you.
Gulping: Me too.
Booya: Well thats half of you numbskulls. Hey showers, how's that alien armor stuff?
Golden: You ever watch classic movies?
Booya: Sometimes.
Golden: Well, if you've ever seen The Matrix, it feels like when Neo touches the mirror and it starts oozing all over him.
Booya: Sounds kind of creepy.
Golden: You have no idea.
Gulping: Hostile! He's got a plasma launcher!

Ackbar: I have found you my friends!
Jimmy: Then shoot something!
Gulping: Time to try out the plasma rifle. I love new guns!

Gulping: Got him!
Booya: Gather up and take defensive positions.

Gulping: I'm hit! Ow fuck, I think that thing just broke my arm.
Golden: Never seen that weapon before. I didn't see him hit you with anything.
Gulping: I know, my arm just twisted itself up and hurts like hell.

Ackbar: By Allah I shall banish you from this place!
Golden: Great, just keep him distracted for one second...

Golden: Oh yeah, this microslug thingy sure is nice.

Ackbar: Oh no my friends, I see more coming this way.
Booya: Get over here and regroup damn it!

Golden: There you go man, your arm feeling better?
Gulping: Yeah, thanks.
Booya: Damn it Val, where the hell are you with that rail gun.

Vallhallan: I'm coming Sarge. Look left and you'll see me.
Booya: Hurry the hell up!
Vallhallan: It's 60 fucking kilos!

Ice7: I'm here- Look out! New alien!

Jimmy: There's more then one!
Gulping: Another one of those weird guns.

Booya: Gahh, god damn plasma!
Jimmy: It burns!

Gulping: Got one! Oh crap lots more- AAAaaarrrrhhhh...

Golden: Fuck! They got Gulping!
Booya: Damn it, not another one! Focus fire one one alien at a time men. Val, where are you!?

Vallhallan: Almost there!
Booya: Not fast enough!

Jimmy: Oh crap...
Ackbar: Incoming!

Booya: Incendiary round! Everyone run. Val deploy the god damn railgun and we'll rally around you!
Jimmy: Ahhhh! Run run run!
Ice7: Ze burning! It is worse zen the time after I had ze Canadian hooker.

Vallhallan: Go go go. I'll cover you!
Jimmy: Right, watch our backs while I patch everyone up.

Vallhallan: Target spotted, let's see what this baby can do.

Vallhallan: Cut him down in one burst!

Booya: There's another one for you.
Vallhallan: All over it.

Vallhallan: He's toast.
Ackbar: Toast?
Vallhallan: Figure of speech.

Golden: What the hell?
Jimmy: Making sure the don't get back up again.
Ice7: What aboot taking them alive?
Jimmy: They killed Gulping. They are not leaving here alive!
Booya: I'm with Doc on this one. No prisoners today.

Vallhallan: They just don't learn! It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Booya: You were saying?
Vallhallan: Alright, now they stop coming.
Booya: Uh uh.. back to our original spot boys. Can't be many of them left.

Vallhallan: Setting up the railgun he- whoa hostile!
Golden: Get him!

Golden: Ow ow ow, fuck this plasma shit.
Jimmy: I got it. Val, cover us again.
Vallhallan: On it.
Jimmy: Everyone patched up? Good, one second then before we move on.
Vallhallan: I'll stay here, not much help if I'm stuck behind lugging this thing around. I'll pick off any stragglers that come this way.

Jimmy: Alien scum.

Jimmy: Fuck! Another!

Jimmy: Ow fuck I'm hit! Feels like my bones just shattered inside of me.
Booya: Hold on Jimmy, we're here!

Ackbar: The devil is refusing to die!
Ice7: Maybe zey improved their shields?

Jimmy: Ahhhh!
Booya: Fuck! No! Not another one! Die you asshoooole!

Golden: Alien's down.
Jimmy: Sarge...
Booya: Damn it soldier! You are not dying on me today! Do you hear me!?

"That was a close call. Although we lost Gulping the base is safe. The Reticulans have stepped up their war plans it seems. New weapons and tougher armor, this doesn't look good. I'll meet the team when they get back, and make arrangements for the ceremony for Gulping.

After that, we need to step up our war effort too. Enhanced armor for everyone as soon as possible. We even figured a way of rigging the heavy armor with better laser and plasma protection. Then better guns. The collapsible railgun was a success... once in position and deployed. We can probably improve our hybrid laser and plasma weapons significantly. The hybrid plasma rifle looked like it was doing well while Gulping was using it...

I'm going to my quarters to rest for a little while. I'm sure we'll have plenty to build and research after this."

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by Canuck-Errant

LOG 01 APR 1969

I've been sitting here in base idling for a while now, and it's making me kind of edgy. It's like people resent me for having had organs surgically replaced with mechanically/electronically enhanced equivalents. And with the new armor and weapons systems... hold on


I just got a message from the Council saying that I'm obsolete; that cybernetic implant technology is going to be phased out. Fuck. They'll be happy to have the garbage truck take me back to Montreal - especially with the new alien armor already arriving.

See if I ever get a skull-gun at all.

LOG 01 APR 1969, fuck. I should have known that was a joke. At least I didn't punch holes in anything really important. I mean, we can fix that bulkhead with a little drywall and paint, right?

LOG 02 APR 1969

The bulkhead's fixed, though they made me have a chat with the lab technicians. That hot technician from the other day - what was her name again? Oksana? I think she's Ukrainian - she was asking me questions about psychic stuff and that. They ran some tests, and I have no idea what was going on - I didn't feel anything at all. Maybe a bit of a tingle when they aimed the thing at me, but nothing like they seemed to be expecting.

We'll see what happens, I guess.