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Part 30: Update: 27: Loose Ends

Update: 27: Loose Ends

>>Previous playback interrupted. Resume from previous spot? Y/N<<


>>Resuming video log: Dr. Dobbs mission recording<<

"It's been about eight hours since I got split up from Snake Squad now. Some thing is wrong with the radios. There must be some kind of interference or Snake Squad has moved out of range. But I can't even raise the helicopter or the base command.

Worse then the radio problem is that I don't have enough food or water to trek my way out of the mass. That's even assuming I can avoid the transgenants. Survival training was one thing, but in the Biomass? This is a whole different deal.

Huh? Whats that sound?

Fuck they found me!

Jesus! What are those things? They're like jelly fish. They're everywhere!"

>>Video damaged. 97% change interruption due to psionic interference or damage to soldiers helmet<<

"...weren't kidding about this new plasma rifle. It really saved my ass. What ever those things were shooting at me really hurt, at least I have a medkit to keep me going for now. I should have enough stims to keep me going with out sleep for a few days.

Oh crap, something else!

Hey what the hell? It's badly hurt already. Maybe Snake Squad is nearby! Oh hmm, best just to be safe...

There, you're not getting up again."

>>Video fast forwarded by user<<

"Huh, whats this?

It looks like some kind of artifact... but it doesn't look either human or reticulan.

But then what could it be?

I have to get back with this thing.

What was that? Snake?

Hey what's thaaAAAHHHHHHH~ *static*

>>Video interrupted. Probable cause: Soldiers death. 99% chance<<
>>No further records found under directory: Dr. Dobbs. Return to start? Y/N<<