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UFO: Aftermath

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Part 34: Final Solution

Update 31: Final Solution

"May 30.

Things are going well after the success of the moon mission. The teams are being trained and sent out to fight the Biomass and remaining transgenant hoards are meeting with success. It will be a long time before re fully reclaim any continent from the mass, but it is always good to be making forward progress."

"July 4.

Some of us just got done celebrating the fourth of July here at the base. It's kind of strange though, celebrating one country's independence from another's when neither country still exists. Still it's good to remember the way things were before The Fall.

On a more serious note, we've destroyed three Biomass nodes in the last month and we're gaining solid land and footholds in north Africa. Our specialized squads are running smoothly and things continue to look good for now. We've seen next to zero UFO activity. Every once in a while we see one taking off from a Biomass covered region, but we never see them land again. We're assuming they are taking off and breaking out of orbit to flee into space. We know there are still some functional Reticulan bases left, but at this point it's only a matter of time until we get to them."

"August 19.

We have eliminated more Biomass nodes, but the gains we get from destroying them seem to be diminishing. Each one destroyed frees less land then the previous one. Also puzzling is that with each node destroyed, the 'voice' of the Biomass as the soldiers have put it has gotten stronger and stronger. Able to talk and communicate more often, and has tried psionic suggestion on our soldiers. As every soldier sent into the Biomass is tested to ensure they have strong psionic resistance the psionic suggestions have failed.

We have also found a clue to what happened to the Cult of Sirius. They have likely fled the surface of the Earth. We presume they took up the Reticulans on the same offer they extended us and we refused. There are now several large object in a low orbit around the Earth. We aren't sure what they are exactly, we'd need to actually land on one and look around, but preliminary observations make it obvious they are of Reticulan design. There are no UFOs entering or exiting these floating cities so we're running with the assumption this is what the Reticulans promised those who went along with their offer of diplomacy."

"September 14.

The Biomass is growing resilient. Killing its nodes no longer kills off large tracts of the surrounding mass but it still has some effect in speeding up its removal. The scientists are worried the Biomass is evolving or adapting itself to function on fewer and fewer nodes. Our options are to continue traditional warfare against the mass, strike as many nodes as we can in a short period of time so that it can't adjust to the loss fast enough, or find some other sort of weapon against the Biomass."

"November 10.

We've hit a serious problem. The Biomass repulsors are no longer pushing back the Biomass. We still control around two thirds of the Earths land surface, but this change in the situation has us all frustrated. The R&D boys are looking into both why the mass is now so resistant and new ways of attacking it."

"December 5.

What I feared might happen has come to be. The Biomass is now slowly creeping forward even against our repulsors. The rate of advance is very slow, for now, but it once again places the threat of extinction over our heads if we can't stop the mass once again. The weapons lab says they're close to a new weapon they think may do the trick. Psionic energy has been what we have used this far and they are trying to come up with a more direct way of using that to attack the mass."

"December 28.

We're losing ground. Everyone is frustrated by this. We've come so far only to be stopped now by the damn Biomass gaining ground on us again. The psionic weapon we have been working on is nearly ready for a test fire. We also have a few contingency plans ready in case it doesn't work. While the weapon is being set up near the front of the mass advancing back into Europe most of our companies are being rearmed and equipped for an all out assault if the need arises."

"January 8.

Haggis: Commander, we've run all the testings, she's good to go like a sleepy sheepy!

Vault: Good, let's get it started up.

Vault: So, you sure this will work?

Haggis: Ken, there's always that plan B...

Vault: Float above the Earth while the Biomass ravages our planet and our homes? Not a chance.

Haggis: Releasing the locks, bringing the weapon to full power.

Haggis: Commander, weapon is charged. Targeting the nearest Biomass region. Taste the long arm of the Scottish ya wee bastard!

Vault: Your alien masters are crushed and still you threaten us. You creep towards us like a slow death, but we refuse to die. Fire. / Backup"

ThIS is nOT poSSIble!

I WiLL noT be BOUnd!