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Part 5: Update 4: The update where I don't break the tables!

Update 4: The update where I don't break the tables!

"Thursday, January 11. Mission to Mexico Debriefing.

I've been busy the last few days. Lots of work to do, but its worth it. Phoenix Company returned from the mission in Mexico and the base teams have been working hard to turn the base found there into something serviceable. I'll get to that next but first the mission debriefing.

As instructed all soldiers checked in with Haggis to pick out new guns and equipment for future missions. There was a little trouble when Vallhallan went in for the Steyr Aug but was beaten to it by Golden. Val has settled for the HK G3 for now and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to kill one of those raiders for the next Aug he sees. Booya picked the M249 and Hero has taken the XM8.

Following the rearming I decided to give the troops a little inspection just to see how they are holding up after nearly a week of constant firefights. They seem to be doing well and are quickly improving their skills. Below is a quick evaluation of their abilities.

Vallhallan also volunteered to bring along the new med kits provided by medical. Unfortunately those things weigh 20 kg. Seriously, what are the doc's down there thinking? They need field kits sure, but not ones so heavy its all they can carry besides the gun in their hands. I'll have to talk to them about making some changes to the kits. The good news about them is that they are practically field surgeon's kits. Designed after patching up Hero and other soldiers from different squads these kits contain everything needed to remove a bullet safely, disinfect the wound, and close the wound with bio gel. For any truly serious wounds a trip to medical will still be needed.

Golden has turned in to the squads scout, and approached me before the mission stating concerns about the landing zone after what happened before. I'm sure no one wanted to repeat that so I gave him the go ahead to do as he saw fit in that regard. Well turns out he had the helicopter drop him the squad off a half mile from the original landing point and scouted the way up to the original LZ by himself before the team caught up to him. Not exactly what I had in mind but he didn't get everyone killed."

Vallhallan: Where is Golden again?
Booya: He's scouting out where we were supposed to have landed.
Vallhallan: So I get to thank him for the extra half mile hike lugging around a 20 kilo med kit?
Booya: Yup.

Hero: There he is, looks like everything is clear.
Golden: Hey guys! What took you so long?
Vallhallan: *pant* Screw... you...
Golden: Come on, this beats getting shot the instant we touch down doesn't it? I'm moving on.

Golden: Found one, opening fire.

Golden: There's two! Need back up!
Vallhallan: Do we *pant* have to?
Booya: Yeah...
Hero: Let's go.

Golden: Got one, the other ran left.
Hero: We'll find him.

Out of the alley and around the street when suddenly...

Okay, not that suddenly

Golden: Look at that. Even in the apocalypse, Coke survives.
Booya: Damn you Coke, this is a Pepsi town!
Hero: Uh, this is Mexico. Wouldn't that make it a Tequila town?
Vallhallan: She's got a point.
Booya: Shut up you two.
Golden: Hostile! Coming out of the store!

Booya: Lunch for $5.99? Guess he was hungry. Wish I had some money.
Golden: Vault would have to start paying us for that.
Hero: What is the point of currency in a post apocalyptic world? Currency won't buy us supplies, they're scraps of paper.
Booya: We could use it to open up trade with the aliens.
Everyone else: ...

fast forward down the street

Golden: Hey an ad for Duke Nukem Forever. Too bad that will never get finished now.
Booya: Quit your gawking, theres enemies behind that billboard.
Hero: I got him.

Vallhallan: Another one!
Booya: Take cover behind the bus! Val, suppression fire with me. Golden, Hero, around left.

Hero: One bloody mess, and another kill for me.

Fast forward to the squad approaching the entrance to the base.

Vallhallan: Huh, thats pretty light resistance so far. Maybe Golden's whole sneak up on them thing works.
Golden: Told you.
Vallhallan: Shut up, I still had to carry this damn med pack an extra half mile.
Golden: And we love you for it.
Booya: Quit yer bickering cupcakes. No time for for mushy talk!

Golden: Target down.
Booya: Move in!
Hero: There's more!

Booya: Mines dead. Hero?
Hero: Dead.
Booya: Alright, move up and be careful.

Golden: This place has been looted pretty bad. Some pistols and ammo laying out here.
Booya: That's not what we came for, we're going underground.

One elevator ride and one corridor turn later

Vallhallan: Movement!
???: What?! How'd they get in here? Run!

Hero: He didn't get very far.
Golden: Yeah, he's slower the Valerie.
Vallhallan: Shut up.

Down another corridor...

Hero: Check out the size of this hanger, you think there were planes in here?
Vallhallan: If they found planes, wouldn't they have tried to shoot down the 'copter on the way in?
Hero: Yeah... maybe they don't have a working radar?
Golden: Target spotted, don't think he sees us. Ha, he's only got a pistol.

Booya: He's got a friend, let him have it!

Booya: And that is how its done. Let's check them out.

Booya: This ones alive. Golden?
Golden: So is this one.
Vallhallan: Wonder where they keep the weapons cache.
Booya: Well why don't you ask him Val?

Golden: Hey watch where you're shooting that thing!
Booya: What in blazes, I said ask him a question, not shoot him! That is the exact opposite of asking him a question.
Vallhallan: No it isn't. If I was answering his questions then that would be the exact opposite.
Booya: Damn it, just don't shoot this guy. Vault wants one alive for questioning.

The squad goes exploring around the base...

Golden: Hey, I think I found a med bay. Not sure though. Hey Hero, you've got the most experience here, what do you think?
Hero: Shut up.

More exploring...

Booya: This looks like an independent power source for the base, maybe I can get it running.
Hero: Uh, you sure you should be playing around with that? Shouldn't we just let the tech guys come in and fix everything once this place is secure?
Booya: Nonsense! I know exactly what I am doing!

Booya: I have reconsidered your suggestion. Medic!
Vallhallan: I got him.

"The mission went well. The new equipment and medical kit has greatly aided in the smooth operation of the squad. Their vests are still coming back with a few slugs each, but Vallhallan showed good aptitude out there and only Booya needs medical attention due to a... uh... 'technical malfunction resulting in explosion'? What the hell? I'll go visit him in medical once this report is filed with the CoE.

The tech boys have updated the map and gotten busy refitting the base in Mexico. We're cleaning it out and making it serve as a engineering base. Research into upgrading our radar systems have already begun. For right now though, I've got a prisoner to interrogate."

"January 13.

Sons of bitches! I knew I recognized that symbol from all the raiders' pendants! It was the icon for the Cult of Sirius! I beat a few good words out of the cult member Phoenix Company took alive. The bastards were prepared for Nightfall! How!? The runt in lock up doesn't know much, only that his temple's leader led them under ground into the base we captured weeks before the Twilight and had some idea of what was going on. He's not sure how many other bases around the world there are full of cult members, but I have little hope this was the only one.

On the plus side of things, Booya has spent two days in the medical bay and has now recovered from his injuries. While he was recovering I sent Phoenix Squad out on several smaller missions, reconnaissance mostly, and killed a few more aliens out in Canada. The effects of their recent work can be seen clearly.

I expect the next week to be busy as we strive to expand our territory to cover all of the original US. This means more bases, helping more survivors, more resources, and I'm really hoping it means more soldiers."

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by Rear Admiral BOOYA 'Booya'


Journal of Malcom McLean, ( "BOOYA") dated xx/14/2085.

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**** ENTRY ENDS ****