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Part 7: Area 51!

Update 6: Area 51!

"January 26, Area 51 Mission debrief.

The Squad has returned from Area 51, and is resting now. Ice7 is in the medical bay after taking multiple laser shots in the legs. I'll get to the mission summery in a moment, but there are a few quick updates worth mentioning first.

First off we've found a way inside the alien ship, mostly due to our salvage team ripping the external teleportation device right off of the ship. We have figured out a way to make it work, and made a small gadget that will let any soldier activate the device. Next time we shoot down a UFO we'll be able to board it and eliminate any of the surviving occupants. A lot of people here want to know what's inside. Anything we do find will also likely be of aid in speeding up the process of recovering our own technology.

Some of the tech boys think that this ship's teleporter can be adapted to a much larger scale and dropped this proposal in front of the counsel.

The basic idea is pretty simple, just build the same thing the Sectoids use on their ships, only make them much larger. Having fixed points for the teleporters also eases the process I'm told. Whatever the case, if these things work they will be a vital step in securing the logistics the CoE will need if we plan to continue our expansion.

For the moment though we're performing alien autopsies. While they should be the same old sectoids from AW1 they do look a bit different and a lot could have changed in nearly 200 years. The Ethereals might have genetically altered them since we last saw them.

Now for Phoenix Company. Our new recruits were given little time before being thrown into a hostile environment. I checked with Haggis to confirm the weapons and armor each has chosen to use in the field... Oh right, we need to either capture or manufacture more of this combat armor we found. Haggis said something about only enough for half the squad and it got taken quickly. Anyway the squad's equipment changes are as follows:

Booya is now using combat armor and helmet.
Golden is now using combat armor and helmet.
Vallhallan switched weapons for the RPG-7 and HK PDW/MP7 Submachine gun. Dropped medical kit and conventional armor due to weight factors and is wearing light armor and helmet.
Ice7 picked up the model D detective special pistol, medical kit, light armor and helmet.
Rabbit is using the AR-M4 rifle and Pancor Jackhammer with light armor and combat helmet.
Ngargly has chosen a HK G3 rifle, combat armor and helmet, and medical kit.
Ackbar picked up the M82A1A Barrett sniper rifle and five-seven tactical as a side arm. Also wearing combat armor and helmet.

Hero was able to spend some of her time off at the firing range and has increased her marksmanship and rifle abilities."

Booya: Welcome to Phoenix Company rookies! Our mission is to get inside the base, find its archives and figure out what is valuable down there. Records from before Nightfall, information on the Fall, anything.
Golden: And try not to get shot, Valkyrie isn't carrying a med kit this time around.
Vallhallan: Swear to god there's going to be a friendly fire incident if you call me that one more time.
Booya: The married couple is Vallhallan and Golden. NGargly and Rabbit, you're with me. Ackbar, you and Val are pulling up the rear. And Frenchy, you're with Golden.
Ice7: Mon signe iz no Frenchy! C'est Ice sept!
Booya: What the hell did he just say?
Rabbit: His name is Ice, sir.
Booya: Oh right, thank you. ...I knew that.

Golden: Alien spotted!
Ice7: MON DIEU!! What ze 'ell est that!
NGargly: It nicked me! Die you little fucker!!
Ackbar: Infidels from beyond I shall purge you!

Vallhallan: Hey, he's shooting with his eyes closed!
Ackbar: Allah guides my bullets to cleanse the infidels from his land.

Golden: There's more of them!
Vallhallan: Oh yeah... try this out.

Vallhallan: Hell yeah!
Ice7: Sacre bleu! It iz dead!
Booya: Will someone tell him to speak English?!

Ice7: La douleur! Zey shot me!
Rabbit: Take cover you idiot!

Ice7: Mes jambes! I take zee cover behind this, no?
Golden: Just get down, we'll cover you.
Ackbar: Ahlalalalalala!
Vallhallan: Oh god he's not even looking again!

NGargly: HA! Got the fucker that shot me!
Rabbit: Ice you're safe, we got the other two.

Ice7: Bastid! I will not forgive vous!
Golden: Hostile down. Nice shot. Area looks clear.
Booya: Hey, frenchy. Can you patch yourself up, we need to keep moving.
Ice7: I will make it so.

Booya: Stick together inside, lots of corners and close range.
Rabbit: Time to try out this Jackhammer.
Golden: Hey Valkyriiii-
Vallhallan: What? Didn't I warn you not to call me that?
Golden: Don't point that thing at me! Was just going to suggest putting it away while we're inside.
Ackbar: He will suicide kill us all with it!
Vallhallan: Shut up Ackbar. I don't want to hear about it from you.
NGargly: At least Vallhallan didn't ask to bring along a pack of C-4 in his vest.

fast forward past some uncomfortable silence, down a lift and some corridors...

Booya: Alien!
Rabbit: Got no shot back here.
NGargly: Diee!!

Ackbar: Here comes another infidel!
Golden: Shit, its got that plasma gun!

Ice7: I got 'em!

NGargly: That shit can shoot through walls?
Vallhallan: Move! Time to test this SMG out.

Vallhallan: Oh yeah! Love that spray.
Golden: Yeah, that's what your mother -
Vallhallan: Don't you even start, I still have the RPG.
Rabbit: I don't see any more here.

Moving on from the hanger and down a hallway...

Ackbar: Incoming fire!

NGargly: Oh man that thing was stupid.
Golden: Didn't have a chance.

Fast forward to a pair of sealed doors. Rabbit takes point for the breach...

* Door slides open*
Rabbit: Shit!

Golden: Whoa, look what that shotgun did to that things shield!
Booya: Ripped right through it.

Rabbit: He's not getting up. Love this gun.

Fast forward to another corridor...

Golden: Sectoid at the end of the hall!
Booya: Take cover, he's too far to hit.
Ackbar: Allah's reach knows no limits!

Ice7: Holy zhite!
Vallhallan: Damn, he killed it by himself from here.

Golden: Hey! I think I found what we're looking for!

Booya: So where's what you found?
Golden: I just meant the room. Look, if there is something worth while down here, its in this giant archive place.
Booya: Sigh... Start looking around for anything we can bring back with us. Tech boys will be busy combing this place later.

Rabbit: Think I got something here.
Booya: What is it?

Rabbit: Looks like a mass storage device. Think I can tap into some of it files from here... Yeah, I got it... It is huge though.
Booya: We'll take it back with us, but is there anything useful?
Rabbit: Let me see... it's damaged, but I got something here.

"October... 2084. I initially began writing this journal to document.... Third Alien War. I now realize......journal is the only record inform... How X-COM failed to defend........ greatest threat......... no hope of victory.... and someone will discover my journal. This hope is..... to keep me going.... if we.... are doomed to repeat...


Ice7: Ou iz that?
Rabbit: Don't know, but it's dated pre-Nightfall.
Golden: Is there any more?
Rabbit: Lots, but we need to take it back if you want it to sound any better then that.

"The mass storage device contains a wealth of personal recordings. While the techs are still checking it out and fixing it up, as well as pouring over all the other things found in Area 51, I've listened to a few of the entries. From what I can make out it is a pre-Nightfall recording. It mentions X-Com, and documenting AW3 so I am hoping it is logs of X-Com personal. Clearly if something happened they would have known the most about it. I can't sleep thinking about it, I want those files recovered now. What on earth could have happened between the war against the Micronoids and now? Always more questions then there are answers. I'm getting used to that. Piece by piece, Vault.

I have two new soldiers to meet and get ready. This increases Phoenix Company to ten members, more then enough to field a full force and keep some back for rest and recovery. Haggis might not be happy, no new toys for him to play with until the engineers can figure out the laser weapons the aliens are using and two more soldiers to equip.

Radar has picked up a few UFOs coming and going from the same region of northern Canada in the last few days. I wonder if they have set up a base up there. They have to be coming and going from some where. The north will likely be our focus for the coming week."