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by Jade Star

Part 8: Part One!

Update 7: Part One!

"January 27, northern expansion update.

The squad just arrived back at Denver base after completing two missions. Normally it could wait a while to update my logs about, but we've dealt the aliens another serious blow. Not only that but I'll quickly mention our autopsies on the aliens have been completed and the findings are listed here:

This gives us a clearer picture of what we're fighting and gives us some interesting possibilities to consider. Ever since AW1 we have tried to develop psionic powers among humans but have had little success. What a Sectoid could do naturally with their minds took X-Com soldiers a lot of specialized training and psionic amplifiers. The general human population has never been able to use any kind of psionics, aside from the hybrid alien human mutants. Now, what if human psionic evolution is a reality and only a matter of unlocking the secret of our own brains? While the grander scale of things here is overwhelming, the short term usefulness of this is that we many be able to figure out the psionic training methods X-Com used on their soldiers and improve upon them.

Well then, with that out of the way here are the mission logs from the Churchill area. This mission was a fairly standard base capture. The area was controlled by transgenats, some of which we'd never seen before. Canuck took the seventh man slot while Ice7 is recovering in medical. Canuck was armed with a PSG sniper rifle, a desert eagle side arm, conventional body armor and a light helmet."

Booya: Welcome to the squad Canuck, if you're sniping stay back with Ackbar.
Vallhallan: See if you can teach him to aim with his eyes open.
Canuck: Got it.
Booya: Alright. Golden go do your thing.
Golden: Moving ahead.

Golden: Oh what the hell is that?!

Canuck: I see another, what are those things?
Booya: New transgenats! Blast 'em!
Vallhallan: I am all over it.

Golden: You missed! You missed with a rocket launcher! How could you - Oh god my kneecap! You shot me in the knee!
NGargly: I'll get the med kit.

Booya: Incoming... slime? What the heck is that?
Rabbit: It burns! It's acidic!
Canuck: Taking the shot. You with me Ackbar?
Ackbar: Purge the infidels!

Golden: They're down, checking them out - Whoa another new one!

Rabbit: I got it.
Golden: It just kind of exploded into a cloud.
Booya: Who cares, its dead. Move along, nothing to see here.

Golden: What about that?
Booya: Oh no one cares about Linux.
Ackbar: It is the devils operating system!

One uneventful walk to the base later...

Vallhallan: Sweet, this base has missile launchers!
Booya: Those will come in handy. There's the lift, move it.

Booya: Nice and slow boys, check around every corner and stay together.

Jean: I can't see back here.
NGargly: No one can.
Booya: Or uh.. we'll split into two groups when we can.

Golden: Oh man this place is full of new transgenats.
Booya: Get out of the halls and open fire you fools!

Vallhallan: Danglefly to the right!
Rabbit: Thats not all... what are they?

Ackbar: The devils skeleton fish?
Ngargly: Balloon animals?
Booya: Shoot them!!

Jean: Another one behind that pillar.

Rabbit: Good god -
Ackbar: Allah!
Rabbit: er... whatever. Is that all of them?
Booya: Looks like. Okay, split up and search the rest of this place.

Booya: Jean, Rabbit, Val, you're with me.

Booya: Golden, you take Ackbar and NGargly.
Golden: Alright, my own squad.
Booya: Stow it sailor boy. Just move out.

NGargly: Hey slow down Golden.
Golden: Why? I'll let you know if I find anythinggg whoa!

Ackbar: She told you so, but would you listen? Oh no, you know now don't you?
NGargly: We better help him out

NGargly: You got it?
Golden: Didn't even break a sweat... you still got that med kit?


Rabbit: Cudgel spotted!

Jean: That was easy.
Vallhallan: Yeah, moving up. Cover us.

Booya: Son of a bitch! You missed one Val.

Booya: Luckily I know the one true weakness of a Cudgel.
Rabbit: What's that?
Booya: A constant stream of .50 caliber machine gun bullets!

--Soldiers Logs--

Posted by Dinictus 'Rabbit'

Personal Log of Raveena "Rabbit" Sen
January 27th, 3rd Entry

It's been several days since my first assignment with the new team. I'm thankful we can work together, but we're far from a properly trained police squad as I'm used to. Then again, we come from all walks of life. Malcolm, or 'Booya' as we've come to call him, is a capable field commander. Quite an eye on that fellow. We'll be good if we keep to his orders in combat.

...Things really have changed. I remember the days I would tell my little bunny Vina I'd be alright on the job, that mommy wouldn't get hurt catching the bad guys. But these inhuman things... Every time I see them, I shudder to think what could happen when we have to fight them. And worst of all, they were human. To think any of us could've changed (or still could!) into one of those things. Even now, I tell little Vina I'll be alright, getting the bad guys. But I never tell her just what lurks in the Twilight nights. I'd rather see her smile and at ease than to cause her any more stress. She doesn't show it often, but she has lost everything but me, just like I lost everything but her.

We have cleared the Churchill location of more monstrous things. Denver's called them 'transgenats', but somehow, some of the names stuck even bases apart. Cudgels, dangleflies... but these I've never seen before. And frankly, I hope I never will. But the truth is, we're nowhere near done. Gotta gather my courage, soldier on, just like the rest of them.

Right. I'm ready. End of entry.

Posted by Canuck-Errant 'Canuck'


You know what? I still hate Churchill. Cold, tiny, isolated - the rail link was all but destroyed by the... whatever the hell it was - and full of fucking ice. Just like when I visited last time, for the shipping company. Quiet as hell, too - not even one fucking polar bear. Just ice and abandoned buildings.

We got to Fort Churchill alright, though it was too close quarters for me to use the sniper rifle in there. Didn't realize it'd been reopened and upgraded - though I suppose there was a reason it was kept secret and all. I mean, this place was used for space launches in the 80s, right? I guess when the UFO invasion started, they turned it into a proper base.

Whatever, eh? It's another base we have operational, and one we'll be able to use against the... transgenants, they called them? At least unlike the guys in the Doctor Who series, these die to bullets.

...I'm gonna see if I can dare someone to swim in the Bay. That'll be fun.