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Part 12: Udoiana Raunes 2: Update VII - Witty Title Pending

We're in the home stretch, folks. We convinced Sean Connery to join up by having a big Pole ram him off a building, only one left to convince and we're going to be filming Indy 4! Back to Wyoming we go to bring the good news to Harrison Ford.

>Talk to Harrison Ford

Mr. Ford, what about the fourth Indiana Jones movie?
Indy4?!? Great! I feel like 35 today! Let's begin right now! Immediately!
Ok, come with me.
Ah, no. Is Sean Connery in the cast too?
Sure! He's waiting for you on the set!
Ok, let's go! But I need my Indy outfit from the house. The strange guy is blocking the way since five weeks! In the rain! In the sun! In the snow! And I've even seen a thunderbolt hit him!

Makes me wonder when this is taking place when we get rain, snow, thunderstorms and sun strong enough to be considered something that would impede somebody in the span of five weeks in Wyoming. Must be quite a turbulent season. This, however, leaves us with a problem - we've run out of people to ask about the meaning of life or whatever, and we still can't get past this strange guy. This calls for frantic backtracking, rubbing all sorts of items on other items and more such guff. I rubbed every item I had on the guy and nothing worked, so backtracking it is.

Now, to Germany, to rub things on other things. Interesting results.

>Give picture to Frog King

Is this your princess?
Do I look like a gay frog?
How did you know? Quoaak! This is my problem. How to find a princess to kiss me as a homosexual frog? No fairy tale story writer ever thought about this.

That's deep. I think. I'm still not sure what to make of this.

Alright, and now it's time to finally reveal the hidden item that I've mentioned a few times. There is an item on this screen, and I'm going to pick it up now, because I only now found it - when I was desperately looking for anything to help me and was sweeping my mouse over the entire screen in search of it. Where is it? Well, look over Raunes's head. Do you see a black straight line in the lake, can't be more than two pixels wide and about ten pixels long?

This thing? That's the item. And what is it? Well...

>Take SchoolOrderStone

Yep. Part of the School Regulation Stone. Just floated in here somehow.

>Look at SchoolOrderStone

I remember old good times at Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Gymnasium. But it didn't help...

You know what also didn't help? Going around and rubbing items on items and stuff. I went through most areas, but no progress made. There was, however, one thing I thought of that actually got a response out of the game.

When going through Poland, I had a really dumb idea, and the game expected me to have it. It worked in the first game, so...

>Push tree

We are not on an island in the caribbean sea!

Oh, fuck off.

Also, let's go and show our Star Wars props to Han Solo.

>Give chewbacca fur to Harrison Ford

Here's a part of your old friend!
Oh my god, how is he? Where does he live?
In a galaxy far far away. And this is the rest of him.

Chewbacca's dead. He's dead! He went to the galaxy far, far away.

>Give lightsaber to Harrison Ford

I was Han, not Luke! And now I'm not even Solo anymore.

And now we're back in Germany because I don't know what to do, and I find another weird thing. Remember how I mentioned that there were two inventory items that I missed in this area? Well, here's the second one.

>Pick up Frog King

...and now we have frog eyes.

>Look at frog eyes

Just royal frog eyes.

And yes, we could put the eyes back in by using the eyes with the frog king, but I lug them around because they might be important, you never fucking know with this kind of game.

Time starts to fly.

And then something weird happens. I have no idea how exactly I got to this point, but I suspect that going through all the possible answers to this guy's question without leaving Wyoming gives you this new answer. The first time around, I got the answers in parts. Still, I have no idea, and I don't really care to find out. All I know is that we now have the right answer.

The answer is wrong!
That's right! Go on.
Can I pass?
That's right.

Welp. Turns out he was telling us the answer all along. And because it was so great the first time... and the second time... it's time to rehash that Monkey Island bit again!

>Walk to ranch
>Look at room
There's some delicious food on the mahagoni table.
>Feel the hunger
>Eat shrimps and caviar
>Drink champagne
This tasted good. I'll take the rest with me.
>Take all the fast food away

Looks familiar.

>Recognize trophies on the wall
Oh, albatrosses, beavers, squirrels, frogs and elephants!
>Touch albatross trophie
It's stuck on the wall.
>Rip albatross trophie

Looks very familiar.

>Pick up old rifle next to trophies
>Stumple across Harley Davidson
>Accidently shoot through aquarium
>Watch flying fish spitting pearl
>Pity dying fish
This won't help him.
>Take fish

Come on, now.

>Take pearl


>Leave ranch
Did I forget something?
>Pick up Indy's hat at the door

...adranchure? Are you fucking kidding me? Christ, that's a labored pun. Anyway, we got a fuckton of reused items here, let's see what Raunes has to say about them.

>Look at pizza

A good piece of a real Wagner-Pizza.

>Look at salami

I'm not hungry.

>Look at drink

Slimy and green.

And it still has the book with the pyramid puzzle solution in it!

>Look at albatross head

An albatross head with just two pixels of brain.

>Look at fish

That's a strange deep sea fish. It smells like coming out of an old hole.

>Look at pearl

This pearl could make me rich.

Also, if you detach the pizza, you get another piece of salami with no apparent limit. This either means that it's part of a puzzle that you can screw up and therefore need an infinite supply of as to stick with the LucasArts system of "don't get stuck", or it's completely useless just like the last item I thought that about, the coin in the first game. Now, let's get this show on the road.

>Give Indy hat to Harrison Ford

Harrison, here's your Indy-hat.
Thanks! Now I'm ready for Indiana Jones 4. See you on the set.

And here we are, back in Tunisia, with everybody here!

>Talk to Harrison Ford

Harrison, how do you feel in this historic revival?
I love to play Indiana Jones again! And I love to have Sean by my side.
And this time I really feel like a grandfather because I'm standing on just one leg. This River Thames jumping stunt happened so fast I felt so much younger when I finally decided to jump.

Now, it's time to go!

>Talk to George Lucas

George, what are we waiting for?
Alright!! Let's go!

Music - Production Start:

...but that will have to wait until next time. With the next update, we'll be wrapping up this game, and with that, the Udoiana Raunes... duology, I guess, so you know it's going to be exciting. Stay tuned for the big twist!