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Part 12: Sacrifice - Part I

Sacrifice - Part I

South around the mountains through some hills and swamps is Minoc, a mining town. Or maybe they don't mine it until Ultima VII; I seem to recall Covetous becoming a mine or something. I guess it isn't yet.

So it's just a town. A town of sacrifice.

You meet a rotund tinker.
: Name?
: I am Shentis.
: Job?
: I welcome thee unto Minoc, city of sacrifice?
: Sacrifice?
: Self-sacrifice is a needed virtue!
: Wait, self-sacrifice? I thought just any kind would work.

You meet a happy tinker.
: I am Mischief.
: How much?
: This and that.
: Rune?
: The rune of sacrifice is hard to get. It lies within the fires of the forge! Hast thou the rune?
: No, since I just now learned where it was!
: Return when thou dost find it!
: I think I like where this is going.

You meet a cute bard.
: I am Singsong.
: It's times like this I wish I weren't married.
: It's times like this I wish you didn't exist, Iolo. Job?
: I sing songs!
: No shit.
: Songs?
: Very well, the raven sings, the raven saw, and in the corn he sayeth "CAH." Dost thou like it.
: I didn't actually ask you to sing.
: Thanks.

You meet a seasoned blacksmith.
: I am Zircon.
: Job?
: I forge weapons.
: Is it okay if I just walk into the forge, burning myself horribly?
: Knock yourself out, kid.

And thus it was that I found the Rune of Sacrifice. I probably should've healed all my dudes before doing this.

You meet a meek shepherd.
: Name?
: I am Damon.
: Job?
: I stand here and think.
: Think?
: Oh, just about things. Can't a man just think to himself?
: Yes.
: Well I hope so!

You meet a wandering tinker.
: Name?
: I am Merida.
: Job?
: I seek the wisdom of the shrine of sacrifice.
: Shrine?
: But first I need the mantra! Know ye the mantra?
: Yes.
: Wait, you do.
: Yeah, it's "CAH."
: The completely random song that bard sang for no reason whatsoever?
: That's the one. Look, Avatars just know this shit.

Here's Julia. She's pretty decent and we could ask her to join but I won't.

And there we go. The vision's different this time! Why, it almost looks like some sort of letter. You don't suppose they're spelling an 8-letter word, do you? Nah.

Lord British helps us experience the Quickening.

Charged with this power, it seems I've mastered two more virtues! I already know where the Shrine of Spirituality is, so now I'd just need to go to Jhelom, but I won't do that now because I'm done with this update.