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Part 13: Finishing Off (Partial) Avatarhood

Finishing Off (Partial) Avatarhood

Since Compassion is the last thing to get Partial Avatarhood in, I stop outside Britain and give like 400 gold to a beggar one piece at a time. Then it dawns on me that I don't actually know the Mantra because I never found Cricket to ask him. Well, time to do that.

You meet a bard in green.
: I am Cricket.
: Job?
: Shhh, I'm playing!
: Alright whatever. Mantra?
: The mantra for the shrine of compassion is "MU!"

So anyway as I was saying, there's Compassion.

And there's Spirituality. Just one left!

Here's Jhelom. Note the Shrine is just south of the city. Of course because it's stuck on another island, we'll need some kind of means of getting there. Blink spells work, or a ship. I probably shouldn't have come via Moongate but whatever, I robbed a blind woman for these reagents, we're good.

Jhelom is a city surrounded by a very high double-layered wall. The guards don't want me going inside the walls. How intriguing!

You meet a thin fighter.
: Name?
: I am Timrod.
: Job?
: I fight with valor!
: Valor?
: There is no holier spot of ground than where defeated valor lies. Art thou brave?
: No.
: Coward.
: Screw you, buddy, you know how hard it is to keep Humility avatarhood sometimes?

You meet a 5 foot pregnant woman.
: Name?
: I am Lady Donna.
: Job?
: I watch over my sheep.
: Sheep?
: I can't stand sheep!

Okay then? On to the inn, where a man is milling about. It turns out he just works here.

You meet the housekeeper.
: I am Max.
: Job?
: I am the housekeeper.
: House?
: I clean the rooms. Is there some problem with thy room?
: No, why would there be?
: That's a strange one at the end. People often disappear.

Sounds like a mystery! It's off to this dude's room to poke around.

You meet a mysterious warrior.
: Name?
: I am Lord Robert.
: Job?
: I battle for Lord British! Are you a valiant warrior?
: Screw humility. Yes.
: Thou dost deserve the rune, ask Nostro!

He doesn't tell us where Nostro is, but if you were paying attention you might have seen the secret passage mark on the wall. Sure enough, they lead inside the walls of the city. There are magic fields though, so they need to be dispelled to meet the prisoners. The first is this charming lady:

You meet a beautiful mage.
: Name?
: I am Senora.
: Job?
: I am locked up in this tower.
: Tower?
: I am being punished for my crimes.
: Why would they lock up a mage with dispellable magic fields?
: Crime?
: Does not matter. I can help thee! Dost thou have a ship?
: No. (I don't really feel like aiding a criminal when I'm 7/8ths of the way to being the Avatar, thanks).
: Too bad.

You meet a withering soul.
: I am Nostro.
: Job?
: I built these passages and they walled me in!
: But how was the amontillado?
: Shut up Iolo. Passage?
: This passage runs around the city! Wilt thou lead me out?
: Sure, I guess.
: I am saved!
: Not so fast, hotshot. Where's the rune?
: The rune is buried in a tower!

And so it is. Let's get to the shrine now. Oh wait, right, the mantra.

You meet a storyteller.
: I am Aesop.
: Name?
: I am Aesop. What, are you deaf, stupid, or just the Avatar?
: Working on two of the three. Job?
: I search for valor!
: Valor?
: It is easy to be brave from a safe distance! Know what I mean?
: No.
: Thou art brave!
: Mantra?
: The mantra of valor is "RA." Use it in the shrine on the next isle!

And thus I do. As you can see by the completed ankh, I'm now completely a Partial Avatar. What does that mean? Well, it means I'm eligible to go read from the Codex of Infinite Wisdom, but I'm not quite there yet.

In addition to the Word of Power and the First Principle, which I have (although they'll take a little unscrambling), I need the Bell, Book, and Candle to enter the Abyss (kinda like Nethack I guess), which has its entrance where I disposed of Agent Skully a while back. Once I get into the dungeon though, I'll need the Stones to get through the Abyss because they block each floor off. I'll also need the Stones to get the Three Part Key, which is also needed at the bottom of the Abyss.

The Stones and the Three Part Key are in the dungeons of Britannia, so the rest of the game will be about finding them in said dungeons. I've also got a few things I can do now that I'm elevated in all the Virtues, but I can't put the dungeons off much longer, so it's time to go caving!