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Part 16: Wrong


: Looking for an update? You're in the wrong place! Get it?
: Shut up, Iolo.

Wrong is the dungeon near Yew, although its entrance changes a bit between games. Strangely enough, the harder it gets to reach Wrong, the easier it is to actually walk there.

Breaking in on a troll bachelor party. I think that's a cyclops stripper.

Unfortunately they were a bit less than enthused about killing the entertainment, and a bunch of drunk trolls set upon and kill Shamino. Wait to see how long it takes before I even give a shit.

That's a lot of rogues. Fortunately, rogues suck.

There are few things less friendly when leaving a top-down room for the 3D parts than to see a force wall slamming into your face. Oddly enough, I can't dispell it, because I'm actually on the other side of it (I know, I know, that doesn't make sense). I can just walk right past, but there are more force walls.

It's about halfway through that I remember I can Resurrect Shamino.

Daemons and Mages. The tight quarters actually work to my advantage, since you can shoot through your own party members without incident.

Killing all the enemies opens the middle of the room to make getting through about 10% less of a pain in the ass, but this helps almost not at all in the end.

Even so, I found the ladder down finally.

This room seems to go in only two directions. There are some skeletons, which are nothing major, and a few liches. Yes, those diamonds with faces are liches. I really don't know either. They're somewhat dangerous ranged combatants, but since they don't cast Sleep, they're nothing as dangerous as Reapers, Balrons, or Gazers.

Inspecting the east wall reveals that it is, in fact, fake, and we need to go this way or we'll just wind up going in circles.

Instead, we head downstairs.

Wrong is really deep, and you can only seem to Z-Down about halfway there. This room has trolls en masse and a few fire lizards. They're not too bad, but that magma they're standing in gradually spreads through the room, so I have to move quickly and dispatch all the monsters along the way.

That room connects to this room, but the wall closes off behind me. Spiders here, poisonous but non-ranged so there's no real threat.

According to the map you get from peering into a magic gem, the stone altar is just west of this room. Of course there's no western exit, but that doesn't mean we can't find one.

The Pac-Man guy there is a Xorn. Not quite what I picture a Xorn looking like.

Marginally tricky. I had to dispell those fields to get to the top left corner, but sure enough the exit appears.

And there's the Green Stone! Covetous is next, then Shame. While in Shame, I'll get the Three Part Key. Find out how, and also how to skip almost all the dungeons that I just did, in the next update!