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Part 23: The Resistance & Empath Abbey

The Resistance & Empath Abbey

In the prison of Yew, there's a tile on the floor that looks a little odd. Stepping on it reveals a drop into a pit, which seems inescapable until you can finally find the secret door. They're rarely in obvious places.

Down here, there's a large network of narrow, dark tunnels. At the bottom of one of them is a poorly-lit living area. And who's this then?

You see a fine young lass.
: Hail Steve, my old friend, 'tis good to see thee again! So, tell me, hast thou returned to set things right?
: Who are you again?
: Good! Hath thy journeys fared well so far?
: I don't know who you are.
: Too bad. I have been working here for the Resistance since Blackthorn came to power. Is it time I joined thee on thy quest?
: And you are...?
: Just let me know when.
: My name is Jaana.
: I was a druid in the last game, I've never heard of you.
: Oh. Did I mention I'm a Mage in this game?
: Sold!

Elsewhere in the sewers/dungeons is a barrel with a Silver Sword inside. It's good for Steve until I can get a Magic Axe, but it's two-handed and short-ranged and not all that great. Better than a lot of things though.

You see a grim, stalwart fighter.
: What is thy name?
: Steve.
: A pleasure! With whom dost thy loyalty lie?
: British.
: Fine, how might I aid thee?
: Name?
: My name is Landon.
: Job?
: If thou must ask, thou need not know.
: I bet you're in the Resistance.
: Oh really? What's the password?
: Dawn.
: Good! Art thou here to help us?
: Yes.
: Well, Steve, it is rumored that Blackthorn himself has taken Lord British's crown!
: Crown?
: Blackthorn uses the powers of the Crown to maintain his reign of tyranny!
: So, like, the power of sovereign authority, or goofy wacky magical power?
: The goofy wacky magical variety.
: Oh boy, that's my favorite kind!

A hidden ladder in the sewers opens to the fireplace below the Arms of Justice. I guess the whole place is in on the Resistance.

Selling equipment for gold. It's actually not bad. Sure, one chest might have this much in U4, but stuff was also more expensive overall. 1.2k for a Magic Axe is peanuts compared to 5k for a Magic Wand, and the Axe is arguably more useful since it can attack diagonally.

Nobody told me to go here yet, but I have to pick something up at Empath Abbey. Let's see if it's been twisted by Blackthorn's idiotic laws!

You see a cheerful man.
: I am called Hardluck.
: Job?
: I am the Abbey jester!
: Abbey?
: Empath Abbey?
: Empath?
: Hey, thou ought to be a jester too!
: Are you suggesting there's something wrong with that?
: Yes, Iolo, there is something wrong with that.
: Jester?
: I juggle and sing fine songs?
: Songs?
: Blackthorn once was a fine ol' man. Upon fine principles he would stand. But then came the Shadowlords, full of evil. Blackthorn's soul they came to steal. All at once the tyranny began. All because of Fate's dark hand! Like it?
: That may have been the worst song I have ever heard.

By the time I arrive, it's already getting late, so the lord of the castle (who I came here to see) isn't around. However, his wife is.

You see a serene lady.
: Name?
: My name is Barbra.
: Job?
: I am the keeper of the flame of Love.
: Wasn't that an 80s song?
: Early 90s I thought.
: They kind of blend together for me, personally.
: Thou art the Avatar of legend, art thou not?
: Yes ma'am!
: Thou dost know it is thy duty to try and recover what this kingdom has lost. Dost thou intend to?
: I don't remember that part of the job description when I received ultimate wisdom but okay, whatever.
: Then perhaps I have a vision that may help thee. I saw a great man in a distant place. I saw him as if through a looking glass. I saw naught but his reflection. More I do not know.
: Lord British is trapped in a mirror, got it.
: How the hell did you know that?
: Hello, Avatar.

You see a tall, caring man.
: I am called Lord Michael.
: Job?
: I am the lord of this castle.
: You're not a total douche like everyone else in authority right now, are you?
: Coincidentally, no! The three castles of the principles are free of Blackthorn's idiotic reign for some undefined reason related to the Shadowlords.
: I have to come here to destroy the Shadowlord of Hatred, gotcha.
: How-
: Avatar!!!
: Seek out the daemon who lives in the great eastern desert. He knows much of the Lord of Hatred!
: By the way, nice grapple.
: I have the grapple used to climb mountains, although I'm not sure how you knew I-
: Avatar!!!
: Okay. Though it allows passage through many mountains, there are some peaks which still cannot be crossed! And one can still fall whilst using it if one is not nimble enough! Wouldst thou like it?
: Hell yes I wouldst.
: Use it well, and be careful!

The Grapple is a neat item that allows us to klimb over mountains. It's necessary to complete the game and it's a pain in the ass not to have it right away. If I weren't paying attention to what you guys ask me to do, I'd have just gone here first thing, but it didn't hurt anything to put it off a while.

After that, Steve goes downstairs for dinner and meets an old friend.

You see a kindly tinker.
: Steve, it is thee, is it not?
: Yeeeeees?
: At long last! We had thought thy return was beyond hope!
: And you are...?
: My name is Julia.
: Oh. Job?
: I live here at the Abbey, a refuge from the Shadowlords!
: Shadowlords?
: They hunt all of us who helped thee on the quest. Blackthorn fears us!
: I think you mean Blackthorn fears me, you're about as fearsome as Iolo.
: Hey, I'm plenty fearsome! I'm the cheat mode, you know!
: Not until Ultima VI, dude.
: Oh.
: He feared we would find a way to bring thee back. Which is, of course, exactly what we did!
: I think you mean what I did. I got shot with a motherfucking space arrow, what did the rest of you worthless assholes do for Steve?
: Be cool, Shamino. We'll always be #1 homies.
: Steve, is it time we took up arms again?
: Yeah, I guess.
: Shall I join thee now?
: I thought that was what you just asked me.

This party is suddenly full of chicks, even if we don't count the rather mannish Steve. The current count is four bards, a mage, and the Avatar. There's another bard in the Abbey named Toshi, but he's lv1 and sucks pretty badly. If anyone has party recommendations, I'm always game. We can dump any character at an inn and come back for them later, so we can always drop somebody off in Britain.