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Part 7: Justice - Part II

Justice - Part II

Alright, so it's back to Britain.

Hawkwind says I'm Just and Honorable (also Honest, but for some reason I didn't get that), but not quite sacrificing or hardcore enough. Too bad. But I might as well get this Avatar show on the road.

So back we go to Yew. Except we don't need to go to Yew proper, as I no longer need anything from it. Instead I head northeast to the river delta and follow the coast north and west to...

The Shrine of Justice. Without the proper rune, you can't even enter a shrine. Entering, though, is just part of the problem.

The shrines are unlabeled, and ask you what virtue they correspond to. You have to answer correctly. There are relatively few shrines that can be mixed up; you might confuse Valor and Honor as they're kind of close, and maybe Sacrifice and Compassion if you get really mixed up, but otherwise it's unlikely.

So anyway, the mantra is then needed to meditate. As we learned the first time, the mantra is "BEH," so that's what we type when prompted each time. Even with the hyper-acceleration of modern machines (which DOSbox fixes a little bit), meditation is slow. The good news is, in addition to raising me to Partial Avatarhood in Justice, it also raises my Spirituality! Hooray.

So now you'll notice a few things. There's the vision, which will take a while to make sense, and the new icon in the center of the stats between Food and Money. I'll spare you the guesswork now and just tell you outright that it's an icon of an ankh that is formed with each Partial Avatarhood you attain. Once you see the whole thing, you know it's time to beat the game.

Before I head to Trinsic to Avatar myself up for Honor (and get Dupre), we'll stop by Paws, the location of which varies highly between Ultimas. The location in IV and V is quite different from the one in VI and considerably different from the one in VII, where it's a good distance to the west and north.

Paws is technically just a village, but the people here are very humble, so maybe there's something related to Humility here?

Yes. There is. I'm not good at keeping secrets.

You meet a singing bard.
: I am Little Jon.
: I sing of Britannia.
: Britannia is a land so fair, to other lands I would not dare! I hear that thou art from another world?
: What is it called?
: Earth.
: I hope someday thou may return!

Yes, because the first thing we'll do as the Avatar is ditch Britannia and go back to Earth, setting up Lord British's absence, the chaos leading to Lord Blackthorn's corrupt regency, and the reign of the Shadowlords.

Oh wait, that is the first thing we'll do. The Avatar isn't very good at this.

Hidden in the hills of Paws is the Rune of Humility. Now we just need the mantra and also to not be quite so prideful. But first, Trinsic!