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Part 8: Honor - Part II (and Honesty - Part I, I guess)

Proteus4994 posted:

This thread sucks, Nakar. I want updates every 15 minutes or I'm downvoting it!

Seriously, this is so much better than that last one (whose name I can't even remember). Keep up the good work. I can't wait until you do Ultima 6 (which was my favorite one).

Whoa, whoa there cowboy. Who said anything about Ultima 6?

I mean, I'd be glad to do it. I'd also be glad to do 7. But 4-6 aren't reserved and 7 apparently is. I'm definitely moving on to 5 after this, and if all else goes well, we may yet roll on into The False Prophet (which ranks up with 7 as most Ultima fans' all time favorite). DOSbox seems to do fine for 4 and 5, and I'm sure it will handle 6 admirably. Exult is more than sufficient for 7 as well, although I always disliked its inferior hack mover cheat.

Anyway, here's a most virtuous update, assholes!

Honor - Part II (and Honesty - Part I, I guess)

Trinsic's a pretty happenin' place, with random poison fields, a gigantic bar, and a talking skeleton. It also has very interesting people! Okay, not particularly.

You meet a big guard.
: I am a guard.
: Obviously.
: We guard the gate.
: No kidding?
: The gate into and out of Trinsic.
: That's really fascinating!
: Dick.
: Shut up, Iolo.

You meet a strong paladin.
: I am Rigmore.
: Job?
: I am the welcomer.
: Isn't that a little weak for a paladin?
: Yes, welcome to Trinsic city of honor!
: Honor?
: Wisdom on the virtue of honor is found throughout this towne. Dost thou seek this wisdom? Enter and find thy path.
: I hope there's wisdom in the bar because that's where my path is going.

You meet a sleepy fighter.
: Name?
: I am Publius.
: Ha ha, that sounds like-
: Shut up, Iolo. Job?
: I drink a toast to honor!
: I wish I had your job.
: I wish I had your job.
: What is left when honor is lost?

You meet a handsome fighter.
: I am Dupre.
: Job?
: I am towne leader.
: Not anymore you're not.
: Right you are, Avatar!
: Shhh dude, I'm not Avatar yet in this one.

Now to solve the town quests out of order by knowing lots of keywords and searching frantically.

You meet a scruffy merchant.
: I am Winthrop.
: Job?
: A trade in rumors.
: Shouldn't that be "I trade in rumors?"
: Do you want to know where the rune is or not?
: Yes please.
: There is a small child who knew named... Terrin.
: ...
: ...
: ...
: Terrin!
: I don't even know who that is.
: Find him and ask of the rune!
: Can I kill him now?
: Sorry Dupre, you missed the part of the game where we act like assholes to get money and gear.
: Awwwwww.

You meet a mystic wizard.
: Are you the asshole responsible for those poison fields?
: I am Virgil.
: Just answer the question.
: I create magical fields.
: I knew it! You asshole! There are kids in this town!
: Poison is my favorite. 'tis it thine?
: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anyway long story short the Rune of Honor is in the square NE of Virgil. I didn't actually know that (although I might have remembered it subconsciously), but it's pretty obvious.

You meet a shining paladin.
: I am Lexington.
: Job?
: I am warlord of Trinsic!
: Dupre, I thought you said you were in charge of Trinsic?
: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, well...
: I have solved many quests!
: Quests?
: The solving of quests brings ye honor! Art thou on a quest?
: Uh, yeah I guess.
: Then solve quests but attack not non-evil creatures, and get not others gold!

You meet a wandering mage.
: I am Quix.
: Job?
: I seek the skeleton!
: Skeleton?
: It knows a great secret.
: Secret?
: About the purple stone of honor! Dost thou have the purple stone?
: You just said the skeleton knew about it, how the hell would I know?
: Seek it for it is very useful!
: Shot down, dude.

You meet a cowering child.
: I am Terrin.
: ...
: ...
: ...
: Terrin!
: I don't know who you are.
: I ran from the bull!
: Bull?
: A big one, with long, pointy horns! Is it gone yet?
: Considering it's standing right next to you, no. Where's the rune?
: It is buried in the southwest corner of towne.
: Yeah I know, I actually have it already. Thanks though, good luck with the bull there kid!

Attacking the bull for some reason calls the guards down on you so screw it, Terrin can deal with his own damn problems.

You meet a searching paladin!
: Name?
: I am Kline.
: Job?
: I seek entry to the shrine of honor! Know ye the two requirements to enter and use the shrine?
: Yes.
: What are they?
: Well, there's the mantra...
: The mantra is "SUMM."
: Oh hey, thanks!
: I thought you said you knew them, not-yet-Avatar!
: I only said I knew that there were requirements to enter the shrine, not that I knew them.
: I just hope you don't go and forget them for the next three games.

You meet a bony skeleton.
: I am Skitle.
: Shut up, Iolo.
: Job?
: I'm a skeleton. I guess I hang out in dungeons and stuff?
: Dungeons?
: I come from the dungeon "Shame!"
: Stone?
: I have seen the purple stone used in the altars of truth and courage! Ever been there?
: No.
: It holds items thou shalt need.
: How did you know I was trying to become the Avatar?
: Skeletons know. We know.

And so it's southwest across some swamps to the shrine. Man, if only we had some means of conveyance not dependent on the winds or oceans that could avoid damage from swamps.

Alright then, 2/8.

Now it's back to the Lyceum to pick something up, because I forgot it when I was here.

The Book of Truth is in the Lyceum's library.

Filed under "T."

For "Truth."

Get it? GET IT?

God, first this game makes you act all good, then it makes you go to a library. Next thing you know it'll be making me eat broccoli and go to bed early.

The Shrine of Honor is up north a little, as is the dungeon entrance for this part of the world, but we're not interested in that yet.

Kickass. Those visions may seem repetitive, but they'll start making more sense next time.

Mariah can't say no to me now. She's one of the better NPCs in this game for the ability to use the Magic Wand, which Dupre can't. But Dupre can use the Magic Bow which is nearly as good, so all is well.

Then it's back to Lord British to get a level.

And here's the aforementioned free healing. I guess "health" is a useful keyword after all.