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Part 9: Humility - Part I

Humility - Part I

Alright, now we need to deal with Humility. And Compassion I guess.

Talking humbly to somebody gives you +5 Humility, which means you can just talk humbly over and over to somebody for five minutes about how totally not awesome you are, and suddenly you are. I imagine it goes a bit like this:

: So hey, how about that humility, huh?
: Yeah humility is pretty awesome. I bet you're pretty humble huh?
: What, me? Oh no, no.
: My God! You're so humble!
: Please, you're flattering me.
: Look at this guy! He's so humble!
: Oh, stop.

Not that I'm complaining.

You can do the same thing with beggars and compassion.

: Is it really necessary to give them gold one coin at a time, not-quite-Avatar-but-close-enough?
: Look, Iolo, if you think you know how this shit works, you can become the Avatar, but until then, we're doing this my way.
: Are we ever going to pick up Shamino?
: Nobody gives a shit about Shamino.

As expected, I'm ready to humble myself, but apparently I've been killing a few too many guards because my Compassion is still pretty bad. Nothing I can't fix with lots more donations, but still.

Anyway, I have the Rune from Paws, but I need two more things to actually get to the Shrine of Humility. So it's off to Magincia, city of Pride!

Which hasn't done them a lot of good, I suppose. Symbolism ahoy!

You meet a mean looking viper!
: I am Nate.
: You're a talking snake.
: Very perceptive! I bring death to all life in Magincia!
: Magincia must've been full of pussies.
: Health?
: Bloodthirsty!

We can't do much with Nate yet, but he's important. Unfortunately he likes to attack us, and he counts as non-evil, so I have to run from him. He'll reappear if you enter town again though.

You meet a horrible ghastly devil!
: I am Virtuebane.
: Job?
: To welcome thee to Magincia! Proud city of the high seas!
: Not really much of a city right now, is it?
: Magincia fell unto the realm of darkness for the foundation of their virtue was ill-placed in pride! Art thou proud?
: Not really.

You meet a shadowy ghost.
: Name?
: I am Ghostly.
: Job?
: I haunt Magincia.
: How's that pay?
: Not too well. I'm thinking of temp jobbing in a dungeon.

You meet a skinny skeleton.
: Name?
: I am Slim.
: Job?
: I rattle my bones.
: Health?
: A bit on the thin side.

I love asking the dead in Magincia about their health.

You meet a dumpy ghost.
: Name?
: I am Boozer.
: Job?
: I was once a powerful merchant!
: Boozer, huh? What did you sell?
: Mostly wood.
: Merchant?
: My wealth was boundless, I held great power!
: Avatar, can I be excused? All this morality is getting to me.
: Whatever, Dupre. Power?
: A proud soul surely knows not its worth! Dost thou see?
: What?
: The world goes on without me.

You meet a jabbering skeleton.
: Name?
: I am Skullface.
: Is that like a nickname or something?
: You don't need to be a bitch, man. I am a nobleman of great birth.
: Nobleman?
: Me and my brother are the last two of the great Meridid family.
: Wouldn't it just be your brother now?
: That was cold, Avatar.
: Thou hast heart of us of course, yes?
: No?
: You must not be from near these parts!

You meet a weeping skeleton.
: I am Splot.
: Job?
: I regret.
: Health?
: Been better.
: Regret?
: I was proud. Strip thyself of conceits, only the humble are pure!
: Humble?
: The root from which all virtues grow! Dost thou seek purity?
: Yeah, I guess.
: Then ask the snake of the rune and stone!

You meet a fat skeleton.
: I am Bulbous.
: How the hell can a skeleton be fat?
: Maybe he's big-boned? Get it? GET IT?
: ...
: ...
: ...
: I run this shop.
: What shop?
: Why the food shop of course! Can I interest thee in some rations?
: Uhhhhh, no.
: I sell only the very best!

You meet a thin skeleton.
: I am Demitry.
: Job?
: I, too, rattle my bones.
: Health?
: 'bout the same as yesterday.

You meet a tall ghost.
: I am Heywood.
: Job?
: Haunt eternally.
: At least you have job security.
: What, like we don't?
: Haunt?
: Pride goeth before, shame cometh after! Art thou proud?
: Not really.
: A proud soul surely knows not its worth!

So we have to ask Nate about the rune. But I already have it, so whatever Nate.

You meet a crumbling skeleton.
: I am banter.
: Job?
: I failed to protect the horn!
: Horn?
: The silver horn must be used to pass the daemon guard of the shrine.
: Shrine?
: Wierdrum has been to the shrine of humility! Seek ye the horn?
: Yeah, sure.
: Ask Demitry!

And this is what Demitry says. That's nice and unhelpful. Now for the mantra.

You meet a tall ghost.
: I am Faultless.
: You don't say.
: Job?
: Oh, I just hang around!
: Oh, I get it!
: Health?
: Been better.
: Mantra?
: The mantra for pride, being the antithesis of humility, is "MUL."

I don't recall if there's any easy way to narrow it down, but the Silver Horn is just kinda east of Magincia in some islands near the western mainland.

I was gonna go to the shrine this update, but a whirlpool sucked my ship into Lock Lake, so instead I'll go to Cove and Minoc and stuff next time.