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Before we move on, let's get the last major sidequests out of the way.

We (finally) install the three Lighthouse Gems in the three lighthouses.

Now we get our reward for this game-spanning city-hopping main side quest.

: What the fuck? 100 Gold? I hate you.

Oh well. Maybe our other sidequest will give us a better reward.

: Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know that anyone was there.
: Cursing in the cathedral, are we?
: I suppose nothing is sacred anymore. I'm very sorry, my name is Kimberly. Who might you be?
: I'm the Avatar.
: Yes, I thought you looked familiar. I've seen you in the tapestry. Well my goodness, the Avatar. It is good to have you back in Britannia.
: I've come for Serpentwyne.
: Really? Well, I'll add your name to the list then.
: Please tell me what's wrong.
: The Silver Serpent is gone, and I fear there will be no more Serpentwyne for quite some time.
: You see, not long ago, a young woman joined our order as a novice.
: She seemed to be true, but there had been rumors that she was frequenting Britain's taverns, drinking with pirates and such.
: I did not believe the rumors at first, but now I curse myself for such blindness. Last week I awoke to find the Serpent and Aria, our young novice, gone.
: So, you think that the novice is responsible?
: Yes, I think that she never intended to become a priestess. It was all a cunning ruse designed to gain access to the Serpent.
: She must have had magical aid, or been a mage herself, to have abducted him.
: You see the Silver Serpent possesses magic of it's own, and unless it was imprisoned somehow, it could magically transport itself back to the cathedral.
: And now, with the Serpent gone, we have a Serpentwyne shortage and the threat of Serpent Venom being sold.
: What threat does the venom pose?
: Well, whoever has the Serpent may be planning to extract the Serpent's venom to sell it.
: The venom works as an insidious drug and is very dangerous. If people become addicted to the venom, they might do anything to purchase more of it.
: Do you have any idea where the serpent might be?
: No, Avatar. I do not know where they've taken the Serpent.
: I doubt that it is within the city of Britain, for Lord British has searched the city at our behest.
: If you encounter a place where there is Serpentwyne or Serpent Venom in abundance the Serpent itself can not be far.

We remember that the barkeeper at Buccaneer's Den was selling Serpent Venom.

On Buc's Den we find a partially-concealed tunnel.

When we near the end we overhear a conversation.

: I'm telling you for the last time, we need more venom from that snake, and we need it now!
: There's good money to be made, and I'm not going to lose out because you can't meet the demand!
: Look, Dunston. I want to make money as much as you do, but you can't get blood from a stone and you can't treat a Silver Serpent like a milk cow!
: I've tried everything that I can think of to get the serpent to produce more venom, but it's not working.
: Then I'll get someone who can get venom from that snake, or I'll have you and the snake killed.
: Oh, that's smart, kill the goose because it's not laying enough golden eggs.
: Don't you take that arrogant tone with me, woman! I'll turn you into fish bait without batting an eye. Just you remember that!
: I'm sorry, but it's just that I'm under a lot of pressure here, Dunston. Just keeping the serpent contained in the force field is a full time job.
: Trying to keep it settled and producing venom has been nearly impossible!
: Then you'd better figure out a way to do the impossible. For both of your sakes.

Shooting a target on the wall extends the bridge.

Clicking on the pentagram deactivates the force field, sending the Silver Serpent back to Britain.

Now we get to collect our reward!

: Eh? Um... okay.
: Before the shrine was cleansed, the mayor took money that we had set aside to help the poor.
: Now that the shrine has been cleansed, the mayor said that the money would be returned to us, but his assistant has refused to return it.
: Does Killigan have the money?
: I don't know who has it. No one will talk to me about it. Still, if I had to guess, I would suspect that Killigan is behind this. He is just not a nice man, Avatar.
: I'll try to find your money.
: Thank you very much, Avatar. I do appreciate all of your help. Farewell.

: I heard you stole some charity funds from the Cathedral. What do you have to say for yourself?
: I was merely following orders Avatar. Don't get snippy with me.
: Do you plan to return the money that you stole from the Cathedral?
: Bah! Lord British has absolved the mayor and I of that supposed crime.
: We will forfeit the money on the day the law decrees, and not a minute sooner! In the meantime, it is safe in my storeroom!
: Now, if you will excuse me.
: Fine. I'll be on my way.

The storeroom is hidden on the other side of the tapestry.

But... there is a scroll of Ethereal Sight under a pile of gold.

: Blackthorn!

: I haven't been spying. What are you talking about?
: I discovered these notes in your storeroom.
: Oh, those? Well, I don't know how they got there.
: Give it up. How long have you been spying?
: Don't turn me in to the Mayor! These people just don't understand. It was so much better with the columns around.
: I'll tell you the Guardian's plans. He's been toying with you. He plans to... ugh.

: I will not tolerate disloyalty, Killigan.

: Let everyone know that this is what awaits any who would betray me.

Our quest reward is that we can't use the Buc's Den guild shop anymore.

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