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Dungeon Despise: Complete solution (Part 3)

This is the dining hall.

We grab the key that's hanging on the wall. Keys mean treasure.

The pressure switch in the corner opens a secret area.

The secret area appears to be a pantry. The chest unlocks with the key that was hanging on the wall in the other room. It gives us a key, a couple of potions and...

In addition to the loot, the pantry has another pressure switch.

The switch is actually a cleverly-disguised teleportation pad. In the hellish world of Ultima 9, you can't walk more than 18 feet without tripping over one and landing in Cove. Not that you would walk 18 feet. You're much more likely to take a teleporter.

Avoid a steel enema...

...and push the lever,...

...which opens the gate.

Up the stairs is a ring of fire and our second Kiran stone.

Head back to the dining hall and through the less-hidden door. The chest contains a scroll of Light, another healing potion and some sulfurous ash.

As before, pressing the button by the archway makes the wall disappear.

Heading down the hallway, around a corner and up a ramp leads us to the Despise library. On the top ledge is a leather helm, a small collection of potions and various reagents. The idea is that you learn how to do alchemy here. Since I already know, we'll be moving on.

Mashing your meaty hand into the lever makes a secret door appear.

Hitting the button opens raises a gate to the next area.

Why is there a guard outpost so deep inside a dungeon? This place doesn't make any sense

There's a rather large spike pit hindering our progress. To open up the way past, we need to throw that lever. But it's too far away!

One barrel to get over,...

Another so we don't get stuck on the other side,...

Throw the switch and the spike pit is taken care of.

The missing key is sitting at the bottom of a pool of water near the guard post.

Heading through the next door brings us to the dungeon chapel.

If you cast Ignite on the candlestick, the ankh at the back of the chapel will unleash a divine rainbow. If you step into the rainbow you will have Full-Heal cast on you.

Sitting on one of the pews is a key. Behind the pew is a bow and a lute. I wonder what happened here.

As soon as you walk through the door behind the altar, you hear a man screaming for help. You can watch him die if you want to, but I decided to save him so we can get that sweet point of karma.

: Thank you! You've saved my life, and I am in your debt.
: What can you tell me about the Kiran Stone?

That's right, Avatar. Go for the prize.

: Years ago, the wizard Kiran supposedly hid a family heirloom here in Despise. The Kiran Stone is the key to the artifact. It was divided into four pieces and scattered throughout the dungeon.
: I've found one of them, but after this experience, I've lost all interest in exploring dungeons. Please take it, as payment for saving my life.

If we had chosen to watch Thadious get crushed to death, the third Kiran Stone would have been inside the box on the wall.

The next key we need is locked in a room, behind a gate.

We get the key by using a machine called an Attractor. These things pop up from time to time. It pulls the key right through the grate and onto the floor, where we can get it.

The next room has 4 colored columns for some reason that I'm sure is a complete coincidence.

Reading a book by the wall tells us a little about the magical shield we're questing for, but more importantly it opens up a new hidden passage.

Pushing a button on the side of the fountain will cause some stalactites and stalagmites to retract into the ceiling and floor (respectively), revealing a rat. Killing the rat will let us loot the chest behind it, which gives us some gold, two healing potions and a cure potion.

The tunnel in the back of the cavern eventually leads us to a flooded area.

Pulling the underwater lever moves a boulder, revealing treasure for the looting.

The hidden cache gives us another bag, and the last Kiran stone.

Finally, we haul ourselves out the water, towel ourselves off and head deeper into the dungeon. I think it's getting warm in here, guys.

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