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Dungeon Despise: Complete solution (Part 4)

So much for "Evil men have no music", you pretentious German fucker.

: Draw your sword so it cannot be said that I killed a defenseless man!
: Who are you?
: Who am I? I am Ooli of the Wyrmguard!


: I can't wait to report to Lord Blackthorn that it was I who killed the Avatar!
: How do you know who I am?
: Oh, I've known you for many a year, Avatar. We have a long history, you and I. I see that you don't recognize me.
: Well, you'll have an eternity to think about it after I've buried my sword in your chest!

And then "Ooli" attacks us.

Fortunately he's a bard, which is even lower on the Ladder of Awesomeness than a Druid, and he starts sobbing and begging for his life much earlier than we would.

: Avatar, wait! You do know me. I am your old friend and companion, Iolo!

: Spare me, please! Show compassion and have mercy upon me!
: Iolo! Why did you fight me?
: The Guardian has taken possession of my soul, and I have been forced to do his bidding!
: Please have mercy!

Ultima 9 lets you choose whether or not you want to butcher Iolo. I promise to let you guys make the decisions as much as possible after this, but right now we have important plans for Iolo and need him to stay alive. If you kill him the last third of the game is almost as painful as Hythloth.

: Very well, I will have mercy on you.
: Thank you, and accept my apologies, Avatar! Take the glyph now and know that I'll not raise my hand against you again.
: I will take the glyph. And I want you to tell the rest of the Wyrmguard that I'm back and that this time, I will cleanse Britannia of the Guardian once and for all.
: I will free you from this, my friend.

He's also Batman.

Making Iolo soil himself was the secret to lowering the magical barrier.

Now we need to leave Despise, but on our way out we'll stop off in the room with the four pedestals.

To get our reward, place all four Kiran stones on their respective columns.

Too bad it sucks, though. It gives us +5 to our magic, but right now we're mainly sticking to weapons that can't be used with a shield.

Finally, we're done this dungeon. First we grab the Kiran Stones for later resale, and then we head back to the surface by backtracking through the entire dungeon. I guess it was too much trouble for the Guardian to add a teleporter to the basement of this place.

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