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: What nice weather we're having lately.

: Ow.

: Well well well, the "mighty" Avatar.

: Blackthorn! I should have known you'd be licking at the Guardian's heels.

: Take him away. Don't hurt him too much.

: Yes s--- agh!

: Alas, I am slain!

Blackthorn is a wizard as powerful as Lord British, and a dagger scares him away.

: Please help me
: ...
: Please

The Avatar only asks the important questions.

: My name is Raven. In case you're wondering why I'm here, my employer has some business that he thinks you would be interested in. That is, if you really are the Avatar.
:Really? So who is your employer and what does he want with me?
: His name is Samhayne. As for his business, well... I'll let him tell you the rest when you meet him. But before I take you to him, I need proof that you really are the Avatar.
: Alright, what kind of proof do you require?
: Well, let's see, the Runes of Virtue have been missing for some time. If you really are the Avatar, you should be able to locate them.
: You will be able to find me at the docks in Britain. Bring me one of the runes to prove, beyond doubt, that you are the Avatar, and then I will take you to my employer.

This doesn't help us finish what we started here in the Britain area, but it gives us a lead to follow up on after we're done here. To cleanse the Shrine of Compassion we still need to steal the Heart of Compassion. Next stop: Britain.

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