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Part 2: Seriously, who keeps things like that in their basement?

Update 2: Seriously, who keeps things like that in their basement?

Things to do in the castle:

Near where we stopped last time (the underground lake with dozens of poisonous worms), there's a shortcut to level 3 which makes returning to the castle pretty easy. When you come across little convenient contrivances like that in this game, it usually makes sense to make use of them. It certainly did for me, I wanted to train a bit to make fighting a bit easier. Too bad I got poisoned on the way to the castle and decided to wait it out instead of wasting potions.

As my health was pretty low, I decided to take a nap in my quarters. When I woke up, I couldn't help wondering where everyone was.

Solution: as it was now noon in the game, most characters decided to hang out in the garden and the Great Hall. NPC cycles like that may be pretty realistic, but they're generally also a huge pain in the ass if you're looking for someone.

When I finally found him, I boosted my axe skill a bit by training with Dupre

... and raised my attack skill a bit by training with Geoffrey, Captain of the Guards™ and the token horizontally challenged member of the cast.

This is what the entrance of the castle looks like now, by the way. If you're not sure how I came up with the thread title, this should explain it.

And because I know you were dying to know, here's some details about Iolo's sex life:

This is Feridwyn. He sucks.

Time to return to the sewers!


4.) Castle British Basement/Sewers, Pt. 2/2 (Dailymotion) (Viddler)

Stupid error of mine at 2:18, I meant to type "W makes you run, S makes you walk".

Time for some audience participation!

I'll tell you this much: the upcoming area of the game can be played through both in kill-everything-and-everyone mode and in talk-to-people-and-solve-puzzles-to-progress mode. Which would you like to see?