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Part 5: 1/2: Me, miss things? Unpossible!

Update 4 1/2: Me, miss things? Unpossible!

Starting from a different save, I decided to tackle the Prison Tower using the tried and true "screw talking, kill everyone you come across" method.
At the beginning, I was still debating whether I might post this run as a bonus video. I quickly decided that it would simply bore you to tears.
I did realize I missed some stuff, though, which I will be showing off using screenshots. Interestingly enough, the experience we got from killing every single goblin in the tower by ourselves hardly made any difference.

I had no idea the guards in the level below Bishop's cell reacted if you had your weapon drawn. This is pretty nifty.

I also found this rather goofy note among Borne's belongings. Looks like someone is going to suffer!

I also realized I'd totally forgotten about this guy who's locked up near Bishop in what I assumed to be part of the "animal training" complex.
Looks like he decided to side with the humans and was found out. Freeing him gets you absolutely nothing. I wonder how it must feel to be a character in a video game whose existence has this little impact on absolutely everything.

Also, the "Cornucopia", i. e. the magic box that creates food which Felix gave us worked this time. Given the fact that the box comes with a limited amount of charges and the game's fondness of randomizing things, maybe it simply decided to give us zero charges last time.

I also finally got around to picking up the second backpack that's (sort of) hidden near the entrance to level 4 in Castle British. Our Water Walk spell made getting it easy as pie.

On my way back to where we left off in the last video, I came across this red bat, I think those poison you. It didn't really get to do anything before it died to my axe, though.

No video this time, all this would've been pretty boring to watch since it takes place in familiar territory.