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Part 6: Kool Thing

Update 5: Kool Thing

In order to save yourself some confusion, check out this list of NPCs in the castle before reading on!

Yep, the second picture really shows what they look like in the game world. The only way to tell some of them apart is using the examine command on their sprites

Lord British

Ruler of Britannia and goofy self-insertion courtesy of Richard Gariott. You can ask him to heal you but he'll discover that his healing magic won't work any more. Blame the plot and the fact that the humongous blackrock gem the Guardian summoned around the castle messes with the magical ability of those trapped inside.



One of the Avatar's best buds and everyone's favorite drunkard who likes dem wimmins. He can train you in Axe and Mace.


Probably the best bard who ever lived. He and his busty wife Gwenno are responsible for a musical masterpiece called Stones.
He trains you in Appraise, Missile and -- Swimming. I assume he's just that good so not having any water around doesn't stop him from making an extraordinary swimmer out of you.


Apparently, she's been one of the Avatar's companions since Ultima IV. She's a tinker and will train you in Traps, Picklock and Repair. According to the Internet, she's based on a girl Richard Garriott used to date.



He was the leader of the Homeless Shelter in Paws in Ultima 7. I don't feel like writing anything else about him.


Lord British's bodyguard and the captain of the guards. Like the Avatar, he's also a native of Earth, apparently. He can train you in Attack and Defense.

Lady Tory

According to the Internet, she's an "an empath, who can feel and react on the feelings of the people around her" who worked as some kind of counselor in Serpent's Hold in Ultima 7. Training with her will boost your Charisma stat. She's also the owner of a pretty cool red dress.


A member of the Great Council, some kind of Britannian governing body which means Britannia is a representative democracy or something.


Lord British's royal magician. He'll train you in Mana and Casting. We'll be visiting him lots.


A scholar in Moonglow who works in the fabled Lycaeum, with a terrible fashion sense. I'm sorry but that curry-colored robe totally isn't his color type, how about something from the red color family instead? He will train you in Lore and Search.


The Mayor of Britain in Ultima VII. Training with him will improve your Charisma skill. He certainly looks it, must be that awesome moustache of his. Looks like someone has taken a hint from everyone's favorite plumber!


A skilled fighter from Jhelom, which is somewhere in Britannia -- that's all I managed to find out about her. She'll help you improve your Sword and Unarmed skills.



A servant (duh), even though he has something like a monk haircut going on. He also appeared in Ultima 7.


The castle's child maid. Some people have told me not to get on her bad side, but I don't really see why. I mean, does she look like she could be any trouble whatsoever?


The room maid.


Guard (Female)

Guard (Male)

There are a couple of those patrolling the castle. They don't really have anything to say and I assume they must be bored out of their minds. I mean, what could possibly happen now that there's no way to get either inside or outside?

That's it!

Things to do in the castle:

A couple of things this time. Like seeing the looks on everyone's faces when I told them where I'd just been. Yep, ladies,
I just got back from a trip into another world. And no, no need to tell me how awesome I am, I'm already well aware of it.

Miranda told me the castle's servants had been acting kind of strange lately. She told me it might be a good idea to have a word with Nanna.

... which I did.

Something told me she kind of had a point and as I promised, I went to see Lord British about the matter because I sort of felt it was sort of the Avatar-like thing to do.
(You pretty much have to do this for the story to progress and if you're unlucky, you can actually render the game unwinnable if
you're not nice to the servants at this point due to a bug. )

Lady Tory then told me she had the feeling Patterson was acting a bit weird.

I decided to go have a word with him, but nothing he said really struck me as suspicious.

Nystul seemed kind of interested in the gem I picked up in the Prison Tower and cast some kind of spell on it. Don't ask me what the hell it did, though. He asked me to "take it to the large gem in the sewers and experiment", whatever that means.

Feridwyn, too, told me he had something to discuss with me but I have no idea what the fuck it was because
I sort of started spacing out the moment he opened his mouth.

Also, I recall the fountain in the garden (and the garden itself) being kind of different-looking, but I can't really put my finger on exactly what has changed. I'm probably imagining things.


7.) Ice Caverns Pt. 1 (Dailymotion) (Viddler)