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Part 9: Keep yourself alive

Update 7: Keep yourself alive

Things to do in the castle:

Lady Tory told me she had the feeling Feridwyn was probably hiding something and probably can't be trusted. Finally, someone knows how I feel!

I almost dropped the chicken drumstick I was shoving into my mouth when he showed up in the Great Hall:

Here's what he had to say:

Needless to say, Nanna and Nell were pretty psyched about this.

However, apparently, there was more behind this than I assumed (and to be honest, the truth was kind of groan-worthy).

If you don't decide to step up for the servants, they will go on strike. This will result in Nystul becoming all emo and refusing to treat any more
blackrock gems because the situation renders him unable to concentrate. This will effectively prevent you from progressing in the game and opening up any more worlds.
Earlier versions of the game had a bug that caused the servants to go on strike permanently if you were unlucky, forcing you to start over. And yes,
obviously the Guardian's evil brainwashing was behind all of this. Like I said, the game's plot isn't necessarily one of its strong points.

Miranda told me our water supply wasn't looking too good so they decided to shut off the fountain in the courtyard. Guess that why the courtyard looked kind of different to me a while ago, I honestly didn't notice they'd done anything to the fountain. Hey, I'm absolutely useless at anything even remotely related to gardening, so give me a break! Also, she told me she had the feeling that Dupre hadn't really been his usual self lately.

I decided to go see him and apparently, he was upset about the game's half-assed justification for the fact that the Avatar gets to be the lone adventurer while three of his companions are forced to hang around in the castle and twiddle their thumbs.

I also sort of got the feeling Geoffrey and Syria might have a thing going on. Isn't he married or something?

I didn't want to disappoint Lady Tory so I eventually went to see Feridwyn. He told me... something about Patterson. To be honest, I can't really remember a thing of what it was that he said but there you go.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about Patterson. Lots of people seem to be complaining about hin lately. I don't really get it, though. I eventually ran into him and he kind of reminded me of the guy in this song.

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