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Part 10: Someone Get That Guy a Cough Drop or Something

Update 8: Someone Get That Guy a Cough Drop or Something

Things to do in the castle:


More waffling in Killorn Keep:

I couldn't really do anything against it, but the last update was pretty much all dialogue, which kind of sucked although it did bring the video file size down a shocking amount due to all the static images. In order to prevent this from happening again even though the Keep's tavern has three third-rate NPCs I still don't want to ignore, I decided to show off my conversations with them them as screenshots. Be sure not to skip them, though, there are some nifty clues in there.

One of the said third-raters was this Lobar fellow that guard mentioned near the end of the last update. Apparently, he hadn't figured out what happened yet. I'm guessing this may very well be because he's kind of into the "drink yourself stupid" thing.

He offered to let me know the reason why he drinks. I sometimes find stories of people ruining their lives strangely uplifting so why the hell not.
While telling me his sob story, he mentioned some super-powerful fighter with the silly "check this out, I know Latin!" moniker "Mors Gotha" who serves
the Guardian in this dimension.

I also managed to sucker him into thinking we're friends now. I mean, c'mon, if you're honestly trying to be friends with a video game
character, there's something seriously wrong with you.

The second was the Keep's sole servant who can train you in Lore, which is pretty cool, I guess. He didn't know how in the hell this place manages to fly, either, though. His dialogue did reveal another piece of evidence that this isn't really the best thought out area of the game, however.

Although one thing he said was indeed pretty intriguing:

Finally, there's this vaguely Asian-looking lady who got downright freaked out on me when I asked her if she knew how the hell this castle manages to fly.

I did get a pretty interesting bit of information out of her, though.

Also, she seemed to be into barely-legal substances and offered to sell me a pair of dragon skin boots which protect from fire damage.
Two gems and a goblet was as high as I was willing to go, but she still refused my offer. Her loss, I guess.

10.) Killorn Keep Pt. 2/2 (Dailymotion) (Viddler)

Audience participation time!
As for the next level we're going to visit: would you prefer what is probably the most bizarre level in the game or what is probably the dungeon crawliest with a slight dose of jumping puzzles?